xboxonenokinectMicrosoft hasn’t reported Xbox One sales statistics for quite some time, and that didn’t change with today’s quarterly earnings report.

The company noted that it sold 1.1 million Xbox consoles to retailers worldwide in the past three months — that’s counting both Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. It’s unclear how many were actually sold to consumers.

Even with the Xbox One launching this past November, Microsoft only sold 100,000 more Xbox consoles compared to the same time period last year (when just the Xbox 360 was available).

In Microsoft’s previous financial quarter, it reported 3.2 million Xbox consoles sold, including 1.2 million Xbox One devices. In March 2014, the final month of that quarter, it sold 311,000 Xbox One’s to retailers.

The last official number from Microsoft came in May, when the company noted more than 5 million Xbox One’s shipped to retailers worldwide. That was more than 2 million behind Sony, which reported more than 7 million PlayStation 4’s sold to consumers — not just retailers — worldwide.

In addition, the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One in the U.S. for the past six months. That includes June, despite the fact that Microsoft doubled its Xbox One sales last month after it began selling a $399 version of the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor on June 9 — a $100 price cut from the Xbox One with Kinect.

Microsoft’s Computing and Gaming Hardware division posted $1.44 billion in revenue today for the June quarter, up from $1.17 billion in the same quarter last year.

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  • SteveB

    Kind of like the car manufacturers. They report cars shipped as sales, but if you look at the dealer lots and their external lots, lots of cars are sitting. Why not just report what was actually sold.

    Scared I guess.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      How is MS to have the internal sold numbers for every Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Fry’s, Gamestop, GAME, ect ect in the world?
      It’s much easier to track what they send out. Once the product starts clearing retailer shelves, THEN those retailers can request more stock.

      Suppy and Demand. And, apparently, there is a demand for Xbox One consoles.

      • Lacerz

        Sony manages to report the number of consoles sold through to consumers, and Microsoft was able to do the same for the 360. The real reason lies in the number of Xbox Ones that have sold through. I’d be surprised if it were over 5 million. Probably closer to 4.5 million, which isn’t bad at all. It’s just half of what Sony’s sold through. I mean seriously, Amazon still has Day One Editions in stock.

        • antonioabrown

          just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
          didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
          there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
          about 22 months and at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and
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      • Guest

        Wrong. They have deep access into these numbers on a daily basis. They know exactly how much is in inventory, they just choose not to disclose it.

      • Patrick Husting

        Microsoft has access to point of sales data from a 3rd party company. This is basically what everyone uses. So they have it, they just choose not to report it.

      • Mordarkeen

        Judging by the TONS of Xbones on shelves there is little demand. Wii U is outselling the X1!

  • eserve70

    That looks liek its gonna be really good. WOw.

  • Rubix99

    Integral Kinect…..INTEGRAL KINECT!!!!!
    A journey of all things Integral. As Integral as Integral can be. Our children will sing for the beauty and glory of Integral Kinect. Our founding fathers fought, shed blood and died for the glory of Integral Kinect. Integral Kinect shall lead us to prosperity. We shall unite and all embrace in the divine love that shall be bestowed upon us all by Integral Kinect.

    • Mordarkeen

      Never seen a company flip flop so many times…x1 was stillborn.

  • Mordarkeen

    They dont want to disclose the actual numbers because they are not selling. MS can ship all the Xbones they want but the fact is they are NOT selling. Xbone lost this gen…miserably.

    • Guest

      You’re really ignorant if you think the first 6 months of a console generation decide the winner. Last generation was around 8 years so both console have plenty of time to change in popularity.

      • Mordarkeen

        True but i have never seen such a lack of enthusiasm towards a system since the dreamcast.

  • Matt Holt

    If they would put out some games, I would use it for more than just a DVR!

  • Lee Pridemore

    I hear the Xbox Sarah Silverman sketch comedy show is very funny and Sarah looks great. She is selling the consoles out of the trunk of her car at the Costco parking lot in Los Feliz.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    My Xbone just sits there collecting dust. I like it and everything, it’s just that there are no great games at the moment. I’m looking forward to Dragon Age but until then i’ll just be on my PC. . .

    • Mordarkeen

      Looks just like a vcr collecting dust doesnt it? No bloodborne no xbone!

      • Jimmy Rustler

        LOL, yeah I guess it does sort of look like a VCR.

    • Rubix99

      Would Dragon Age: Inquisition not be better on PC anyway?

      • Jimmy Rustler

        I’m sure every multi-plat would be better on pc but I sometimes prefer playing from my couch and 1) I get tired of moving my pc to within HDMI distance from my TV and 2) for some reason bioware doesn’t make their pc games controller compatible.

  • s3ltzer

    Well, of course, they’re mum. Sales are horrible compared to the competition, and there is NOTHING in the future to indicate any sort of turn around.

  • No, really

    Somehow now all video game article comments sections are like visiting an insane asylum.

    • Lee Pridemore

      I live in my parents basement, thank you, not an institutional snake pit. (they’re so drafty)

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