Nokia-130-hero-2-jpgMicrosoft’s decision to wind down Nokia’s Asha, Series 40 and Nokia X Android phones, following its acquisition of Nokia’s phone business, doesn’t mean it’s exiting the market for basic mobile phones.

The company this morning announced a new device, the Nokia 130. It includes some advanced features like video and music playback, and a flashlight, plus content sharing via SD card, USB or Bluetooth. But it’s still a basic feature phone, with a dedicated keypad and a price of 18 euros or $25.

Re/code quotes Microsoft VP Jo Harlow, the former Nokia executive, saying that Microsoft is dedicated to feature phones for the long run — viewing the segment as an important way of reaching developing countries and introducing them to Microsoft online services such as OneDrive and Bing.

Microsoft says the phone will be available this quarter, and CNet reports that the device will go on sale first in China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam. The phone may also come to developed markets at some point, as well.

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  • clibou

    Add voice enabled Cortana?

    • Applebest

      Cortana sucks microsoft fanboy, Siri is way better.

      • vagabond

        You must be living under a rock.

      • Dark Shroud

        Siri does less but somehow you think it’s better? Ok fanboy.

      • John King

        You’re calling someone a fanboy? And you’re username is “Applebest” … Grow up

    • Guest

      +1. Apps would be good too. Bigger screen as well. All that for $25 and I’ll consider buying one.

      • Guest

        Then its no longer a cellphone but a smartphone #logic

        • Guest

          A $25 smartphone would be brilliant. Make it so!

      • Dondo

        Microsoft, listen to this retard so he can actually “consider” buying your phone.

        • Guest

          I agree.

          Microsoft, do you want my $25 or not?

      • guest

        It’s for developing countries, not people in countries that already have a large cellphone market.

        • Guest

          I’m not saying that I want poor people not to have it, but I want one too.

          Microsoft, $25 could be yours. Nokia 135 please, with large screen and apps and Cortana!

  • Henriette Phoolish

    Nokia 130 – Favoured by jihadists everywhere….cheap and disposable…

  • Shay Throgmartin

    Man you people are hateful. Get a damn grip so we can achieve light speed and traverse the stars.

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