xboxSo far, so good for the Xbox One.

Xbox chief marketing officer Yusef Mehdi just spoke at the Citi Global Technology Conference and said Microsoft is now in full production for the Xbox One and producing in mass with plans still on for a November 2013 launch.

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About one month after improving the GPU clock speed, Mehdi added that Microsoft just made another technical boost by upgrading the CPU performance to 1.75 GHZ from 1.6 GHZ.

Mehdi wouldn’t reveal a launch date — the PlayStation 4 comes out Nov. 15 — but did say that the system is “really going to shine.”

[Follow-up: Xbox One to debut Nov. 22, one week after PS4 in U.S.]

“This will be the biggest launch we’ve ever done by a wide margin in terms of units shipped at launch,” Mehdi said.

Mehdi also had some interesting insights on the Xbox One policy reversals, the $499 price point and how the Xbox business will change with Microsoft’s big re-organization. Stay tuned for more.

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  • xbawx sucks

    why still lower rates? GDDR5>

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Oh hey, look, another kid who has no actual idea of what memory management, latency, and bandwidth mean to a developer – blindly repeating statements they’ve seen on the internet…. hang on while I get my camera!

      • ThtJstHapnd

        Please obey the signs. Look at his username… it explains it all.

        • Vera

          Indeed, but the $0n¥ paupers are spreading false information as truth again and they’re going to pay!

      • Reader

        Do you know what they mean to a developer? or are you just calling a troll to waste time? GDDR 5 Does give the PS4 an advantage from a developers stand point, because it provides them with a more future proof system than the xbox one does.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Oh that’s cute.

          But yes, I am a developer of embedded systems. Part of my job is ram management. And I can you have no effing idea what you’re talking about, mainly because you used the term “future proof”. And of course because you’re arguing how great something with a “5” is over something with a “3” without truly understanding what each are.

          But rock on with your mindless repitition of things you’ve read on the Internet (they must be true!!)

        • Justin L

          The Xbox has gotten both a CPU and GPU boost in the hardware, it’s got additional “esRAM somethingmcflop” we’re just finding out about since Microsoft didn’t advertise it and we haven’t even seen how well or not well (my expectations are low) cloud computing’s going to work. I’m not a hardware expert but I believe it’s just way too early to be talking as if we’ve got a crystal ball. PS3 hardware looked better but low and behold multi-plats ended up looking better on 360 for a while.

    • buggie

      GDDR5 has nothing to do with CPU that’s the ram and last time I remembered ddr3 ram has higher latency than GDDR5. just because 5 is a bigger number than 3 doesn’t mean it’s better.

      • dumbass buggie

        1.8 TERRAFLOPs isn’t better than 1.31 TFLOPS? okay lol

        • mittromney

          its TERA not terra.

          • Anthony J. Mitchell

            You did notice his name right!?

          • Fake Name

            And you his?

          • phinn

            it’s still a fair point.

          • youmadbro?

            so does my pen

          • awi5951

            The Flop argument is for console retards 3 year old 6000 series cards has 2.0+ flops doesnt mean they are better than the 7000 series cards.

      • slow buggie

        Just because 60 miles per hour is a bigger number than 3 miles per hour doesn’t mean it’s faster…oh wait. Defend that bone boy. I’ll agree that unbridled hate for the X1 can get tiring, especially if you are a fan, but you don’t need to make such uninformative statements.

        • Billy

          GDDR5 has lower latency for graphics, but has higher latency for general CPU processing so we’ll see how much that affects the PS4’s multitasking in the final hardware.

          Sony always finds a way to bottleneck their consoles.

          • Truth

            GDDR5 has higher latency, PERIOD! You don’t change latency as a task dependant number. It’s hardware bound.

          • Diago

            If you think the slightly higher latency will make it an equall handicap to the slow DDR3, you might want to start reading a few tech forums here and there.

            GDDR5 overall blows DDR3 out of the water splattering it like a bloody firework.

        • ThtJstHapnd

          Gddr5 is good for big textures. Like walls on buildings and planes. ddr3 is better for small textures… you know like the 100 or so on a facial model of a next gen person.
          The Gddr5 will bottleneck with all the smaller textures. I’m not trying to start a fight I think you need to calm down and do some research instead of just reading what other people say about a product.

          • joe

            You guys dont know what you are talking about, Gddr5 doesnt necessarily have a higher latency. I’m sure there are many other forums pointing this out so I’m not going to explain.

          • ThtJstHapnd

            “so I’m not going to explain” is short for I can’t prove my bullcrap statement. Don’t come to me and tell me I’m wrong and not back it up. You don’t know me or my background and why I know what I know. Your just an average “joe” mad that I proved a point against Sony, for MS. Get over it, it’s a console. Look at the up votes vs down votes…..

          • Diago

            Carmack started using “mega textures” for a reason.
            One 10 gigabyte texture for the entire game.

            This didn’t workout well with traditional DDR3, GDDR5 is from another planet though.

          • Truth

            In a pauper’s mind because of 5 being higher than 3. In reality the Xbox One’s memory solution is much better at diverse tasks.

          • Diago

            Numerous front line development studio’s raving in tears about the sick! GDDR5 solution, say you you are wrong.


          • jahFou Z

            Sure can’t tell that from the games Sony revealed. If true real world 40 percent more powerful it’d be easy to see a huge difference. I don’t. From what i’ve read on 2 tech sites real world performance is more like 25% for ps4. And that was before the increase to 1.75ghz for XBO. At this point all this becomes pretty moot.

          • ZappyKins

            Might that explain the issue the PS4 is having with frame rate on AC: Unity?

        • awi5951

          Flop argument is stupid the 6000 series of cards from 3 years ago have 2.0+ flops does this mean the PS4 GPU totally sucks compared to a old 6000 series GPU???????? By your standards the PS4 is total garbage and it shouldnt even come out..

      • Calum Sutherland

        What about the G? :3

      • Zakk Sinurge

        its not the latency . and btw he may not Know about it but i know an awful lot about it what sony gains unarguably is a HUGE amount more bandwith in terms you can grasp this means the (possibility) to do more on screen at the same time before a performance (fps) drop so just as a example for you they (could) have a more detailed crowd in the background of your sports game with no performance loss however the whole thing is stupid
        because all those 3rd party games are going to be built down to the lower xbox standard simply because they wont make the same game twice on consoles it will be the same game ported ….
        where u will see these very minor things shine is only from sonys in house studio games and even then that much of the system wont be unlocked so to speak for a year or more as people get more time deving on the two kits

        so yes sony Can do more but they will not be doing more for a long time after the realse maybe a year or more before this is noticable and even then the games it will help will be far and few between on first party stuff only bank on that

        bottom line if u want kinect and xbone buy it youll be happy if you are super tech savy and want that buy ps4 youll be happy aswell you cant lose unless you go buy a ouya

      • Beardo

        you know absolutely nothing about latency. you don’t even know what latency is. Jesus tap dancing christ at least know what you’re talking about you mindless jargon shitting techno-weenie. Lower latency is better. Higher memory clock speeds are better. Latency is data transmit delay between the CPU and the RAM. when you are dealing with consoles, it doesn’t matter so much. Fact of the matter is, lower latency is better (worthwhile…maybe not).

