Mom can’t believe that Amazon includes one year of Prime benefits to those who purchase the Amazon Fire phone.

First Gary Busey, now 9-year-olds.

Amazon’s first TV commercial for its new Fire Phone debuted today. You can watch the 30-second spot here, or at the bottom of this post.

firecommercial2The ad features two kids touting the fact that customers who purchase Amazon’s new smartphone will receive a $99 one-year Amazon Prime membership for free.

To begin the commercial, the kids tell each other what they have on their phone. The boy has Twitter, Minecraft, and Hunger Games; the girl has Pinterest, Skyfall, and apparently reads Sheryl Sandberg’s popular book, Lean In.

The kids then tell a woman, who is presumably one of their mothers, how they can access “tons of cool stuff for no extra charge” thanks to Prime.

“I’ve been on this earth nine years, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” the boy says.

Amazon’s ad strategy with this commercial is a little different than when Amazon Fire TV spokesperson Gary Busey talked to inanimate objects for 15 straight minutes. But it’s clear that the company is highlighting the Prime membership benefits — access to movies, music, Kindle books, and two-day delivery — to potential smartphone buyers.

The Fire Phone debuts July 25. Read our initial review here, and watch the ad below:

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  • John

    Amazon really has the best price on the Fire TV – Get it here now!

  • Zoetmb

    So is Amazon recommending Skyfall, a PG-13 rated and quite violent movie, for a 9-year-old girl?

    • Alie

      Wow- way to take these things waaaaay too seriously. #makebelieveproblems

  • gallowsCalibrator413

    no! I need to find the one with the lady and the coconut juice thing! help me!

  • Slade

    Hate these commercials! What are 9-year-olds doing wandering around alone and why, if they are so smart, do they enunciate like 4-year-olds? Now there is a series of these commercials — help!

    • Captain Obvious

      You do realize the commercials aren’t real, right?

      • Shawn

        You do realize other 9 year olds see these commercials and want to model after them, real or not, right? Even worse, some parents will now think amazon prime is somehow great for children to keep them occupied so they don’t have to actually make an effort to raise them.

  • Lois

    I think they’re supposed to be emulating adults.

    • Paul Lang

      Emulating shitty adults.

  • Lana

    I’m so tired of commercials that have sassy kids who treat adults like they are idiots. I won’t buy that phone just for that reason.

    • 2cc4

      So you’ll avoid the phone over that? Ironic you’re insulted over something you perceive reducing adults, then allow your spite to dictate your decision of phone because of it. Those writing this ad would remind you of what’s more childish; their commercial or your reaction. They know how the kids see it, too. The ad caters to them accordingly.

  • cozina

    i wanna kick that little fat f*ck in the face….

    • me

      hahaha inthought the same thing hipster bs turning soon to be men into nuthugger wearing nancy boys

  • MPMcDonald64

    I hate that commercial. I wanted to get the Amazon Fire phone because of the free Prime. It’ll save me a hundred bucks on something I was going to buy anyway, but those kids are so annoying and the moms so clueless, I might opt for something else. Why do people who create these commercials think all moms are idiots when it comes to technology and need their kids to show them how to use things?

    • 2cc4

      TV commercials should not be what decides your choice of phone. The phone itself should be doing that. You grievance this commercial reducing adults to levels below children, but then, ironically, out of spite, you’ll boycott the phone because of it. Now, what’s more insulting of adults; this commercial or your reaction to it? You and Lana above could stand some maturity in your own assessments.

      • shelburn

        Okay we get it 2cc4 you work for amazon, I love most of the precocious kid commercials, but this one is straight up annoying especially that little boy, not to mention they talk up prime more then any other functions of the phone…..bottom line I rush to hit last channel as soon as I hear his voice

        • 2cc4

          Apparently you “get it” no more now than before. I have no affiliation with any vendor mentioned in any of these ads. It’s foolish that one need think one needs a corporate interest to think separate of some of these (wayward) commenters. Annoying? Okay. A reason to not buy the phone? That’s just silly and reveals adults acting the childish ways which they take offense of this ad reducing them for. Ironic, isn’t it?

  • 2cc4

    I’m in the film industry and was hoping to learn the name of the brunette or her agency. Would like her resume on file. Hosting to screen extra.

  • Eric

    The brunette gal in the commercial looks familiar. Who is she?

    • The Middle Man

      Kate her name. She’s been in a few bigger movies.

  • Richard Pitruzzello

    I’ve seen this commercial many times (I don’t like it) and I never once assumed that the woman is one of the kids’ mothers. That would just make no sense at all and she doesn’t interact with either of them as if she’s their mother.

  • MSII

    my loathing for these commercials with the fat hipster kid is beyond measure.

  • Alex

    This kid is my son I swear xD everyone tells me he looks just like me.

  • Jason S.

    Amazon advertises with kids, but the phones aren’t easy to lock down. I had to go through some hoops to lock it down to use as a mini-kindle.

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