ps4Point, Sony — again.

For the sixth month in a row, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One in the U.S.

Sony announced the news today via Twitter:

We reached out to Sony for more details, and the company noted that the PS4 “remains the cumulative leader for next generation game consoles.” It also noted that the PS4 lead the pack for next generation software sales, with PS4 leading two of the top three titles.

xboxonenokinectOther than that, details are scant in terms of hard data. The NPD Group published its monthly video game sales stats this afternoon, but did not include hardware numbers for Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo.

By last official count, Sony announced three months ago that it had sold through more than 7 million PS4 consoles globally as of April 6, while Microsoft had shipped — not sold — more than 5 million Xbox One’s to retailers worldwide.

On Wednesday, Microsoft noted that since it began selling a $399 version of the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor on June 9 — a $100 price cut from the Xbox One with Kinect — sales doubled in one month. But that information was based on internal data, and Microsoft has not provided any numbers related to that milestone. Even though Microsoft doubled Xbox One sales, the price cut was not enough to upend Sony for U.S. sales last month.

Sony also noted today that it was the leading seller in June for combined home consoles sales — meaning PS4 and PS3 sales outpaced Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales in the U.S. last month.

With the exception of December, the $399 PS4 has outsold the Xbox One in the U.S. for every month since the consoles debuted this past November.

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  • Allen

    As expected. The $399 SKU wasn’t enough to sway the market in xbox favor not even in the US. World wide PS4 completely dominated as usual. Already we are seeing dips in the $399 sales. Looks as if the low numbers of May attributed to the higher numbers in June but excitement is already dwindling.

    • Christopher

      Allen if you read carefully the numbers given in this article are before microsoft announced the $400 xbox one, so the says could catch up to the ps4 in the coming months

      • Allen

        What? Yeah right buddy.

        Double the xbox one sales were US ONLY. Meaning world wide Sony is dominating like mad. And NDP data that released says that PS4 beat xbone in the US again for the 6th month in a row despite this.

        PS4 is so far ahead it’s crazy. US is the xbox strong hold. Sony has won back the NA market.

        I don’t know what makes you think xbox ever had a chance. PS3 beat 360 despite all it had against it and 360 lost despite all it had going for it. Xbone has none of the advantages 360 had.

  • Tidy Iwishiwasthere

    It’s good to c sony doing well would h8 to c the ps brand disappear and it was a very real possibility if the ps4 had sales like the xbone

    • Christopher

      Grow up and use proper punctuation…..

  • kevin mole

    no surprise ps4 will dominate this gen ,Microsoft have lost the plot

  • Lee Pridemore

    I love the experience of NFL Football on my xbox one. The new NFL season begins next week with the opening of training camp. This will be the first full season of football since Microsoft and the NFL formed a partnership. Twenty million football fans tune in to Sunday Night Football on NBC every weekend, if only 3% of that audience purchased an xboo-yah!, the xbox one would exceed the PS4 in sales before Jon Gruden sits down the next day to apply his make-up for Monday Night Football (which only draws an audience of 18 million).

    • John Doe

      LOL I guess that confirms people by consoles for games.

    • jzgames11

      b The problem is , you can watch football without ever owning an Xbox , why spend 400 $ for some extras when you cn pay for NFL ticket instead. We want more diverse games and more first party studios from MS .There are a couple games I’m keeping my eye on, but not enough yet to go get it. Scaleboumd looks great , Ori looks nice too. Add to that for the entire life of the console please. Last gen they started off great, but focused on shooters for the last few years. More Games please, no call of duty clones or variations ! And make a good fable , 3 was lacking. I wouldn’t mind MS selling the division to company who focuses on games , more games, did I mention games?

    • FactChecker

      Better double check your math there skippy. 3% of 20 million, is only 600,000. That would not even put MS close to catching up.

      • Lee Pridemore

        FactChecker, are you Bill Maher? He calls me “Skippy” all the time in a sarcastic and derogatory tone. Maher is funny. His business manager, Bernie Brillstein, has confirmed that my numbers are incorrect and everyone in Santa Monica is blaming me for the shuttering of XES. I’m going to stand behind my analysis and double down on Sarah Silverman and the Xbox One.

  • John Doe

    The only reason why they didn’t outsell in Dec. Is because it was sold out and also PS4 was stretched thin in more countries.

    • kyn

      And remember Xbox is for children so in December parents bought a lot.

      • kyn

        For christmas

  • Geowil

    Just picked up one last week. Last one of three (only one when I left the store) at the Walmart just down the street from me. They had about 25 XB1’s still in stock and had only sold 5 in the last three months. They sold 27, well 29, PS4’s in that same time. No contest that the XB1 is putting MS in a world of hurt so far.

  • DeleteriousX

    Oh my god PS4 fap fap fap fap fap! Why are you here?

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