If you’re thinking about upgrading your existing Windows PC to Microsoft’s Windows 8, time is running out to do it on the cheap.

Later this week, Microsoft will raise the price of the Windows 8 upgrade editions, ending the promotional pricing of $39.99 for an online upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Starting in February, the upgrade prices will rise to $119.99 for Windows 8 or $199.99 for Windows 8 Pro.

The difference is big enough that the end of promotional pricing will serve as a gut check for some Windows users. Love it or hate it, the new Windows 8 interface is the present and future of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. And the decisions people make as the discount runs out will say a lot about how Windows 8 could fare in the long run among longtime users.

If you’re an existing Windows user running an older version of the operating system — Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 — do you plan to upgrade? Vote in our poll below.

If you already upgraded, how’s it going so far? Any suggestions for people considering it?


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  • voleheart

    nice poll. mine is i am upgrading but idk when. i can’t plunge any money because the budget is really tight but other than that i am ready! i was on it with RTM and CP and RP and even DP but then my old workhorse died so i am stuck on a 7 machine :'(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Olivier-Fontenelle/1519239615 Olivier Fontenelle

    I’m waiting to buy a new PC first. I’m definitely excited about the products but maybe a little bit later. (I think this is the case for many current windows users)

    • Ryan Parrish

      I can understand. It is much better on a touch enabled computer, like my surface, compared to my old Dell laptop. But it still shines on there as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.martos Mike Martos

    Upgraded 2 non touch computers and couldn’t be happier! and have a Surface and a new touch laptop… 4 total… helped having the surface first and feeling comfortable with the new environment, I’m ok using a regular non touch computer with Windows 8… it is just GREAT!

  • Guest

    Already upgraded a laptop and a media PC for a grand total of $55 less $15 in a mail-in rebate. Windows 8 is working great for me so far!

  • Guest

    I’m actually thinking about buying a new laptop. Any way to return the preinstalled Windows 8 to Microsoft or donate the license to someone else?

  • Bob

    Windows 8. What’s that?

    • guest

      The version of Windows that finally exceeds your IQ?

  • http://twitter.com/virtualawrence L Lam

    Prediction: discount price gets extended or re-introduced a few months down the road.

  • Former Windows Fan

    This is a bad move for MS Marketing. Compare the cost of MacOS upgrades and then think about losing market share long-term instead of short-term profits.

    • Fernando

      MacOS upgrades are cheaper because they are simply upgrades of the same OS and because they release them more often.

      • lan

        osx ‘upgrades’ are closer to service packs (which MS gives for free) than a new OS.

        Oh, and Apple requires you to upgrade your OS to use their new programs.

  • Hans

    On my desktop and laptop and it is fantastic! I am sure it opens up many new developments for MS as well.

  • Fernando

    Have been using windows 8 for a couple of months now and here is my verdict: desktop users do not get as many benefits as laptop users unless you actually like the new GUI (which is something I am guilty of), increased performance means extended battery life and faster booting times so going back to windows 7 after buying a windows 8 laptop can be compared to downgrading to vista after buying a win 7 machine in terms of performance.

  • guest

    Did an in place upgrade from W7/64 b/c I didn’t feel like reinstalling all my apps. Everything came across, including scheduled tasks. So score one for W8 there. So far performance seems better overall. But I may try a clean install on another drive just to compare. Don’t miss Aero like I thought I would. And starting to customize the Metro start to act like a personal dashboard, which is handy.

    If you’re new to W8, Scott Hanselman’s “Learn Windows 8 in three minutes” is hard to beat.

    Oh, and Geekwire’s tile could use some love.

    • Ryan Parrish

      That was my experience too. The only thing that didn’t come over was the Intel Wireless display software.

  • sat

    I upgraded my laptop few months ago. I am glad I did. Performance has improved significantly. Love the live tiles. My three yr old son uses it with touchpad and plays lot of games.

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