consolewars1The people have spoken, and the Nintendo 64 is champion.

Our quest to find the greatest game console of all time — also known as Geek Madness: Console Wars — has finally concluded and it was the N64 (54 percent of the votes) just narrowly upending the original Nintendo Entertainment System (46 percent) in the championship.

The N64, debuting in the U.S. 17 years ago, was Nintendo’s last home console to use ROM cartridges and competed against the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. It sold nearly 33 million units worldwide before stopping production in 2003.

The path to the winner’s circle was not easy for the N64, as it defeated the likes of the PlayStation Portable, the Nintendo GameCube, the original PlayStation and the Xbox 360 en route to the championship showdown against the NES.

Here’s how the bracket ended up filling out:


A big thanks to Geek Madness: Console Wars sponsor Nytec for helping to make this feature possible. And in honor of the N64, here’s one of the greatest video game-related YouTube videos out there:

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Nintendo for sweeping the podium! Although the company is no longer a serious contender for the home or portable console market, those markets would not exist as we last knew them were it not for the NES or for the N64.

    • DecoyOctorok

      How are they no longer a serious contender in the portable market?

      • Guest

        Every time I observe a man playing a game not at his home, I record the system on which it is played. Antidotally, based on 87 samples, 50 (57.47126436781609%) are using iPhone, 27 (26.4367816091954%) are using Android phone, 6 (6.896551724137931%) are using Windows Phone phone, and the remaining 4 (4.597701149425287%) are using Nintendo consoles.

        In conclusion, Nintendo is not catering to the 95.40229885057471% of customers who prefer to portagame on their phones. As a result, we believe that Nintendo is no longer a serious contender in the portable console market.

        This is a premium-response comment. For information about my antidotal study of men playing games within their homes, please provide $.

        • Guest

          You idiot! There are 7.046 billion people in the world. If only 4.597701149425287% of them bought a Nintendo portacons and three games, that would earn Nintendo $98,805,977,011.49425 in global revenue. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to have $98,805,977,011.49425!

          • Lewis Anderson

            Or if 100% of the people owned a Nintendo console with 3 games, it would earn them £1,273,515,178,000, ($2,149,030,000,000). That is alot!

        • Guest

          Friendly heads up, it’s “anecdotally”, not “antidotally”. Antidotes help reverse poisoning. Anecdotes a short stories about something you saw or experienced. Just trying to save you some embarrassment in the future.

        • DecoyOctorok

          I tip my fedora to your autism my good man.

        • $$it’s_all_dolla_bills_baby$$

          ahem, I’d like to see some rough/quoted numbers for “money spent specifically on portable gaming” before I accept that Nintendo isn’t contending in the field as JUST because everyone has a smart-phone doesn’t mean they all pay for the games on it, and in the business world, the “market” $$it’s_all_dolla_bills_baby$$

    • kahn

      While i appreciate your thoughts on the compition, I’ve gotta say you know nothing about the the industry. I feel like you haven’t read a gaming article since 2010

      • Guest

        Thank you for your concerns, but as noted above I have literally dozens of antidotes about the compition. If you compile your own antidotes, I expect that you will come to the same conclusions, namely that (a) Nintendo’s hardware is quite rare compared to the various premium gaming-capable phones, and that (b) the lack of official Nintendo games makes the copmany quite vulnerable in the market.

        We would recommend that Nintendo release a premium telephone handset combined with games console. In addition, we believe that Nintendo should follow in Sega’s lead and port its software to iPhone, to Android phone, to Windows Phone phone, to Blackphone, and to other phones.

        • LonelyTraveler

          I assume you mean anecdotes, not antidotes :)

          • No, YOU are flat out wrong as

            I assume you ALL know he is trolling the hell out of all of you and succeedling wildly beyond what I even dreamed postimble. Hahahahaha.

  • Walt Henderson

    Back in the day, I was a freak for the original NES. It’s still somewhere in the basement of my Mom’s house. But because I was a game junkie, I have to add that the greatest game machine was the Commodore 64, also in the basement.

  • St. Louis Wrestling

    Game Boy beat out the Genesis? Seriously? There’s
    some other issues with this – they put the Odyssey One instead of Two.
    And the Phillips CDi is not in here. Also missing – The Bally
    Astrocade, RCA Studio II, Fairchild Channel F, Sega Master System, the
    Vectrex, Emerson Arcadia, Atari Lynx, Turbo Graphix 16, Atari XEGS, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Sega Game
    Gear. Really a lot of VERY GLARING omissions here. I mean how can you omit so many significant systems in gaming history?

