T-Mobile CEO John Legere likes to pepper his public comments with profanities, most of which are part of his unconventional charm, but he found himself in hot water after making this reference to AT&T and Verizon last night at T-Mobile’s event in Seattle.

“These high and mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny you have … the fuckers hate you.”

Legere issued an apology this afternoon on Twitter; in fact, he issued two apologies.

Although he hasn’t used that particular metaphor before, Legere regularly criticizes AT&T and Verizon and is unlikely to back down from his efforts to highlight what he considers their unfair treatment of wireless customers.

The backdrop for all of this is the rumored merger talks between T-Mobile and Sprint. In a separate interview with GeekWire last night, after the event, Legere laid out his case for further consolidation in the industry, without referencing the potential Sprint deal.

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  • Sadbuttrue

    Ha! I wish, at least then it would be over quicker…

  • http://www.extendedresults.com/ Patrick Husting

    Gets kind of old after a while…

  • amphibious4

    He’s correct in principle, but his choice of words could have been better.

  • bj

    PC run amok yet again. The truth will set you free but 1st it will piss you off.
    That or ATT and Verizon customers enjoy it.

    • Bob Z

      Seriously? An argument of PC or not. Honestly (and I cuss like a sailor) it’s just $hit use of language. His explicative laden ramblings are just another example of catering to a “new era” of consumer. Like him or not, Balmer is an great example. That guy is nothing but energy, I’m sure you sit in a meeting with him he spits fire, etc. but he would put together some juvenile speech like that.

      BTW, it’s important to note how staged that whole thing was. Outside of press the crowd was comprised of T-Mobile employees (that’s how you got tickets to the thing).

      Just my two cents . . .

  • Really?

    Hm, if he had used a metaphor of “killing the customer with fees” or “torturing you with policies” everything would have been fine. But a metaphor of “raping” apparently just goes too far. Because killing or torturing isn’t really that bad.

  • PCworld

    He used the word “duopolists”! A generalizing insult to every Verizon or At&T employee, he should apologize or be fired!

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