    • Demetre HG

      Stfu troll

    • Ivan Clemente Cabrera

      ok so please tell me what will do gddr5 for cpu bottleneck scenarios?

      • Jonathan O.

        CPU performance would be affected by big GDDR5 latencies.

        Kindly reminding, that among 4-channel 1866 MHz DDR3 RAM, XOne has 32 MB eSRAM memory placed right on processor module, which is ultra-fast and has incredibly low latencies.

        • Diago

          32MB sRAM on DDR3 won’t change the speed of the slow ram solution.
          The eSRAM will be used for streaming purposes, mostly for rendering “TV and video streams. (can i get a lol)

          Now, the CPU performance in the PS4 will “not” be affected by GDDR5 at all, its not a bottleneck due to Huma, but i guess we can’t talk about that.
          The PS4 had AMD say that this is the fastest APU they “ever” created, your in the box manner of adressing hardware, expecting stock stuff to be used, tells me that you have little place in this discusion.

          • Jonathan O.

            Do you really think that 4-channel (equals 256 bit) 1866 MHz RAM is slow solution? Really?

            eSRAM is independent, can be used however developers want to use it. Probably studios that making exclusive games for XOne already taking advantages of it, and guys like DICE, Ubisoft are still making cross-platform engines, which are cross-gen also, so they don’t even need that eSRAM.

            HUMA? Well, these guys can call their marketing however they want, but GDDR5 on its own still has big latencies. Too big for CPU to work on 100%. It can’t be fixed by advancing memory controller. It only can be fixed by using fast RAM.
            Also, have you ever thought, why PC systems never using VRAM as main RAM, and why X360 was using GDDR3, and XOne uses DDR3?

            I know that APUs in both consoles are totally unique and custom.

          • Diago

            If you know they are custom, then why do you use standard PC logic to the memory performance.
            There’s no PC on earth that runs GDDR5, nor does a PC use a single mem pool, and the APU created by AMD is still under embargo (Huma leak a side)

            Now, after hearing dozens opinions from developers nobody can make an inteligent and honest case for why the XboxOne is as powerfull as the PS4.
            The 2 consoles are worlds appart performance wise and the quality of games on the PS4 will blow the Xbox out of the water.
            Performance differences go from 40 to 500%, its crazy! to try and make it a wash.
            Unless you got a horse in this race and are trying to save some invested ego :)

            Microsoft is even on record, “Console performance wasn’t a target”

            Its that bad.

          • Yazzam

            With all due respect, no developers working with both consoles have claimed the performance differences you state, much less 500% (name the dev for that claim please and give the link or title of the webpage!).

            Instead, we read about them being on par.

            For example, the developers of Need For Speed Rivals says and I quote “What we’re seeing with the consoles are actually that they are a little bit more powerful than we thought for a really long time – especially one of them, but I’m not going to tell you which one”.

            If the PS4 was as powerful as you suggest, then it’s power should be of no surprise, hence it’s almost certain that the console that was espeically more powerful than expected is the XBox One. This is confirmed when he goes on to say, and again I quote “And that makes me really happy. But in reality, I think we’re going to have both those consoles pretty much on parity – maybe one sticking up a little bit. And I think that one will look as good as the PC.”

            If the PS4 was as powerful as you suggested, then they would not be on parity, the PS4 version would be significantly better, even if in just frame rate. Hence it’s clear from his statement that the two console are very similar in terms of power, hence it’s very likely that it’s the PS4 version that sticks up a little bit (not a lot).

            John Carmack’s analysis of both consoles led him to conclude and I quote “”It’s almost amazing how close they are in capabilities, how common they are”, Carmack said. “And that the capabilities that they give are essentially the same.””

            So they are very similar in terms of power, with the PS4 having a slight edge at the most, that’s the reality my friend, and we can see this already with the launch games, where neither console is blowing away the other, some games/genres look better on XBox One, some look better on PS4, there are no signs of the PS4 being 40-500% faster than XBox One (I’m still curious about to where you got the idea of 500% :-)).

          • Diago

            The ram is 8x faster rendering GTA type streaming engines.
            If you had basic render knowladge you could have known this.
            I’m not here to provide you links for your educative security ether.

          • Yazzam

            Complete nonsense from you. Go and provide a link that shows that the GDDR5 memory in the PS4 will be up to 8x faster than the GDDR3 memory in the XBox One.

            If you make such claims, then you should have the balls to back up your claims with evidence, eg. with links or quote or website titles etc, otherwise your claims are unfounded. I’ve backed all up my points with comments from the developers themselves (google search the quotes I provided), whereas you are just plucking your claims from thin air.

            So as it stands, according to the developers, the PS4 and XBox One are VERY close in terms of performance, with the PS4 probably have a slight edge overall.

          • Diago

            Go and privide” he says Hahaha!
            Don’t cry, just check up on some Neogaf threads, they got developers spilling the beans left and right.

            Developers are not stating that at all, you’re cherry picking mediocre Xbox developers who are taking MS balls deep.

          • Yazzam

            Thanks for proving my point :)

          • Diago

            Carmack admitted he didn’t run any benchmarks :)
            He was clearly doing he’s patriotic duty by calling them equall.

            PS4 has 1152 cores compared to the Xbox One’s 768.
            PS4’s shader throughput of 1.84 TFLOPS against 1.23 TFLOPS of the Xbox One.

            Can’t denie it.

          • Yazzam

            Neither have you, but at least we know that Carmack knows what he’s talking about, and the developers working with both consoles also know what they are talking about, whereas you don’t :)

            Simply quoting PS4 cores vs XBox One’s cores is simplistic at best, that’s like assuming the fastest runner will be the one with the longest legs!

          • awi5951

            And the amd 6870 has 2.3 T flops your argument is stupid and fails.

          • Vera

            Wow, so much bullshit from a low IQ pauperfanboy. Poor thing.

          • Diago

            Any idiot can copy and paste what you wrote.
            Doesn’t change the fact.

          • LGJamster

            I fear that it is YOU that needs educating on technical facts, as you are doing a great job embarrassing yourself in a public forum,.

