SteamXbox Live, watch out: It’s full Steam ahead for Valve.

Bellevue-based Valve says its Steam video-game platform now has 65 million active accounts — 30 percent growth in the past year.

Those are free accounts, but in raw numbers, the growth propels Steam past Xbox Live, which now has 48 million users after launching in Nov. 2002. The Xbox Live number includes both free and paid (Xbox Live Gold for $60/year) accounts.

But Sony’s Playstation Network still reigns supreme with 110 million users worldwide. Like Steam, PSN doesn’t charge customers to create an account (although Playstation 4 owners will have to pay to play online).

Valve’s announcement comes at an interesting time. While Microsoft and Sony are set to release next generation consoles next month, Valve last month unveiled plans to bring PC gaming into the living room, complete with a Steam gaming machine, a free Steam operating system and a unique controller.


Platform user count

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  • Adam Lieb

    Total vanity metrics. If you look at metrics that actually matter, like DAU, $/account, or even active accounts XBOX live reigns supreme. Sony’s accounting sounds real fuzzy when you compare lifetime console sales.

    • Jeffrey

      both pale in comparison to Steam

      • Marcus Miller

        Well ya because steam user don’t pay anything how can u compare it to xbl who is making money monthly not including other sales on their network to steam who only makes money on their game sales you can even sign up and not pay a dime so ya its going to have the most users. Thats like saying world of tanks has more users then wow but who is really wining the one that has the most users ir the one who ever user is paying ever month.

  • guest

    In terms of ARPU, Xbox crushes PSN (for this gen anyway). It probably beats Steam as well, but it would not surprise me if they were pretty close.

    Sony is including accounts from their handhelds as well. How many of those are active is up for debate.

    • Jeffrey

      It doesn’t beat Steam

      • Marcus Miller

        It does xbl makes more money monthly then steam its only a race between xbl and psn because they make money with their users month not just when they buy a game.

        • Jeffrey

          No it doesn’t, Steam doesn’t need any monthly subscriptions because it makes money off of its sales. Just stop, you do not know what you are talking about.

          • Marcus Miller

            they make some off of those sales not all xbl and psn get full profit off the monthly charge and software sales while steam on make software sales.

          • Jeffrey

            They make a shit load of money off of those sales, you really do not have a clue.

          • Marcus Miller

            I do but remember they don’t get 100% Microsoft gets money from game sales like steam and monthly charges that’s one of the many reasons Microsoft is one of the biggests companys in the world steam does not even compare.

          • Marcus Miller

            Also all you have done is tell me I’m wrong yet I give you reasons you say I know nothing but give no reasons for your side at all.

  • Out For Justice

    Go Steam!!! May your innovation continue to rock the gaming world!

  • balls187

    Well according to steam, 1.43M people playing (peak) today, and 741k playing (current) of the top 100 games.

    Seems pretty legit, especially given this is the pre-holiday lull.

    PSN and XBL doesn’t make their real-time stats available, so even if this is a vanity metric, Valve backs it up with public data.

  • Rhinox

    Transparency is the key to win, go Valve!

  • Sam

    Valve rocks

  • Greed

    The funny thing is, they forgot to mention all the people who made numerous accounts while Playstation was free to play live. Xbox has always cost money, since it was more secure. Kinda wish people used a little more thought processing before comparing.

  • Wil Possessed

    Nothing on your article was factual. You should try reading the slash gear article on this and learn about all the information you missed or ignored. The steam accounts are FREE and that number does NOT include active users. The 48 million xbox live accounts does NOT include free user accounts. that was 48 paid accounts. xbox live still has the largest paid user base.

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