Shakira reacts as her team suffers a fate accurately predicted by Microsoft Bing.

So far, so good for Microsoft’s foray into pop-culture predictions.

By crunching data from social networks and the company’s Bing search engine, Microsoft was able to correctly predict the two contestants eliminated from “The Voice” on Tuesday night.

Sorry, Dani Moz and TJ Wilkins, but the algorithm was right. Maybe that’s what Shakira was pissed about.

Microsoft had originally predicted that Delvin and Dani would be gone, but the prediction shifted to TJ and Dani after the week’s performances.

The company says the predictions are based on the frequency and “sentiment” of Bing searches and social media posts about the contestants. The feature can be accessed by typing “The Voice Predictions” or the name of a contestant into Bing.voicenew

Microsoft will also offer predictions for “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol.” The company says it could start making predictions about elections or maybe even sports sometime in the future.

This is part of an ongoing attempt by Bing to differentiate itself from Google. It’s also part of a broader push by Microsoft and many other tech companies to glean new insights — trivial as they may be — from large sets of data.

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  • Jay

    Why not judge the artists on their ability, what you think,not what some geek at Bing is picking. Your the one buying the album do you always have geeks do your thinking for you loser.

    • surilamin

      I’m pretty confused on what you’re angry about. Bing is making a prediction based on data. They are not deciding anything or forcing anyone to do anything.

      • Jay

        I have already seen Bings prediction that Tess will be eliminated on the April 29th show. There are people that will look at that and say “Why waste my vote” and go to someone else to vote for. It’s no different than a bookie giving a point spread before a football game.People make bets based on their input. If their data is accurate they might as well keep a running total during voting showing what everyone has at that moment. The girl that is on Blakes team shouldn’t even be on the show. She is a pro who coached Celon Dione. Not exactly a 16 year old high school girl or a St Louis cheerleader.

        • maroc

          Get a life.

    • avi

      what in the world are you going on about??

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