            Comparing Shader Core count between 2 different bespoke GPU designs is and then extrapolating overall performance is impossible.

            I’ll give you an older example that sticks to mind.

            The NV 8800gt and ATI 4830 were in the same performance category yet one had 112 shader cores the other 640, I won’t tell you which way round.

            Equally the PS2 had more floating point performance than the original Xbox yet I wouldn’t say the PS2 was more powerful.

            Also please read up on memory timings and latency and you will realize that you are spewing nonsense.
            I still prefer plain DDR for a things that require very frequent and small memory operations.
            I’ll stick with lower latency RAM until I actually need the increased bandwitdh.

          • Law

            Comparing 8800GT 112 shader cores and 4830’s 640 is absurd when the architectures of NVidia and AMD graphic cards are different.
            However, PS4 and Xbox1 are using the same architecture hardware from AMD, with PS4 having more cores at 1152 than Xbox1 at only 768. I will expect ati raedon 5830 with 1120 stream processors to run better compared to 5770 with only 800 SP. Of course, there are still others factors like gpu clock and memory clock speed.

          • Yazzam

            That’s right those other factors and more are important.

            For example, the PS4’s GPU has 18 compute units vs 12 compute units in the XBox One’s GPU, resulting in 1152 vs 768 stream processors.

            However, according to Sony, AMD’s GPU reaches it’s optimum performance at 14 compute units, hence after 14 it offers little benefit to the graphics, therefore Sony recommends 14 CUs to be used for graphics and the remaining 4 CUs to be used for GPGPU (General-purpose computing on graphics processing units). Mark Cerny expects devs to make full use those 4 CUs in about 3 to 4 years from now.

            Hence the CUs being used is a very important point that many don’t realise. So graphically, that would make it 14 CUs in the PS4 vs 12 CUs in the XBox One. But it doesn’t end there. Two CUs are reserved for the XBox One Operating System, but we don’t know how many are reserved in the PS4. Since both the PS4 and XBox One reserve two CPU cores for the OS, it’s probably true that the PS4 also reserves two CUs for the OS, making it 12 CUs in the PS4 vs 10 CUs in the XBox One for gaming. But that remains to be confirmed, so it could be 13 vs 10 or indeed 14 vs 10 (but I doubt that).

            Then there’s the XBox One GPU clock speed increase by about 6.6%, and now a CPU clock speed increase of about 9.4%. Then there’s GDDR5 in the PS4 vs DDR3 in XBox One, the Move Engines in the XBox One and its eSRAM, and various other optimizations and customisations in both consoles.

            So for me, I prefer to listen to the devs creating games on both consoles, and those who are experts on such hardware (people like John Carmack). The impression I get is that the performance between the PS4 and XBox One is very close, far closer than many realise, but will realise soon enough.

            We’ll see :)

          • Jonathan O.

            There is nothing like “PC logic” or “not a PC logic”. Memory is a memory. Reminding you again, that XOne beats PS4 here twice-by using low latency DDR3 (with good bandwidth, yep) and by using eSRAM, which is just incredible and has ~zero latencies (they’re can’t be complete zero, but they’re close to it, because eSRAM located right on CPU) and really great bandwidth.

            Also, most laptops and tablets using single mem pool, and typical PCs without GPU too.
            Nobody stops you from producing DIMM GDDR5 memory and CPU that support GDDR5 memory-but it would be too freakin slow for everything that’s not gaming.

            Consoles are almost the same, with XOne having proper RAM, faster CPU and amazing software part (have you heard about Hyper-V yet?).

          • blahblah123

            Diago just stop bud. You are wrong. Further, think about this for a second, what is more expensive and why? A CPU with a ton of on chip memory (lets say 32MB of shared) or a memory upgrade with higher latency? The answer is A. On chip memory is a lot more expensive and for good reason. Its not just for streaming video, its for having a larger bank of pages for hits which means it is good for anything that has repeat information (like a specialized PC or console). If you were old enough, you would remember how big of a difference cache made on old CPU’s especially for gaming. With double the cache, expect a 10% boost from this alone (which is why CPU cache is so coveted).

            DDR5 on the other hand is very specialized for large textures but is not as good as DDR3 with a lot of small textures. What you can expect here is the same as the PS3 vs XB360. The 360 will blow it out of the water on frame rates but the PS will probably have prettier textures. Anyone who has gamed on the PC knows, you should always take the frame rates over texture size. A game is only pretty the 1st hour (then you dont care) but slow frame rates will destroy any fun.

          • Diago

            PC’s can’t use Vram due to the age old X86, they are stuck.

          • Kamran Mackey

            Umm, there is a new thing out. It’s called X64!

          • blahblah123

            Dude… both of the XB and PS4 are x86… thats why they tell you that games will be easily portable to PC this gen.

            You are too young and dont have the required education to comment on engineering. Let us know when you have written some code for managing threads and processes on a computer of any kind or when you finally figure out how to use CUDA or anything similar. Till then, you have no clue.

  • phrost

    I have no idea what that means, I’ll pretend it’s good news.

    • caBooOm

      it’s good the higher the better when it come to core speed

      • phrost

        Great, anything that makes Halo 5 better is good news.

        • Fake Name

          The only thing that would make halo 5 better is if its halo 1. Whatever that means….take it how you want.

  • KillerByte

    The Higher the clock speed the better

  • dumbass buggie

    gddr5 not better than gddr3? lol you people

    • Ivan Clemente Cabrera

      and what will do gddr5 for cpu bottleneck scenarios?

  • Crapgamer

    Nice! I just want a release date. I pre-ordered my Xbox One 10 minutes after I saw Microsoft’s E3 presser, I’ve paid it off completely as well as Ryse, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and COD Ghosts. Just need to know when to take time off from work so I can have a great launch!

    • Millenia Blue

      Dude! I wish I had your money!

      • Crapgamer

        I don’t have a lot of money, they required $100 down, I put like $250 down, and just treated it like lay a way, made payments each pay check.

    • Dimitri Gatsiopoulos

      Same thing but I also have all the games you mentioned ordered + Watchdogs, FIFA 14, AC4, and BF4. I’m not gonna have enough time on my hands.

      It’s gonna be interesting seeing which games I will play the most. The way things have been with this gen it seems like most of my time will be online with FIFA and COD/BF4. The other games I will play a little here and there one at a time to beat the campaign. If the Xbox Tournaments App is on the XB1 I guarantee that 90% of my gaming time will be focused on betting and ruling on FIFA.

