The original Surface Pro.

More details from both Neowin and WinSuperSite shed light on the next-generation Surface Pro, which will feature some nice upgrades internally and a new kickstand.

Called the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft’s new tablet will reportedly be powered by Intel’s newest Haswell-based Core i5 chip, which should improve battery life by a few hours. In addition, the Surface Pro 2 will have its RAM increased from 4GB to 8GB. 

Paul Thurrott at WinSuperSite also reported that the Surface Pro 2 will have a new “integrated two-position kickstand.” A price for the new device is still unknown, but Neowin doesn’t expect much change in that department.

Thurrott also added that Microsoft is building an upgraded version of the Surface RT tablet and calling it simply the “Surface 2.”

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  • Jeremy Schroder

    They already have a great device, and these upgrades sound nice. I would prefer a device with more than 256GB if it’s going to be my primary machine. My 64GB RT is already out of memory, mainly just games for my kids.

    Let’s just hope they don’t botch the release again, and they need to figure out a better marketing campaign. The availability was ridiculous, and the “dancing” commercials drove me nuts.

    If the price remains as is with the upgrades, I would seriously consider the Pro for my next machine. Would be nice if they included Office and a keyboard too.

  • bountybunker

    It needs a further choice of keyboard. A keyboard with a battery and a tilting mechanism for the tablet as well. Then it will cater to the market who are writers, students, business people etc and will cement what this device to me is all about. Could get a leg up on good reviews as well, as yes you have guessed it, those authors of reviews are tech journalists and it would become a must have device.

  • Hoser

    I’m looking for a device that will serve as portable table and desktop PC. Can I plug in a USB hub for expanded USB device count, mouse, keyboard, network and external hard drive? Can I plug in a large monitor?

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