Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 10.48.00 AMLast night and early this morning, Walmart’s website was slammed with the crush of shoppers looking to pick up that company’s Black Friday deals, and it seems that it may be a bit worse for wear., which allows users to submit reports when a website goes down, has registered 180 complaints in the last 24 hours as shoppers have taken to the site to vent their frustrations about their problems with the company’s systems.

In particular, the system the company created for items covered under its “One-hour In-Stock Guarantee” program, which offers shoppers vouchers with codes that can be redeemed for temporarily out-of-stock products, has been experiencing significant delays, with many users on Sitedown reporting that the vouchers aren’t working properly for them.

A Walmart spokesperson told GeekWire in an email that users of the guarantee program are being placed into a “virtual waiting room” and held in a queue so that the company can manage the load of those requests. Users can also return to the site later in the weekend to redeem their voucher.

But it seems like the guarantee redemption system isn’t the company’s only problem, according to this report from an anonymous user at 9:22 a.m. today:

“Attempted to do shopping for my mother last night. It took over TWO HOURS to get items in cart and FINALLY get the checkout page to load. Then the site refused to accept her debit card, telling her to contact the issuing bank on her card. Her card wasn’t the problem. It worked fine at every other online retailer we shopped through. This morning, I attempted once again to purchase a couple of items on the Walmart website. Couldn’t get a single item to go into the shopping cart. I refuse to try any more. I’ll shop with other online retailers that care enough to upgrade servers and keep their site working for their customers!!!!!”

A Walmart spokesperson told AllThingsD that the reports were “isolated incidents,” and that the company was not “seeing any type of systemic checkout issues or outages.”

“We had a great day yesterday, with record traffic volume and nearly 400 million page views,” Dan Toporek, a Walmart spokesperson, said in an email to GeekWire. “The site overall is performing very well.”

By comparison, Amazon didn’t have any complaints listed on SiteDown today, and the online retail giant’s site seems to be working normally.

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  • Gary

    “A Walmart spokesperson told AllThingsD that the reports were “isolated incidents,” and that the company was not “seeing any type of systemic checkout issues or outages.”

    The Walmart spokesman that made this statement must not be reading Walmart’s Facebook page. It is full of complaints.

  • KYRO

    When I go to the link it only loads up the logo with the search box and thats it no other content to enter to voucher code is showing. Now the bigger issue is on the voucher it says YOU HAVE TO REGISTER YOUR VOUCHER CODE on the aforementioned link by 11:59 CST Sunday, December 1st., I sure hope the technical issues are taken care of before that date.

  • Tommie

    The 1-877 number is jammed and you can’t register your purchase. I spoke with a manager at a local store and he said the website doesn’t work and they are hoping to have it up and running today. I hope they keep my money…class action law suit in the works!

  • So Disappointed

    registered one item with minimal problems. Second item got stuck and now it won’t let me use the code and the 1-800 number keeps hanging up on me. This Walmart experience is disappointing to say the least

  • Kevin

    I had issues from the point of checkout at the store. The card didn’t scan correctly. Took an hour and a half for management to figure it out. Got home and went to enter the information and got a message to enter a valid access code. Called support, after an hour I got someone on the phone that told me they are having multiple issues and to call back in the morning. Was 24 hours later before I got through again as the line would play a message then go to a busy signal and cut you off. The second call had the person tell me that it’s due to volume and will correct itself. Then I went in to the store and got a manager. Manager called the same number I had twice called and after 45 minute wait was told to issue a new access code. New access code doesn’t work. Back home. Called again, after 3 hours of trying and 45 minutes on hold. They verified the code didn’t work, took my information and will be calling in the next 24hrs with a new code. I haven’t even gotten to the point of being able to enter the second code and don’t have much faith in it working. With as much time as I have put into this, I am at the point that I have paid more than full price as my time is more valuable than $100. I’m normally paid $50-$250 an hour!

  • darcy

    like their hundred seventy eight dollars laptops they only had 13 or 14 of them for store and they’re putting them in an advertisement pretty ridiculous if they’re going to advertising they should have more on hand

  • Mike

    Part of that guarantee was delivery before Christmas, In my case that is not going to happen, after several angry emails to Walmart I still haven’t got a satisfactory answer

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