      • mittromney

        FIFA 14 with Arsenal and Ozil equals mind blown

    • Tom

      I’ve pre-ordered a PS4 here in the UK with Watch Dogs, FIFA, Battlefield 4 and Killzone. Will pick up a Xbox1 later next year just to play Titanfall and Halo 5 whenever it comes out.

    • ThtJstHapnd

      I have DR3, BF4, Ghosts, and Watchdogs paid for. Can’t wait!!!

    • Skippypaccino

      I would cancel Ryse… That game is looking like a buggy mess… Must be all that bottlenecking?

      This page hilarious! Wow! I feel like I’ve stepped in troll nest…. Lol!

      That’s where you guys have been hiding since E3? Licking your wounds? Everyone that says positive things about Xone gets 30 thumbs up :-) BONUS!

      Whats with all this hating on gddr5? This split memory is harder on the developers. Cerny went around and spoke to hundreds of game developers during the development process and they all told him they wanted unified memory. He was also suggesting have two types of memories ( a la xbox one e-ram) and they went bananas on him. You can watch the press briefing about it…

      We keep forgetting that they are dealing with custom chips that will accommodate the different latencies that the gddr5 brings….

      Stay classy Fanboys. .. Remember it’s all about the games and having fun playing them ;-)

      • Crapgamer

        You call us fanboys for being positive about positive news on Xbox One? What should our reaction be? Then you go on about one of the developers of the PS4 and have the nerve to say we’re the ones trolling?

        Microsoft has done a fantastic job at reacting to what consumers want, in fact they have acted faster than any other gaming company in the history of gaming. There has been absolutely no complaints on Xbox Ones memory from developers, they get a full 5 gigs to use for games, which is huge when compared to the 512mb they had this gen. I don’t think developers are going to complain one little bit.

        The people (like me) have always been around, we weren’t hiding, it’s just hard to be seen when you have so many ignorant trolls and fanboys who jump to conclusions and really have no clue when it comes to the technical side of things.

        Lastly I’ll say I’ve heard nothing but great things about Ryse, know someone who was at Gamescom and they told me it played great. I love how the multiplayer looks, it’s probably the best looking (graphically speaking) game at launch for next gen, so I think I’ll stick with my purchase. I want all the “Day One” editions I can get.

    • Diago


      • Truth


    • Azyral

      Seriously? CoD: Ghosts? Get the superior game, Battlefield 4, you fat fool.

      • Crapgamer

        I don’t like Battlefield games, I prefer the more fast paced games like COD. Tried Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 and just found the online experience to be awful. I’ll spend my money on what I like, okay with you?

  • phrost

    Regardless of tech Xbox has the better launch lineup, TitanFall early next year will be a huge system seller IMO.

    • Papacheeks

      It will sell more on pc. Just like Call of duty did before Console boom. It runs on a Modified source engine meaning more lower end pc’s will be able to run it just fine.

      It will definitly sell XBONE unit’s for Microsoft. But don’t count out the pc market, which will steal some thunder from Microsoft.

      And I do believe with everyone on Neogaf that it’s a timed exclusive since EA is the Publisher not Microsoft.

      You think they not want those millions of copies sold on PS4? There isn’t enough money to keep Titanfall on one platform.

      • generalcade

        PC units stealing thunder from microsoft?

        • Papacheeks

          Think about what they’ve been touting at E3 and Gamescom. Titanfall in all seriousness is the reason to buy an XBOX:One. But it’s going to be on XBOX360 and pc.

          Now since it’s on other platform’s there’a actual choice for consumer to get his/her Titanfall fix.

          It’s going to sell like crazy on XBONE, and they will do a bundle like they did with Halo and Call of Duty. But Call of Duty Modern Warfare became popular because of pc.

          PC in the absence of new consoles has grown for an outlet of gaming in the last couple years.

          Games now are more optimized, and pc’s are cheaper to come by.

          For 559.99 I can buy a laptop or Desktop that will play almost every game including Titanfall for the next 3 to 4 years.

          What sounds better?

          XBONE 499 plus XBOX live 59.99 and the game, it’s a better deal to get a pc in my opinion.

          Cheaper games on pc, steam sales, amazon digital, gamestop, greenmangaming ect, VS. no deals on XBONE since they want a controlled Windows Store environment.

          Why do you think Gabe Newell hated Windows 8.

          • Geoff900

            Erm, PC is mostly a Windows market, and MS are the ones who make that….

            So you buying it on Xbox, or PC makes no difference to MS.

          • Elsie Paroubek

            They get a profit from Xbox version, they don’t from PC.

          • Fake Name

            They already made all their profit from selling windows AND the PC version, predaderp.

          • Geoff900

            So no one will buy a new PC/Laptop, just to play Titanfall?

            Everytime a major title comes out on PC, such as Titanfall, a lot of people go out and buy new PC’s/laptops just to play the said game.

          • Papacheeks

            And Microsoft won’t see a sent of that, it all goes to EA. The OS on those pc’s is pre-licensed. Meaning Microsoft already made their money selling their copies of the OS to the hardware Manufacturer.

            Plus with Windows 8 doing as bad as it is, people have no reason to switch OS’s. If they buy a new computer it will be with Windows 7.

            Windows 8 had the lowest adoption rate out of any Microsoft OS, lower than even Vista.

            The people who gain are the hardware manufacturer, and the actual Developer/Publisher. Microsoft wreaps the benefits when someone buys the game only for xbox, or buys hardware to play the game on xbox.

            The do get some divedens from EA, because of the exclusivity deal, but it’s potatoes compared to the money they get when the console is sold.

            Because to play online you need Live, which is pure profit for MS. And Titanfall is purely an Online game.
            Nuff said

          • jaskdavis

            Considering They have to develop it for Windows and use their Graphics Driver (DX11) and pay royalties to use that software…. YES THEY DO NUB

          • Papacheeks

            That is small compared to straight sales. That is done to anyone who develops using Visual Studio which is what Microsoft deploys for Direct X development.

            Anyone who wants to develop has to go through Microsoft but it is made available to anyone who puts it on their Windows platform.

            DX11 is also available in other forms. It’s just for latest updates to the DX11 you have to go through Microsoft.

            “There are alternatives to the DirectX family of APIs, with OpenGL having the most features. Examples of other APIs include SDL, Allegro, OpenMAX, OpenML, OpenAL, OpenCL, FMOD, SFML, etc. Many of these libraries are cross-platform or have open codebases.”


            There are also alternative implementations that aim to provide the same API, such as the one in Wine.

            The developers of ReactOS are trying to reimplement DirectX under the name “ReactX”.

            The same goes to NVIDIA and AMD.

            With their driver support.


            I am talking about Titanfall, and the few “paid” exclusivity they have.

