Jeff Bezos.

The Seattle City Council isn’t happy with how some security workers are being treated.

All nine councilmembers penned a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos this week, asking that he address concerns shared by the Seattle Human Rights Commission over the treatment of workers hired by Security Industry Specialists (SIS), an Amazon subcontractor.

The commission sent a letter to Bezos on June 4 asking him look into the matter, but has not received a response. More than one month later, the City Council wrote its own note to the Amazon boss.

“Many of us have had the opportunity to meet with security officers who help protect your campus, and we are deeply concerned about the appearance of retaliation against workers trying to form a union,” the letter reads.

The City Council also noted Amazon’s Supplier Code of Standards and Responsibilities.

“As part of your response to the Seattle Human Rights Commission, we ask that you evaluate how Amazon is upholding the principles of your Code as applied to SIS and the subcontracted security officers who protect your Seattle campus.”

This is not the first time Amazon has had issues with its security officers. The company cut ties with a Germany security firm in February 2013 amid an uproar in the country over allegations that security guards mistreated the company’s foreign temporary workers.

Amazon, meanwhile, saw shares fall by 11 percent on Friday after it saw revenue increase 23 percent to $19 billion in the second quarter, but missed expectations with a quarterly loss of $126 million.

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  • larry

    C’mon – this is Amazon. These guys would do something terrible to their own mothers to get a few basis points of margin. And then their employees would spout some Ann Rand whats-good-for-GM-is-good-for-America BS.

    It’s a cultural thing – it’s just what the company is about.

    • tryingtocalmdown

      It’s Ayn Rand. And she would never spout “what’s good for GM is good for America”. Try understanding what Rand’s philosophy actually was instead of the standard liberal drivel that spews forth from the smugly clueless seattle lefties.

      • masher

        Ayn Rand was kind of a jerk. A gang or tribe will always beat up the individual. And that is objective. Humans can’t live without the group. That too is objective. Its the act of raising children in which we easily see how foolish she was.

  • Terry Branstad

    I’d go the opposite way. C’mon – this is the SEIU. These guys are genetically incapable of telling the truth. You can bet that the Seattle City Council has been lied to repeatedly if this union is involved.

    • YourNameHere

      Ummm… Says that city council met with workers, not with SEIU. You’re obviously a paid hack for the company.

      • tryingtocalmdown

        If you don’t think this is a union stunt then you are just another ignorant Seattle lefty. The socialist city council always says “how high?” when the unions say jump. esp the screamers at the seiu.

  • Slaggggg

    Unions suck.

    • masher

      So do corporations. End them both.

      • tryingtocalmdown

        end corporations? explain. unions suck but they shouldn’t be banned.

        • masher

          Corporations are not private businesses. Specifically I am talking about limited liability (which is a moral hazard) corporations. Limited liability is the original sin of what has become modern capitalism.

          A moral hazard is a regulation that encourages excessive risk taking because the costs are not directly allocated to those taking the risk. Corporations which have limited liability are encouraged to put workers lives at risk and pollute the environment because the shareholders are shielded from any and all liability by the US government. The government has NO business creating moral hazards unless its an issue of national survival and then it has to be regulated.

          We should just have private businesses like partnerships or sole proprietorships which have unlimited liability.

          I doubt we would need unions then. We should try it. Corporations should be very limited. Either by time, scope, or geography. There should be very few and heavily regulated corporations.

          • tryingtocalmdown

            Thanks for the explanation.

  • Jeff

    Dear Seattle City Council,
    Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention. I am please to inform you that Amazon will terminate its contract with SIS so that these problems can be dealt with. We are now tendering for a new security contractor.
    Sincerely Yours
    Jeff Bezos

    • Guest

      That’s very kind of you, Jeff! Thank you.

    • masher

      I would expect Amazon to start lobbying for a new work visa program too. You know, for the “critical labor shortage in the security sector”.

  • Bozos1

    They don’t call us Amholes for nothing!

  • tryingtocalmdown

    The idiots on the city council should be writing a letter to amazon to thank them for keeping seattle commercial real estate alive during the recession, followed by another letter for amazon committing to seattle, hiring thousands of people to work in the city (not Redmond) and for creating a thriving ecosystem around south lake union. with amazon, seattle can actually claim to be a tech city. these union backed stunts are a joke.

    • masher

      No man, and no corporation, is an island unto themselves.

      I reject the division between business and labor. We need both and you can’t get anywhere without them both. Amazon didn’t create anything. It took many people working together. Try to have an Amazon without patent laws and other government protections. Not going to happen.

      There are smart people all over the world but they don’t create Amazons because they don’t have people working together. Don’t under estimate the power of social cohesion. And heed Syria and others as a warning.

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