amazonlogo11If you’re the sort of person who always tries to get your stuff shipped from Amazon through the company’s Super Saver Shipping program, you have a bit of extra work to do. Specifically, you’ll need to put more stuff in your shopping cart.

Amazon says the threshold for scoring free Super Saver Shipping has been increased from $25 to $35. According to Amazon, this is the first time in a decade the company has increased how much money it would take to get an item with free shipping.

One potential effect of the increased threshold could be to push users to Amazon Prime, the company’s $79/year membership program, which doesn’t require a minimum for free two-day shipping — creating an incentive to buy products from Amazon more frequently.

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  • FrankCatalano

    Ah, but Amazon has now made a number of lower-priced items “Add-On Items” (when they weren’t before). So even if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you still have to meet a dollar threshold for free shipping. I just ran into this in purchasing Belkin SurgeCube single-outlet surge protectors; this summer, they were able to ship normally with Prime. Now, they are “Add-On Items” requiring at least a $25 order even if you are Prime. Details:

    • Stephen Medawar

      I believe Amazon Prime only covers orders that originate from Amazon (e.g. Items they sell and “Fulfillment by Amazon” orders). Frank, you may have been looking at items in the Amazon Marketplace (3rd party sellers).

      • FrankCatalano

        Definitely not, I’m afraid. These items are sold and shipped by Amazon. It’s a new “Add-On Item” policy, I fear.

        • Stephen Medawar

          Interesting. Thanks for looping back around and clarifying.

    • Forrest Corbett

      I actually don’t mind this. If you’re going to offer free shipping on an item that should sell for $1, you’ve got to charge significantly more for the item to begin with. I would rather them charge a lower price, but have to add it to another order in order to get it. Otherwise there’s usually plenty of sellers willing to charge you $5 for a $1 item.

      • FrankCatalano

        I actually don’t mind it either, but the threshold seems to be creeping up. These actually are $5 items that shipped free as recently as June, and now you have to have a minimum $25 order to ship them free, even if you’re Prime. So I suspect Amazon is trying to minimize losses/maximize sales from free shipping, no matter how one gets it. Which makes business sense.

    • boop

      Frank is right. You have to have $25 in your cart before you can buy an add-on item. I wonder if this too will now be $35? I also wonder about the value of the add-on program. How many people are going to go back and shop for something additional if they already have met the minimum for free shipping?

  • guest

    Amazon needs to make some money – $60 bln revenues with a $30 mln loss does not a good story make. So not surprising in one bit if they want to do this.

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