Apple’s new store in downtown Portland opened on May 31.

Apple 1, Microsoft 0 — in downtown Portland, that is.

Less than one month ago, Apple unveiled its massive new 23,000 square-foot store in the heart of Portland. We had a chance to check it out this weekend, and in one word, the building is impressive.

The new Apple Store in Portland has 23,000 square feet in space.

Stretching 165 feet across one entire block, the store features 20-foot tall glass windows that enclose the space on three sides and allow sunlight to fill the interior — similar to the Stanford store that opened last year and the new Tokyo store.

On the inside, the usual product tables show off Apple’s newest gadgets, while a long 360-degree, 37-foot Genius Bar provides support for Apple users. There are also two iPad-laden “kids stations,” and extra space for product demos and training classes.

On Saturday afternoon, there were about 40 employees on the floor helping more than 80 customers — definitely enough workers, and at times it almost seemed like too many. We also noticed three security guards — yes, three —watching for any suspicious activity.

The Microsoft Store in downtown Portland sits just one block away from the new Apple Store.

The new space replaces Portland’s original Apple Store, which opened in 2005 on the basement of downtown’s Pioneer Square Mall and was significantly smaller than the new location across the street. Apple is steadily expanding its retail footprint around the world, building new stores in places like Brazil, Holland, France, Italy, and across the U.S.

Meanwhile, a Microsoft Store that opened one year ago sits just one block from the new Portland Apple Store down Yamhill Street. At just 3,200 square feet, Microsoft’s retail spot is certainly smaller in size. We counted about 10 employees and 12 customers inside checking out the new Surface Pro 3 and Xbox One.

In terms of retail presence in downtown Portland, Apple absolutely now has the upper hand over Microsoft. Check out the video below for more:

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  • Guest

    Damn it! Why does Portland, of all places, get both Apple and Microsoft stores downtown? Seattle has neither. Downtown Seattle needs an Applesoft store combo. University Village and Bellevue and Tukwila Southcenter are not downtown Seattle. I will not drive to have a positive retail experience.


    • balls187

      Man, if only you could buy their products from the comfort of your home!

      That would be huge.

      Make millions I tells yah.

      • Guest

        I don’t go to an Applesoftore to buy products. I go there when a product needs service. If I could get serviced in my home, I would. But I can’t, so I don’t. Capisce?


        • balls187

          cool story bro

          • Guest

            Thank you. Please remember to sign your posts with #SeattleApplesoftNow. If we keep doing this, the hashtag will “trend” and I’ll get my stores.

  • Below$100AShareIsPathetic!}:-(

    For a company many say are going out of business due to the proliferation of Android and “the Internet of Things,” Apple is still doing fairly well when it comes to expanding and building new Apple retail stores. Apple definitely doesn’t appear to be in “trouble” due to lack of innovation or the demise of Steve Jobs. On the other hand, I would imagine Microsoft is still not going to be able to sell many Surface Pro 3s by way of Microsoft retail foot traffic.

    • arrow2010

      You seem to enjoy MS’ pain.

  • arrow2010

    Why does Redmond get no Microsoft Store?

    • kamcke

      Because, as far as I am aware, anyone can go to the company store on the Microsoft campus. Only the back room is employees-only.

    • guest

      It’s called the MS Company Store. Find an MS employee to do you a solid.

  • DaMarico Fowler

    I want the minutes it took to read this back, give them back I say.

  • Allen

    Apple compensating for something?

  • Guest

    Apple opens a store, and it’s fucking news? Does Taylor Soper really need to show her bias for Apple fandom? So many tool reporters/bloggers spamming the feed with every little thing Apple does

  • mildmanneredjanitor

    The video is actually kind of interesting. observations..
    1) Apple are doing an impressive job of brand promotion, but its scary to think how much they are spending to do so and how much that is a factor in their massively overpriced products
    2) the Microsoft store is still quite large, but less glitzy, and looks to be getting a more reflective type of customer looking to check things rather than just ambling in for a 5 mins play with the toys
    3) clearly stores don’t play a significant role for ms currently, but do they need to reconsider to capture a wider spectrum of consumer awareness and brand recognition, particularly in the US?

    • Kevin

      “but its scary to think how much they are spending to do so”
      – Apple spends the least amount in case you didn’t do your research.

      Source: http://83-136-248-155.uk-lon1.host.upcloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Screen-Shot-2012-11-29-at-11-29-4.45.28-PM.png

      “massively overpriced products”

      – As opposed to whose products? HTC and Samsung’s flagship offerings are $699-$750 where I live, same range as Apple products. Your bias is showing. They’re companies that need profit, not charities; though they all give back.

      “and looks to be getting a more reflective type of customer”

      – Complete and utter bullshit. You know this how? Oh wait, you don’t. You’re just assuming that because they have 12 people in the store as opposed to say, 80, the customers are more “reflective” which is total bullshit.

      “ambling in for a 5 mins play with the toys”

      – Yeah your bias is really showing.

      • mildmanneredjanitor

        1) the brand promotion I was discussing was in the architecture and prominence of the store itself. I highly doubt this is accounted for under advertising spend.
        2) there’s a difference – Apple only make overpriced products. If you’re talking phones, there’s really nothing to justify a 700 dollar price tag on the iPhone compared with low cost and mid-market smartphones. Expect this bracket to disappear.
        3) my experience of UK Apple stores is glitzy showrooms in high-footfall locations, packed with kids and trailer-trash types flitting from device to device to poke the screen, click the mouse and type in rude words before ambling out to grab a burger. It reminds me of Sealife centres, a conveyer-belt of overweight, noisy brain-deads ogling each of the pretty fishies for approx. 2 seconds, before heading back to the customer desk to complain about the price of their entrance ticket and that it only took ten minutes to go round.

        • rick gregory

          1999 would like its tired arguments back please

      • balls187

        Hot Linking to an image isn’t a very good way to attribute source. Link to the original article that the image accompanied.

  • stiff d.

    taylor, you have a gay smile, lol.

    • guest

      nice :-|

  • Robert Wagner

    Is Microsoft vs. Apple still a thing? Who knew.

  • Dave

    Why is a pro-Apple article listed under the Microsoft link?

    • guest

      Wow that’s magical thinking there. Only list MSFT positive articles with a MSFT tag.

  • Piling it on.

    Hey, at least this is Tech related and not one of the 100 or so Seahawks/ sports related articles that have been by Taylor in the past. I can get sports news anywhere I shouldn’t have to see it on Geekwire.

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