reactmobile12React Mobile already came up with an app that helps people notify friends and family during emergencies. But now they’re joining the wearable movement to make it even easier to call for help.

The Seattle-based company this morning launched a Kickstarter for a wearable Bluetooth safety device called the React Sidekick. The wearable pairs with React Mobile’s app and lets users send a widespread emergency email or text message just by pressing a button. The alerts, which can also be posted to Facebook and Twitter, notifies your contacts that you’re in a dangerous situation and shares your location with them.

reactmobile121The idea is to have quick and efficient way of calling for help, rather than having to unlock your smartphone, search for the React Mobile app, and then notify a contact.

The device, which costs $29 and can be worn on a clip, keychain or carabiner, changes colors depending on your current safety status. Green means safe; yellow means your contacts are tracking your whereabouts; red means you’re in trouble and have sent alerts to your family and friends.

React Mobile co-founder Rob Monkman first realized the need for a product that could be used as a silent alert when he was a victim of a hostage situation while in college. The original idea for the app was to offer a cheaper and more efficient solution to the blue light emergency phones found on college campuses around the country.

React Mobile hopes to raise $25,000 and if successfully funded, will ship the Sidekick devices by this December.

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  • boop

    Can someone invent something that will tell me my elderly mother, who lives by herself, needs help? Of course she’s not going to be anywhere near a cell phone when her hip gives out. Yes, I know there are some devices out there now and have been for decades but I need something that is more wearable.

    • Robb Monkman

      As a co-founder of React Mobile I wanted to let you know that the Sidekick can send out an SOS from the app if it’s within 30 feet and in line of sight of the smart phone. When you click the Sidekick button it will wake up our React Mobile safety app even if it’s not open on your smart phone. I hope this might be a potential solution for your mother.

  • Robb Monkman

    Taylor – thank you for sharing about our React Sidekick Kickstarter Campaign! We’re excited to have your support while we get the wearable safety device into production.

  • Laura F

    ArcAngel is a really awesome app that also lets you alert loved ones during emergencies! It also has a ton of other amazing features. You should all look it up:

  • Natalie Tarpinian

    So excited about wearable safety tech! Here’s another one that looks interesting.

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