            Having a CPU bump will help, but the PR damage and choices for anticonsumer have already spoken.

            I am in now way saying it will fail, it’s going to sell very well, better than 360 did when it launched.

            The problem will be with everything else that is going on in the company with their billion dollar deal on Nokia. Ballmer leaving, Mattrick leaving.

            Windows 8 phones and tablets failing to make a dent in the marketshare.

            On top of that, they are being outsold by PS4 2:1 in certain territories.

          • Papacheeks

            Yes it does.

            If you buy it on pc what hardware are you running it on? Nothing they sell, they make the OS, and the game like I posted before published by EA not Microsoft. EA get’s a bigger cut of the software, while having it exclusive help’s Microsoft sell units.

            But because it’s coming out on pc and is Distributed through Origin not the Windows Market Place will impact them in the sence people don’t have to buy Microsoft brand hardware to play it.

            Look how big a game like Hawken is, only on pc. Look how big shooters were on pc. Battlefield 3 help sell more computer hardware than it did console.

            Nvidia and AMD reaped the benefits from a Partnership with Dice for full DX11 support.

          • Papacheeks

            Yes it does.

            If you buy it on pc what hardware are you running it on? Nothing they sell, they make the OS, and the game like I posted before published by EA not Microsoft. EA get’s a bigger cut of the software, while having it exclusive help’s Microsoft sell units.

            But because it’s coming out on pc and is Distributed through Origin not the Windows Market Place will impact them in the sence people don’t have to buy Microsoft brand hardware to play it.

            Look how big a game like Hawken is, only on pc. Look how big shooters were on pc. Battlefield 3 help sell more computer hardware than it did console.

            Nvidia and AMD reaped the benefits from a Partnership with Dice for dull DX11 support.

          • Geoff900

            MS get sales of either the Xbox One, 360 or PC platforms.

            If people on PC don’t have the know how, or a powerful enough laptop/PC to play Tittanfall they go out and buy one.

            Also, Tittanfall is using Azure servers on ALL platforms meaning that they will make money that way as well.

          • Papacheeks

            Thanks for actually having a conversation with me without being like everyone else on here.
            They need to get out more, and understand there is a world outside of Consoles.

          • sumdumgoi

            “no deals on XBONE” Now I know you’re just trolling, they run deals constantly and that wont go anywhere. Troll or completely ignorant, who knows.

          • Papacheeks

            You mean summer of Arcade? Which has been eclipsed by Steam, and now PSN for over 2 years in a row for cheaper games.

            PSN has started selling game codes in stores that you actually can redeem and start downloading the game.
            Microsoft has you until recently buy a card that has the title of the game, but is just a points card for the exact ammount.

            You still have to go through the store select the game, then add the points to purchase. Unless you do it directly from a computer, but I think even that till recently still used Points.

            Microsoft does not or will not allow competition. Why do you think every Indie game being made has to be made with Windows Store support?

            I have not seen any deals available on Windows 8 store for games, that are being promoted on the like of amazon or gamestop.

            Even gamefly let’s you buys digital games for other clients like Origin and Steam.

            Microsoft wants a closed system that they control, for content flow.

            Why do you think Valve and Microsoft don’t see eye to eye when it comes to DLC and online pricing.
            Do some more research before calling me a troll.
            I own an xbox, Xbox360, gaming pc, PS3, Preordered PS4.

            I am anything but Bias. I call it as the fact’s and trends of companies are revealed.

            Your Blind if you can’t see that the uproar on XBONE was just because of online. It had to do with how you bought your games and where you could buy them.

          • Papacheeks

            OH BTW.

            If you call XBOX deal being that a year ago I could buy Gears of War 2 at Best Buy boxed new for 19.99. Then go to Microsoft’s xbox Live store on my computer or the console and see the same game for 29.99?

            Yea what a deal!

            They give no incentive to buy digital but want the XBONE to be a complete digital system.

            PSN gives you deals if your Plus member, Metro Last light was 53.99 to buy digital as aposed to 59.99+tax at the register.

            It’s hard to put faith in someone else’s market that has shown it really outside of small games doesn’t give a shit about the customer.

            If they are buying digital it should be cheaper, no box, no manual, no disc, so there for should be cheaper.

            Most games that are digital on steam, when they are new are cheaper than their console counter parts.
            True fact.

          • Fake Name

            Destiny will be on PC and PS4. So if I want to play both Destiny and Titanfall which system should I get when I already have the one that is currently more powerful than either the xbone or the ps4?

          • Azyral

            Nope, Call of Doodie didn’t became popular because of PC, reason? Because Call of Doodie games on PC are crap, with crappy graphics.

          • rileycarey

            For 559.99 you can get a laptop that runs most games on low at 30 fps, and a desktop that will run most on normal at 30-60 fps, and probably wont have DX11 capabilities. Bro do you even PC game? For an acceptable PC gaming experience you’re looking at a minimum of 1k

          • Papacheeks

            Thats a lie actually. It depends on the game to be honest.

            Do you even know what DX11 is?

            If your saying you can’t game on a 5-600 dollar pc on games running medium settings at 720 or 1080 you are a moron.

            Do you even read what companies like AMD have been doig to APU’S? DO you not understand that the Jaguar chips that are AMD apu’s are same that are being made for laptops and Desktops?

            Do you not understand that an AMD apu has GPU and CPU built into the same chip that can run current demanind games?


            You sir are a complete and utter moron who must have hung out with moron pc Buddies.

            I’v been building pc’s for over 14 years, am A+, NET+ certified.

            You want some proof of budget gaming?


            It depends on what you want for an expereince. But for 650-750 you can have a great gaming pc that will play any game for 3-4 years.
            You won’t be able to max everygame out since everygame runs differently and some are not sourced as well as others.

      • Azyral

        F**k you and f**k Call of Duty, okay? Call of Duty started selling a lot when Black Ops was released.

        • Papacheeks

          Begone troll!

    • Diago

      TitanFall looks like a last generation game, which will come out to the PS4 at higher resolution within 6 months :)

      • Truth

        Your mother looks like a last generation game. Titanfall played better than anything $0n¥ could offer at GamesCom.

        • Kamran Mackey

          Dude, there isn’t a capital c in Gamescom.

          • narg

            And how much do you make a day as an internet grammar natzi?

      • ThtJstHapnd

        Have you played this game first hand? I have and your seriously wrong, about both comments.

    • Azyral

      So? You’re an ignorant fool, you know that, right? The launch line-ip is not what really matters, but with which console you’ll stick to for years, and we all know that the Playstation has some of the greatest franchises in gaming i.e. The Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War, and much, much more. And these games will definitely have sequels, just wait and see. Retard.

