T-Mobile is launching a new program that will give its customers unlimited music streaming without data limits. CEO John Legere just announced the initiative on stage at the company’s event in Seattle.

The initiative will work with Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, iTunes Radio, Slacker and Spotify, among others.

In addition, the company announced a new partnership with Rhapsody, the Seattle-based music service. The service, called unRadio, will be available at no charge to customers on the latest T-Mobile Simple Choice unlimited plans, and $4/month for other T-Mobile customers.

It’s the latest move by the company to upend the traditional wireless industry and win new customers. Legere predicted that this move will cause customers of other wireless carriers ask for unlimited music streaming, as well.

“Customers are going to demand the answer, as to why can’t I have this from you, as well,” he said.

The announcement came at the company’s “Uncarrier 5.0″ event in Seattle, but this was actually “Uncarrier 6.0.” The company earlier in the evening announced a new “Test Drive” program that will give customers of other carriers the ability to have a “7 Night Stand” with T-Mobile, using the service with a loaned iPhone for a week.

The event is ongoing. See our live blog for more.

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  • http://www.intrinsicstrategy.com/ FrankCatalano

    I’m now absolutely convinced T-Mobile’s John Legere is the natural consumer tech marketing successor to Steve Jobs. He’s got the style, presence and substance. Not Jobs’, but his own. And has his pulse on what’s cool and what consumers want. Impressive.

  • Just Me

    Wait! So they’re going from “Unlimited DATA” to “Unlimited music DATA” now? Sounds like Tmobile is going backwards not forwards.

    • Vroo (Bruce Leban)

      Tmobile’s plans allow you to pay for a certain amount of 4G data and if you hit the limit there are no overage charges and instead you just get data at slower speeds. Other carriers, charge exorbitant prices for those extra bits.

      This announcement means that streaming music won’t be counting against your 4G data limit (with select partners). I think that’s a pretty good deal.

      And it sure beats the hell out of a shared data plan with overage charges. I’d have no data left every month after my kids used it all up. Now they can stream music without hitting their high speed limit.

  • Guest

    I doubt it’s “unlimited.” Given T-Mobile’s infamously poor data coverage even in Seattle, I expect most streaming sessions to end before customers expect them to.

    • Vroo (Bruce Leban)

      There’s no such thing as unlimited on any carrier, with or without “scare quotes”. Remember when AOL sent out tons of CDs with X hours per month offers? They kept increasing X and at one point X was 500 and they sent out disks offering an extra 250 hours free for the first month. Um, not going to happen. Show me a network that can support infinite data and I’ve got a perpetual motion machine I’d be willing to sell you.

      • Guest

        Antidotally, AT&T has much better coverage than T-Mobile does, particularly in Seattle. They cost more and you get more — much less limited in usefulness than T-Mobile’s “unlimited” plans are.

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