surfaceremixMicrosoft today unveiled two new tablets today — the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 — along with a new pressure-sensitive limited edition “Music Cover” touchpad specifically designed for DJs who want to use the tablet like a drum kit to remix songs.

surfaceremix2In conjunction with the Music Cover announcement, Microsoft kicked off a new contest called #RemixProject, which offers a chance for a free Music Cover and new Surface 2 tablet. To enter, Microsoft wants you to tweet a Vine video “letting us know how you will remix your life,” with the hashtag #RemixProject.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, it looks like they are excluding Windows Phone owners from this campaign because the Vine app is not yet available in the Windows Phone Store.

vineBack in July, we found out that Vine was coming to Windows Phone, but no dates were specified and we still haven’t seen Vine in the Windows Store since.

The Music Cover, meanwhile, features several audio buttons and is designed to work with a special app that launches automatically when clicked into a Surface tablet. It only works with the Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. We’ve asked Microsoft about commercial availability of the Music Cover and a release date. We’ll update this story when we hear back.

Microsoft also updated the Type Cover and Touch Cover for the new Surface tablets. More details on those here.

Update, 10:05 A.M. — Technically, you can upload Vine videos with a Windows Phone via the 6sec app. But to upload more than two videos, you’ll need to make an in-app purchase. Thanks to Twitter user @mlekas for the tip.

Editor’s note: This story’s headline was changed on Sept. 24 to note that while it is possible to submit a Vine video from a Windows Phone, there is still no official Vine app in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • Michael

    Hmm, the 6sec WP client app works.

    • sonofabit

      yep I entered using 6sec no problem

  • Justin F


  • Badmichael

    Microsoft; the other white meat!

  • awesomerrificus

    Way to research a subject before spreading disinformation. Maybe you should change the Headline or delete the whole bogus article.

    • Taylor Soper

      Hey there,

      We just fixed the headline to note that while you can still submit a Vine video with a Windows Phone, the official Vine app is still missing from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks for reading.

      • Jeremy Schroder

        Your point was already made. You wrote the article to portray
        Microsoft in a negative light, and you clearly jumped the gun. The headline still takes aim at Microsoft, and the article still references “Unfortunately for Microsoft, it looks like they are excluding Windows Phone owners from this campaign because the Vine app is not yet available in the Windows Phone Store.” Very poor job of covering up your error. Bet you thought you had a real gem here.
        I think your readers understand Windows Store is missing some
        key apps. You and your team beat this topic like a dead horse. As a Windows Phone user, I could care less about an official Vine or Instagram app. The alternatives, 6sec and 6tag are great apps.
        Maybe take a different approach for once. Inform the users on this new accessory (good, bad, indifferent), and provide the
        alternative to the official Vine app.

        • guest
        • LJ

          Vine IS NOT on windows phone, 6sec is not vine. The article is correct, Microsoft are stupid. Both instagram and vine are missing, a big dropped bollock by windows phone. I have a lumia 800 and love it, but it misses too many apps to really compete with android, a huge oversight.

          • guest

            This is one of the incorrect parts:

            “Unfortunately for Microsoft, it looks like they are excluding Windows Phone owners from this campaign because the Vine app is not yet available in the Windows Phone Store”
            Pretty big miss.

          • Jeremy Schroder

            LJ – thanks for the comment. The original article stated that Microsoft is excluding Windows Phone owners from the campaign because they couldn’t post videos to Vine. That’s not true, because Windows Phone users can post to Vine via 6sec. See the Update and Editor’s note below the article. You must have missed the original.
            I’m not saying Vine is on Windows Phone, I’m saying it’s possible to post to Vine via 6sec.

  • panacheart

    If you’re a DJ that’s a pretty compelling app.

  • Ryan G

    Taylor Soper articles make me cringe every time I read them. I honestly have cut way back on them. He is a perfect example of what happens when you give someone a blog and tell them they are a reporter now. They don’t have the proper training, and they go out and right articles that are inaccurate, biased, and generally unprofessional. Seriously GW, please do something to improve the quality of your writers (please note I’m not calling them journalists). This article should have been deleted, as even a correction/update doesn’t fix the problem. Also, please start holding your writers accountable for their mistakes.

    • guest

      I was going to write something similar earlier. I’ve followed John and Todd over here from the PI to whatever the last site was (techflash?) to this one not because they aren’t critical of MS but because they can connect the dots. Obviously something that this guy (and blair) don’t do yet, but hopefully can grow into.

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