uberxThe Verge has a fascinating story today that examines Uber’s questionable recruiting tactics that is part of an attempt to take down its largest competitor.

Internal documents show that Uber hires independent contractors to take Lyft rides as a way to convince drivers to leave Lyft and work for Uber. Some of these recruiters cancel Lyft rides to avoid being caught by Lyft.

The report follows a similar story from earlier this month showing how Uber employees have canceled thousands of Lyft rides since last October in order to lower the amount of available Lyft drivers on the road, while also wasting the time of those drivers. It also reminds us of Uber’s illegal marketing tactics in Seattle.

Many took to Twitter today to show their disdain for Uber following The Verge story:

However, some didn’t have a problem with the way Uber was recruiting drivers:

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick also responded to angry tweets:

In response to today’s Verge story, Uber published a blog post detailing its marketing program.

“We can’t successfully recruit drivers without talking to them – and that means taking a ride,” Uber wrote. “We’re all about more and better economic opportunity for drivers. We never use marketing tactics that prevent a driver from making their living – and that includes never intentionally canceling rides.”

So, how do you feel about Uber’s business practices? Is it enough to make you think twice the next time you request a ride?

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  • Guest

    No. I judge companies by the service they provide, not by their marketing tactics. If you prefer to fixate on “ethics” and “morals,” I will allow you to do that. Thank you for making more room for the capitalists.

    • tpradebe

      Then I guess Lyft provides a better service based on failure for Uber to kill Lyft with only a service they provide

      • Guest

        OK, you convinced me. What’s your referral code?

    • paul bernes

      Actually canceling rides for business advantage goes beyond the ethical and moral, and into the legal.

  • http://Facebook.com/justus.aguy Just Aguy

    Lyft drivers earn more per hour, have better driver support, can make tips from customers! Uber is just a nasty company now, shady with its driver recruiting tactics that including fraudulently inflating earnings potential in its ads, retroactively charging $10/week ($520/year) for the locked down UberPhone that has no functionality except Uber Driver App, and zero driver support! Uber drivers are increasingly favoring filling Lyft orders, and fill Uber orders only when Surge Pricing.
    Have a look for yourself…thousands of ride-sharing drivers are voicing their distaste of Uber’s policies

  • http://www.athanrebelos.com/ Athan

    Use Flywheel, it’s better in SF, LA and Seattle. Get real taxis (use the taxi lanes in SF). Use my promo code 8yde97 for $20 off your 1st ride. Taxis are the original rideshare.

  • frank Demming

    I’m very disappointed to hear about these and other underhanded tactics I’ve heard from Uber in the past several months. I believe that everyone should play in the same playing field so that all local businesses have a fair shot in the marketplace. I’m hoping that local governments are looking into these tactics seriously.

    • Slaggggg

      Go back to driving your taxi, troll

    • boop

      Did it ever occur to you, slaggggg, that frank Demming may be a cab drive AND YET not be a troll? Just because someone is defending his livelihood or is simply expressing an opinion contrary to the prevailing one doesn’t make him a troll. Maybe you’re the troll.

  • Pete A. Smith

    I’m very surprised that Sidecar hasn’t been mentioned in al this. I’m a driver myself for them and I’m quite certain that as we grow in market share, we will start to entice drivers more so than uber or lyft.

    I also wonder what is exactly going on with those two as well because most of my riders are former users with multiple complaints of the surge charging and almost nonsensical pricing.

    The thing I like most as a driver is that I have the ability to know up front the cost associated with picking up my rider (as does my rider) I prefer also not to fumble around and input addresses or have confusion because people get in and think you know where you want to go which sidecar happily clears up with providing the driver that information already. The best thing to know is that when I am being asked if I want to pick up a rider is that most of the time they are looking for someone that have used in the past. I have a lot of repeat service which to me is great in the fact that I create connections with my riders that make them comfortable end confident in my service.

    If you want to try it out for yourself take my promo code s67py

    Like laVar said

    “But you don’t have to take my word for it”

  • Bert

    Uber is horrible! Not just because of the over 5,600 rides they screwed New York Lyft drivers on, but the way they treat their own drivers too. If most people knew the truth, those with a conscious would never take another Uber ride.

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