ps4xboxpaxIf a recent Reuters and Ipsos poll is any indication, Sony may have the upper hand over Microsoft this winter as the two gaming kingpins debut new consoles.

Of the 1,397 people surveyed, 26 percent said they are likely to buy the $399 Playstation 4 compared to 15 percent that chose the $499 Xbox One.

The preference for Sony leaned heavier for younger gamers, as the 41 percent of 408 participants under 40 years of age opted for the PS4, compared to 27 percent for Xbox.

Perhaps Sony, which announced that PS4 pre-orders are well over one million, has the edge because of its cheaper price tag. Earlier this month, an analyst asked Xbox chief marketing officer Yusef Mehdi about the $499 price point for the console, calling it a “sticker shock” and wondered if Microsoft priced its device too high.

xboxoneMehdi said that his team always has priced its products “super competitive” in terms of being close to break even or low margin in order to have broader distribution. For the Xbox One, he said, Microsoft made a couple “big bets.”

“We wanted something to really differentiate that lets you play games as if you’re playing movies and we wanted to break the barrier of being able to voice control your television,” Mehdi explained. “So to do that, we added a lot of capability. For $499, we think the value we provide for that is a very good deal. We feel that we’ve done the right balance. And if you look either the pre-orders that we’ve been sold out for weeks, or do price-adjusted inflation on the 360, it’s actually pretty comparable.

Mehdi also said that the Xbox has a “better lineup of games,” which sounded very similar to the recent Xbox One promo trailer. He also cited the fact that the Xbox One won more awards at this year’s E3 video game conference than Sony and Nintendo combined.

Unlike Sony, Microsoft hasn’t revealed pre-order statistics for the Xbox One, but has indicated that pre-orders have exceeded those of the Xbox 360 launch by a wide margin.

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  • guest

    The reporting of this poll above is interpreted incorrectly, attributing older gamers more heavily to Sony, when the opposite was true:

    “The rift widens among those below the age of 40. Of that group of 408 people, 41 percent picked Sony’s PS4 versus 27 percent for Microsoft’s Xbox One, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted from Sept 23 to Sept 27.”

    • Taylor Soper

      Hi guest, just fixed that. Thanks for reading.

  • guest

    And, while not reported by GW, the reasons cited were MSFT’s missteps from the announce thru E3, DRM, always-online, etc.

    Which kind of goes to show that a lot more damage was done in those initial months to the Xbox brand than anyone would like to admit.

    Whether this is recoverable remains to be seen.

  • Bacchus88

    How is this news? It’s been this way since E3.

  • Jason Farris

    Monitoring the gaming forums, I think that number is accurate. That said, those same forums are rife with misinformation. I suspect the air will clear considerably once both these machines are out in the wild and Xbox will benefit from side by side comparisons.

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