      • phrost

        Maybe you’re ignorant of the fact I can buy both consoles! Now who’s retarded?

  • ps fanboy

    does this mean we will get another RROD scenario?

    • Martin Doyle


  • Dave

    With increased CPU clockspeed and DDR3 ram, the Xbox One will be optimized to handle apps simultaneously. Switching from a movie, to a game, to t.v., back to a game, to Skype, to netflix, etc. will feel “zippy”. DDR3 has very low latency rates for CPU, so app switching will be very fluid. GDDR5 for PS4 will decrease loading times and perhaps affect shader rates, but this will be more obvious on PS4 exclusives where developers are optmizing their loading times and shaders for PS4 architecture only. The cross platform developers, e.g. Infinity Ward, Bungie, etc. are developing games that provide the same experience on both. John Carmack, found of Id, even remarked how similar the consoles are.

    • Fake Name

      I already have a system that switches between all that stuff… So why do I need a GAME system to do it when all I really want it to do is perform better for smaller textures and calculating more fluid models and realistic faces…. Which ddr5 does.

      • Mason Rieber

        please tell me your system that does all these things…. even if it does… youre argument is still dumb… youre still arguing that a system with less abilities and a worse game line-up is better just because you already own something that can do what the xbox one can do….. xbox one is still a better price per capability no matter how you look at it from an unbiased view.

    • JOe

      You know no idea what you are talking about, Gddr5 doesnt necessarily have a higher latency it depends on what the timings are set at. GDDR5 is based on DDR3 with things added to it to increase the speed and generate more heat, if you can keep it cool you can turn the timings down to whatever you want.

      • Truth

        You even less, GDDR5 can’t achieve that bandwith without those high timings. It’s either, not both, that’s the way RAM works.

    • Diago

      John Carmack sais he didn’t run ANY benchmarks, and then added they are the same.
      Funny how he said the same last generation for him only to come out 6 months later how much more powerfull the PS3 is.

      • Vera

        He didn’t. he said the Xbox 360 was more powerful. He even repeated it this QuakeCon. Your lies are so obvious, poor low IQ pauperfanboy.

  • Dexter Rivens

    BMW (Xbox) vs. Ford Mustang (PS4)

    • jjjijoij

      Yep Fail on Race Day

    • Arroz Con Pollo

      -_- you serious?

    • Tcv4

      I’m not sure I follow? I mean, if the ps4 was a Ford Mustang Gt500 SuperSnake (850hp) and the Xbox One was a 328d Wagon (180hp), then I guess I could see it. All joking aside, I’m kind of sick of vague car references.

      • sumdumgoi

        How’s this for non-vague?

        XBox is a Mercedes AMG M275 6.0 L V12 BiTurbo

        The PS4 is a Toyota Corolla Fielder

        • Fake Name

          Because that analogy is total fail and you can’t afford either. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out if I meant the cars or the game systems.

          • Dexter Rivens

            Well I actually own and drive a BMW 5 series and see the Xbox One this way based on other people’s comments and views. The BMW is a driving experience that comes at a premium price and premium service. Many feel the Xbox is too expensive and has high pay walls along with needing other expensive hardware to fully enjoy all its features. Also a BMW typically will not have the same raw power as a Ford Mustang.

            The analogy fits perfect but if you’ve never taken a BMW 5 series for a test drive or owned one my comment may not make sense.

            The PS4 gives a lot of power, has a lot of features, provides less expensive options and to date have a lot of accessories that are cheaper in price compared to the Xbox One.

            Some prefer BMW’s and some prefer Ford Mustangs

        • Dexter Rivens

          I’m not trying to diss the PS4 as its a great system for some, just not me. I’m not siding with your comment above

      • Dexter Rivens

        See my reply to fake name

    • Kamran Mackey

      We are not talking about if the game systems are cars. Now stop it!

  • Elsie Paroubek

    Why bother overclocking when you have infinite power of the cloud ~_~

    • sd

      That’s a future proof thing. Its not really going to work as well yet, the world needs improved internet first. But in 6 or more years then the cloud will be needed. By then Sony will also probably be doing the same sort of thing with gaikai.

      • sumdumgoi

        I saw it firsthand at E3. It works.

        • sd

          Yes but what I mean is that cloud computing will initially be ltd. It will eventually be utilised to a greater extent as time passes. The cloud is a good thing and anyone knocking it doesnt realise the benefits to all gamers.

          • Fake Name

            Keep saying this until the servers are down and your naked on your couch with your JS in hand for no reason.

          • sd

            Yes obviously it will have its drawbacks. But the same can be said for online multiplayer games. If I want to play online the servers need to be up. Also the cloud will most likely be used to allow larger immersive online play with a greater number of players. The only way they can fully use the cloud for single players is to have an always on gaming connection. This is not being done yet.

            There is always opposition to new things. As a pc gamer you should welcome the cloud. f it is used on a console it will be used more on a pc. Lets face it imagine if you could reduce the need to constantly upgrade your pc simply by using the cloud. This is a plus for everyone.

        • Fake Name

          Yo guys… He saw this first hand where the xbone were really run on PCs and the cloud was less than 5 feet away on a gigabit network. Thus proving once again PC>console.

          • B Staff

            That was the Xbox (not XBone…act like a damn adult, please) hardware in a PC. It was essentially an Xbox One inside a PC.

            I wish you people would stop using that as if it actually matters. That’s pretty par for the course these days.

      • bountybunker

        You surely must know Microsoft is big on the server market in general. Say that cloud is on your local servers, meaning other parts of your game is stored nearby but can be called on where needed. This is big as well in that the game can be called from multiple sources. Trouble for Sony, it isn’t big on cloud computing, ecosystem or server and that is going to hit that bottom line ultimately. With Windows8 on Xbox as well, PC games become available at the Xbox terminal as well using the biggest monitor available in the house usually to play them. Now with MS acquisition of Nokia, there is integration possibility with the Xbox as well.

        • sd

          Yes I agree. The reason for mentioning Sony is that if the cloud does start to have a huge impact on gaming then they need to step up or they will be left behind. What one company does the other must follow.

    • Ivan Clemente Cabrera

      u have no clue of what kind of loads can be done by a remote machine and what has to be done locally don’t u?

    • PurelyHypnotic

      I hope they really tested it this time or there will be another RROD SITUATION

    • James Lawrence Murphy II

      Wow you really are everywhere the Xbox One is. For someone hating so hard on it you sure do love it.

    • joe

      Its called a race condition, game logic cannot run “from the cloud”. How is collision detection going to work if its waiting on data from the cloud to calculate its trajectory?

