car2goCar2go has proven to be a helpful transportation solution for Seattle citizens, but this weekend the service caused headaches for several users.

The company suffered what it called a “partial disruption,” before fixing the problem Saturday night. But at least a few users were affected, with complaints surfacing on Twitter starting Friday evening and into Saturday:

Here’s quick background on how Car2go works: Drivers use the company’s app to locate a car, and once scanning a member card on the windshield, users can drive for an unlimited amount of time. When ready to end the trip, drivers can park in a designated area and must scan the member card again — which is the moment where people seemed to have problems.

One customer told us that her car couldn’t connect to Car2go’s server, while the toll-free support number was unavailable. She was instructed via Twitter — as were others — to lock the car door, keep the keys and contact the company. Car2go still charged her for the trip, but comped her 30 minutes to use in the next two months.

Others had similar issues:

Car2go arrived in Seattle about a year ago, giving people a new way to get around the city in addition to the other new tech-savvy startups doing the same — although in some cases illegally. Seattle was Car2go’s ninth city, and now there are 25 metropolitan areas using the service.

We’ve reached out to Car2go for more details into what caused the outage. We’ll update the story when we hear back.

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  • sarahschacht

    I experienced similar issues Wednesday night and throughout this week.

  • That Guy

    Wow, so some smug techies couldn’t get their space-hogging rental cars? Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people, ha ha!

    • boop

      Yeah, god forbid they should ever walk or take a bus somewhere.

  • Guest

    car2go is a great concept, but their technical glitches have cost me time and frustration — they’re usually OK with compensating me for the money their failures would have cost me, though. I’ve had cases where a car wouldn’t unlock or lock, where the audio system wouldn’t work, and one time I had the entire in-car touch-screen control system reboot while I was driving!

    What I’d like to see is an Obamacare-style overhaul of car2go’s techno-system. The concept is sound but the implementaton is poor.

  • Brian

    ohhhhhhh i missed my play, my precious night is ruined… a cab, ya dork! Or whine like a baby on twitter, thats cool too.

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