    • DecoyOctorok

      Yep. For one, the Neo Geo AES was and is far too expensive to be considered a mainstream console. The PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16 should have been included instead.

      • St. Louis Wrestling

        Ahem – the PS4 and XBox One are just as expensive as a Neo Geo.

        • DecoyOctorok

          You’re thinking of just the console itself though. AES cartridges are extremely pricey to collect. Even back then it was cheaper to buy MVS carts.

  • Aaron

    The N64 was a strong seller, and no doubt very influential, but its titles are now some of the most dated-looking games out there — moreso even than those of its predecessor, the SNES. It would be interesting to have a contest wherein voters were required to vote for the console whose games they still play. I suspect the N64 would be way down the list. It’s hard to even look at Mario 64 these days. The technology was really in its infancy.

    • DecoyOctorok

      I partially disagree. It’s very hard to look at N64 games played on an actual N64 on a modern HDTV. Most of the best games are still playable on an old CRT. If you play Super Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time on the virtual console, you’ll notice that they’ve been given a resolution bump and run in widescreen.

  • Martin_Alexander

    The SNES is where all the magic was happening!

  • balls187

    The results show the nostalgia divide of the voters.

    N64 was a really good system, but SNES was magic.

    SNES had so many great titles:
    Super Mario World

    Tetris Attack
    Street Fighter II All Editions
    Mortal Kombat II
    Final Fantasy II
    Final Fantasy III
    Secret of Mana
    Chrono Trigger
    Zelda Link to the Past
    Super Mario RPG
    Mario Kart

    are all that I can name off the top of my head.

    • Dr. Andonuts


    • Curtis

      I can name just as many great N64 titles though. Given that there are 4 versions of Street Fighter II on the SNES, that’s 14 games. I’ll even throw in Earthbound for 15.

      15 great N64 games:
      1.Super Mario 64
      2.Star Fox 64
      3.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
      4.The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

      6. Perfect Dark
      7. Banjo Kazooie
      8. Banjo Tooie
      9. Donkey Kong 64
      10 Pokemon Stadium
      11. Pokemon Stadium 2
      12. WWF No Mercy
      13. Mario Kart 64
      14. Super Smash Brothers
      15. Mario Party

      (I’ll keep going)
      16. Mario Party 2
      17. Mario Party 3
      18. WWF WrestleMania 2000
      19. WCW/NWO World Tour
      20: WCW/NWO Revenge
      21. NFL Blitz (I’ll count 2000 and 2001 as the same game. I can’t tell them apart at all)
      22. Kirby 64

      And just to even the score, the SNES had:
      16. Kirby Super Star
      17. Contra III
      18. Super Metroid
      19. Killer Instinct
      20. Donkey Kong Country
      21. Donkey Kong Country 2
      22. Donkey Kong Country 3

      Both systems had a ton of classics.

    • Chubzdoomer

      The SNES’s library was great, but the N64’s was better.

    • Jacob Mann

      NES was magic to me:

      Balloon Fight
      Clu Clu Land
      Donkey Kong
      Donkey Kong Jr.
      Donkey Kong 3
      Dr. Mario
      Ice Climber
      Ice Hockey
      Kid Icarus
      Kirby’s Adventure
      Mario Bros.
      NES Open Tournament Golf
      Super Mario Bros.
      Super Mario Bros. 2 JP
      Super Mario Bros. 2 US
      Super Mario Bros. 3
      The Legend of Zelda
      Urbon Champion
      Wario’s Woods
      Wrecking Crew
      Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • Mojoblowjoe

    lol, I guess some people come to forums to just argue tiny points in someone elses argument that no one forced them to read or take to heart! N64 was mu dream for ao long, all my friends had it and my gamer brother in law………use to spend the night at peoples houses hoping to get a little further in zelda or one more gold in mario cart or one more painting to go through in mario64, man its really the system that made me a gamer for life. I remember me and my friend fishing in zelda for thw whoper for hours to the point tht the pressure from sitting next to eachother ruptured his water bed(i know what 16yo has a water bed,lol) right when we were catching a fish and we both looked at eachother like was that water real wtf, heh good times.

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