  • Cdg98

    Its great! But my statement its still will be no difference unless you put it side to side.

    • narg

      Maybe as far as grunt power. But as for the whole experience, Xbox One still has a hellalot more going for it.

  • Joe Vicious

    Man I really can not wot to get my hands on the X1, just need that release date MS

  • Geoff900

    Question I have is could they go further with the overclocking, on the GPU?

    I also wonder if that’s the main reason they put a big heat sink on the CPU/GPU, if they have and they could clock it even higher later on, then it could have some implications for developers.

    • OMGitsSexyChase

      with a gpu, clockspeed will help but it won’t change much, and GPUs need alot more cooling

      The amount of texture units and stream processors are really what are game changers

      I do like that Microsoft upped the clock speed, I wish the ps4 would up it to at least 2.0 ghz 1.6 is really low I wish they would care less about power consumption and put pc processors in

  • Canchume

    im going to keep my 360 only for the gta v

  • Rocco

    In my opinion, nothing is final until both consoles are out and being used by the consumer. Both Sony & Microsoft and do what they want to complete against each other because at the end of the day that means “better gaming” for all of us.

    Look at this article..

    • Truth

      Copycat $0n¥ at it again. ZERO innovation, that is another trademark for them.

  • michael bivins

    The picture above said released 11/01/2013 hmmm

  • Fake Name

    For the terminology, it is spelled “en masse” not “in mass”.

  • lorelai4cuties

    who cares ? im getting PS4 and i wont support Micro$oft ever again

    • guest

      you are really original with that $ in Microsoft. You really are sticking it to the man

    • B Staff

      You clearly hate Microsoft because they charge money for services and products. I know, it’s such a horrible thing for a company to do. Now, please, continue to type replies on your home PC running MS Windows.

      And if you say you use a MAC, or any Apple Product, your argument about MS overcharging is completely invalid.

      • ThtJstHapnd


    • Truth

      I won’t support $0n¥ PauperStation PoS4 as it’s from a crook company that lies and overhypes and rarely delivers. Poor pauper, it must suck not to be able to afford an Xbox One.

    • narg

      Dumbass. Sony owns so many royalties you probably pay them more than you think. And Sony is the #1 supporter of the RIAA. You go right ahead and support them, and you’re supporting the real problem.

  • Justin Bristol

    The RAM is good on both systems. Of course PC people will jump on a thread about consoles and have a word or two. We all know all titles on either console will look identical to each other. Don’t be morons. Why is everything a pissing contest?

  • Muta

    Be ready for the red light of death lol

    • Truth

      Be ready for YLOD2 as the PS4 simply can’t do this as it’s way too compacted inside that tiny crooked misconstructed pauperbox.

  • Phil Balliet

    Xbox One Day One. Never crossed my mind to get anything other than the XB1. Ready & Excited for the future of console Entertainment.

  • Dunam

    A console architecture is much more than GDDR5 and a few Tflops more. Some high-end graphic cards have lower Tflops than mid-range cards and perform much better. The One architecture has been studied and built for gaming and multitasking, when it comes to this, Microsoft employees know what they’re doing.

    The CELL was extremely powerful they said, thought the 360 had the superior versions most of the time, what about the Emotion Engine ? … I thought people realized by now the Sony is bullshiting every time they launch a new console.

    At best, both consoles will stand equal, at worse, difference will be so small, it’ll be impossible to tell which one is more powerful. And seeing how the Xbox One architecture is well thought and designed, I have no worries at all. Hotchips made it pretty clear, it was not rushed but built over the years.

    Hope this helps educate a few Playstation kiddies on the internet.

    Don’t get caught up in Sony’s hype, you’ll be as disappointed as we were during the PS2 and PS3 era, when we realized KZ 2 demo was BS and that PS3 was same, even less powerful than the Xbox 360.

    • Truth

      $0n¥ is nothing but LIES, OVERHYPE and UNDERDELIVER!

  • Dunam

    At the moment, most impressive and next-gen looking games are on Xbox One (Ryse, Forza 5, Quantum Break). Where is the so called “superiority” of the Playstation ? In Drive Club ? In Knack ? Seriously ? ….. Don’t you guys realize Sony is playing around again ?

    • Erroneus

      Lol yes Seriously. Knack looks really good, much better then Ryse, a game made by Crytek, who hasn’t made a good game in YEARS. Funny enough you forget titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Order: 1866 and Infamous: Second Sun.

      Because MS has been real strong with exclusive titles the last few years, oh wait they have sucked ass unless you want to play the same Halo and Gears of brown crap. Enjoy your slower, more expensive console and with rip-off Live gold service.

      • Vera

        Knack is preschool crap and KillZone is an epic Shadow FAIL, just like Infamous. All overhype and underdeliver.

  • Skippypaccino

    This page is hilarious! Wow! I feel like I’ve stepped in a troll nest…. Lol!

    That’s where you guys have been hiding since E3? Licking your wounds? ;-)

    Everyone that says positive things about Xone gets 30 thumbs up :-) BONUS!

    Whats with all this hating on gddr5? This split memory is harder on the developers. Cerny went around and spoke to hundreds of game developers during the development process and they all told him they wanted unified memory. He was also suggesting having two types of memories ( a la xbox one ) and they went bananas on him. You can watch that press briefing about it…

    We keep forgetting that they are dealing with custom chips that will accommodate the different latencies that the gddr5 brings….

    Stay classy Fanboys. .. Remember it’s all about the games and having fun playing them ;-)

    • Yazzam

      I’ve heard this a number of times now, but the claim that memory in the XBox One is not unified is not strictly correct my friend.

      The XBox One has 8GB of unified memory, just like PS4, the difference is, 8GB of unified GDDR3 memory in the XBox One and 8GB of unified GDDR5 memory in the PS4. In addition, the XBox One has 32MB of eSRAM for the GPU (which is more like a cache), but that doesn’t change the fact that the main memory is unified.

      The PS3 had two pools of 256MB of memory (so 512MB in total), whereas XBox 360 had 512MB of unified memory and an additional 10MB eDRAM in its GPU.

      Therefore the PS4 has moved from the split memory of the PS3 to unified memory and the XBox One has expanded on the unified memory of the 360 with additional memory/cache for the GPU.

      But you’re right that any hate towards GDDR5 is completely unjustified and I agree 100% with your last sentence, it really is about the games and having fun :-)

      • Papacheeks

        Dude you need to know your ram better.

        XBONE has 8 gb’s of DDR3 not GDDR.

        GDDR is actual VRAM, while DDR is system memory.

        Look it up;

        Huge difference in Latency and bandwidth speed.

