If you were hoping to snag a four-day pass to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime), well, you’re too late.

Tickets for the 11th-annual PAX in Seattle went on sale at 10:12 a.m. today.

By 10:37 a.m., the $110 four-day passes were sold out — in 25 freakin’ minutes!

There are still single-day tickets available for $35, but if last year was any indication — everything was gone by 4:25 p.m. — those will be swooped up immediately. The four-day passes also sold out in less than 30 minutes last year.

Someone lucky enough to snag a four-day pass has already posted their tickets to eBay. Asking price: $599.

PAX used a queue system to sell tickets “in an orderly and fair way,” identifying cookies of each user to hold places in line. People had eight minutes to make a purchase once it was their turn in line.

Lots of people jumped in the queue shortly after PAX opened sales, but still couldn’t manage to buy the 4-day pass. Many vented their frustration on Twitter:


Many disappointed gamers voiced concerns about PAX’s ticket-selling methods last year, and the organization responded with this FAQ. There was supply for up to 85,000 people in 2013, with estimated demand in the 135,000-to-150,000 range. Some criticized PAX for allowing too many scalpers to purchase blocks of tickets.

“The number of badges you see from now until PAX for resale is still a very small percentage of the total badges we sold,” PAX notes in the FAQ.

PAX, held over Labor Day Weekend at the Washington Convention Center, brings together more 70,000 gaming fans who can play a variety of games on systems old and new, hear from industry leaders on various panels, compete in tournaments, and dress up in their favorite costumes.

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Update, 11:06 a.m.: Looks like the four-day passes sold out even faster than 25 minutes:

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  • Chris

    Yeah, I got in queue maybe a couple minutes after the announcement but was only able to grab one day passes… :/

  • Kheapathic

    The way they do tickets is just as bad as San Diego Comicon. Granted it’s in their own stupid way, but it’s just as bad.

  • Justin

    Was in que 9 mins after announcement, only thing left after half hour wait was Monday. When everything is already winding down.

  • foggynights

    Well the 4 day passes were available to the people who bought tickets for the developers conference 2 days before Pax. For every ticket you bouight you could get a 4 day.

  • Guest

    I was in queue within 60 seconds, waited in queue for maybe 10 minutes, and scored singles for all days. But 4-day passes were sold-out.

  • Jimi Bonogofsky-Gronseth

    I got in the queue 10 seconds after it went live, was in the queue for 8 minutes, and all 4 days were sold out. Snagged individuals.

  • James

    Shame, of course I had to be at work when they went on sale and didn’t get in Q til 45 minutes after announcement. Not even a chance at one day passes. Would like to go at some point in the future, but paying 4x the price of original sale doesn’t seem worth it, $550+ for 4 day passes… that’s just stupid. The way they sell tickets for PAX makes it so that anyone with a time demanding life, like working somewhere that you can’t have your phones out at any time gets screwed. Would’ve asked for the day off and waited for them to go on sale if they’d announce the day ahead of time… but nope. Grr..

  • balls187

    Just go day of friday, mid day and pick up tickets for face value or less.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to eBay on the big win! I’m glad to see a tech company with a local presence benefiting from Penny Arcade’s inefficient ticket pricing and availability strategy.

  • Viathon

    I got in the queue right after it was posted on Twitter that tickets were on sale. By the time I got to check out the four day passes were sold out. I’ve been reporting the scalpers on eBay because it is against eBay policy to sell event tickets that you do not have in your possession.

    • Franklin

      It’s nice that ebay has snitches like you to do their moderation for free

      • balls187

        Dont be a douche.

  • Captain_Jr

    Was in the queue about 10 seconds after I saw the tweet. A friend did the same. A co-worker was in 5 minutes later. Guess who got tickets? Yep, Mr. 5-minutes-late, and after only a 20-minute wait, no less.

    It’s not a queue; it’s random. I am abandoning this con since it’s obvious they make enough money without me.

  • MadFerret9

    they need to ban re-sale of PAX tickets.. this is ridiculous. Now I have to spend $200 on eBay to get a pass.. wtf? And eBay gets a cut too? The people who LOSE are the ones actually GOING.

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