xboxliveThe widespread outage of the Xbox Live system this weekend was not the result of anyone hacking the service, Microsoft said this morning, debunking early reports that the group Anonymous was to blame for the problems.

Microsoft sent this statement in response to our inquiry this morning: “The Xbox LIVE service outage on 13 April resulted from networking misconfiguration during routine maintenance and was in no way related to false claims of hacking the service.”

The outage lasted several hours on Saturday during peak weekend gaming and viewing time, leaving Xbox Live users unable to log into their accounts for multiplayer gaming or other online services offered via the Microsoft console.

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  • guest

    I feel so much better knowing MS’s service went down due to the incompetence of its own employees rather than as a result of external hackers.

  • blastedsarge87

    still isnt working

  • guest

    Man, you’d think they’d get their sh*t together after the Azure incident

    • guest

      This is MS, who never ever learns from past mistakes and prefers instead to keep repeating them.

  • Stpeter182

    Can’t go online and did what u said to do on your web page and now can’t re download my profile

  • Thomas R.

    And rumor has it that Microsoft is going to require an online connection for the new XBox? I think this shows exactly why they shouldn’t do it.

  • Always Online

    Oh the irony #dealwithit

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