        Why do you think Xbone overclocked their GPU last month by 53mhz, and their cpu by 150mhz?

        • Yazzam

          Thanks for the correction. I had noticed I was incorrectly typing GDDR3 instead of DDR3 when reading it back the following day and hence correctly stated DDR3 afterwards, but I couldn’t be bothered to edit all my previous posts :)

          If anything, the CPU and GPU were underclocked based upon conservative estimates for yield, heat etc. However with final hardware performing better than expected, MS have been able to increase the clock speed of the CPU and GPU whilst still remaining within their original targets. Usually, it’s the reverse, for example the NVivida GPU for the original XBox had it’s clock speed reduced twice before final production and evidence suggested NVidia’s RSX in the PS3 had a minor reduction too.

          Hence all the rumours of a clock speed reduction in the XBox One due to poor yields were clearly false.

          • Papacheeks

            Actually they did have low yields in their first batch, why do you think this late in their final production they raised the cpu clock Frequency.

          • Yazzam

            The claim of low yields for the SoC have never been confirmed, they have only ever been rumours. Even the most recent rumours regarding MS reducing it’s shipping forecasts due to low yields, points to other components being responsible, not the SoC.

          • Papacheeks

            Neogaf user CBOAT who is 90% right on all reveals, as an insider would beg to differ. The talk is the ESRAM was the problem, and cause for them being behind.

            Which looking at the sell out rate at PS4 compared to XBONE looks to be right.

            But I am with you, we don’t know till people get their hand on a retail unit, and closer to launch.

          • Yazzam

            To be honest, I think 90% is just a perception, where people more remember his hits rather than his misses (the way it is for good so-called psychics :)). For example, CBOAT claimed the XBox One GPU clock speed was decreased, when in fact it was increased, proving his claims to be wrong, as does the CPU’s clock speed increase. How did he miss those increases?

            CBOAT’s XBox One predictions do tend to be negative, he never seems to have any positive XBox news to reveal, which suggests most of his predictions are based upon guesses. Therefore I don’t see any reason to believe his claims about yields given his track record on the SoC :)

            But yes, let’s wait until those NDAs have been lifted and see what developers are doing and saying about both consoles.

    • Nibblo

      That fast memory cache is good for post processing though, anti aliasing and such. I’m not sure which devs Mark Cerny spoke to but devs are used to that model and wouldn’t find it difficult, actually in some ways it is better as post image processing work is achieved more efficiently with less latency like eSRAM and GDDR3, pure textures and images love high bandwidth sure but sometimes you want pure speed out of your memory. Xbox 360 always had much better anti aliasing than the PS3 because of that memory architecture.
      Absolutely agree about the games though – in the end it is all about them.

    • narg

      Well DUH. Of course you stepped into a troll’s nest. It’s a discussion on consoles. What else happens in these? Then you go on and troll a bit yourself. Classic.

      • Skippypaccino

        I know! ;-) lol! I love myself

  • TheEls

    All you idiots are failing to realize that both consoles will perform just about the damn same…its like comparing having $1,000,000 and $1,000,100. Like the $100 makes a difference when you have a million dollars.

    • narg

      Hardware wise, definitely the same. Ecosystem wise, I’m putting my money on Xbox One.

  • jk8289

    Cant wait.

  • sbkline

    I just want to play the next gen games…ok honestly I really want to play titanfall….and project spark….and don’t say get a pc, because i own Mac, and i doesn’t break down after all the porn i watch…lol jk…well not really.

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

  • Guest

    Wow, quite a crowd in here. I think you Xbox folks are going to be disappointed.

    • Truth

      Awww, another crying $0n¥ PauperStation N4Gtard NeoFAG!

  • Diago

    A 150hrz added to the CPU will not make up for the 40% less shader power in the Xbox.
    Let alone the stunning gap in RAM amount and 8x its performance.

    The Xbox is very underpowered, its criminal of Microsoft to fool their fanbase with this, because the power difference will be so obvious within a year or so, that Microsoft will tank the console as soon as its Xbox division is out of the red development cost numbers.

    • Truth

      Hahahaha, NO! The Xbox One is more streamlined with all its caches (and eSRAM), buffers and custom processing units. The Xbox One also has MORE memory bandwith than the PS4 due to its combined architecture.

      Cry me a river some more, the PoS4 will be as always with everything $0n¥: LIES, OVERHYPE and UNDERDELIVER! Suck it pauper and please jump off the cliff after $0n¥ like the mindless lemming that you are!

  • Truth

    Hahaha, look at the $0n¥ PauperStation N4Gtard NeoFAG community trying hard to downplay everything Xbox One again. Pathetic little pauperlosers!
    Xbox One is going to walk over your cold corpses in the end.

  • Diago

    Sony PS4 dev kit FCC filing shows off extra ports,

    • Vera

      Yes, NEWSFLASH for YOU and the rest of the LOW IQ $0n¥ PoS community. That clock is the base clock for the GDDR5 memory. Dumb paupers! The PS4 CPU runs at 1.6 GHz and it can’t go higher because of the tight thermal envelope due to the small and FUGLY case.

      • Elsupacabra

        You are simply making yourself look like an idiot…console wars are stupid and inane

        • narg

          And, you’re here because….

  • Junkit

    “About one month after improving the GPU clock speed, Mehdi added that Microsoft just made another technical boost by upgrading the CPU performance to 1.75 GHZ from 1.6 GHZ.”

    Wow change that multiplier for an extra 1fp or so.

  • Jack Slater

    That’s great news… specially for DHL.

  • giddieon

    It is not improved we don;t KNOW that, MS NEVER announced the clock speed ever before… Be carful of the Marketing SPEAK… it has a forked tongue….

  • Jadnice

    And still looks like a large 80s VCR, still under powered when compared to the smaller sleeker PS4 and cost $100 more. Nothing to get excited about here.

  • DandoGando

    Jack Dodooy Momia is not going to like that at all.

  • Black Felyne

    For f**k sake who CARES.
    just buy the damn console you want. If people are arguing with you more than effing likely they have their pick already.

  • Steve pritchard

    Who gives a shit ! If you like what you preordered it doesnt really matter does it . These consoles are not even out yet and you nerds are already fighting! They are both going to be amazing i have no doubt. Which is why im getting both. Gtf out of here with that tech mumbo jumbo garbage. None of you are involved with building either of them. Sony and microsoft make the koolaid and you trolls drink it. They arent going to be that different from one another . Most games are multiplat and i dont think devs are going to lean one way or another. You might see a difference in exclusives but not multiplats just like the current generation.

  • Lag-Fighting Tactics

    Microsoft have been running shit scared since the PS4 was announced

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