Out of the 2,310 customers who have left reviews on the Amazon Playstation 4 product page, more than 25 percent of them issued a measly 1-star rating.

A majority of those 1-star reviews are people experiencing consoles that stopped working after a few hours or were flat out dead on arrival (DOA).

Sony addressed the problem — commonly referred to as the “Blue Light of Death” — this past Friday when the PS4 hit shelves at midnight, noting that less than 0.4 percent of consoles were broken. Given that one million were sold in the first 24 hours, at least 4,000 customers are dealing with PS4 issues. The company even issued a troubleshooting page on Saturday.

[Follow-up: Amazon shipping replacement PS4’s to customers with ‘more snug’ packaging]

But as Paulo Santos over at Seeking Alpha first spotted this morning, a closer look at the 1-star reviews on Amazon reveals potential problems that originate with Amazon, not Sony.

Several of the people who ordered their console from Amazon and are experiencing problems note poor packaging.

amazonlogo11“I received my PS4 from Amazon in a large box,” notes reviewer L. Ruble. “It had a ton of air packs on top of the console, but non below it, so it would absorb all lower impact.”

“Poorly packaged by Amazon,” wrote Ryan Walsh. “Giant box with very little airbags inside it. Console could move all around.”

One reviewer, “David Zakar,” said he went to the Sony store with his broken console and was told that all of the faulty systems brought into the store thus far were all from Amazon.

It appears Amazon now has set up a special process to send replacement consoles within 5-to-7 days to customers who received broken PS4’s. Check out this review from “C-Bass,”

My system was dead on arrival….no signal to the TV …blue line of death. I’m very disappointed in this launch.

Called Amazon and talked to support. They have a special process in place to send replacements to those who have faulty consoles. They were issued an alert due to the situation. I don’t even have to send the old one back yet! ..Originally I was going to send to Sony for “repairs” but this way I get a new box with a matching serial # and not a replacement refurbed model or a repaired lemon. The service agent told me it would probably be about a week until I see my new unit but it beats the alternative.

A few others replied to “C-Bass,” who also note the same replacement process, but there are also people who have been told otherwise.

“I did not get the same treatment,” wrote a reviewer named Tim. “I did get a refund but I called and they said they couldn’t get a replacement for me. So a glimmer of hope then followed by utter disappointment. Well sort of it is nice to have that money back but I would love to have a PS4. It has been a sad few days in my house.”

While it’s obvious that many of those who ordered a PS4 from Amazon are experiencing problems, it is unclear as to whether it was simply a bad batch of PS4’s, poor packaging on Amazon’s part or something else.

We’ve reached out to Amazon and Sony for comment and will update this story when we hear back.

Update, 10:25 a.m. PT

Sony sent us this statement, which doesn’t mention Amazon and notes “isolated incidents”:

“We are aware that some people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems. We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and represent a very small percentage of total units shipped to consumers to date.”

Update, 4:45 p.m. PT

Amazon got back to us with this statement:

Since the day of announce, the PS4 has been a big seller on Amazon with more units shipped on release day than any other video game console in our history. More than 99% of Amazon customers are having a great experience with their new console.  We are working with Sony to assist the small percentage of customers who have reported issues and our customer service team stands ready to offer an exchange or where possible, help customers get their systems up and running.

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  • Mike Greenway

    Trying to let Sony off the hook? what about the reports of missing screws, bent internal parts and the fact that there is no damage to the shipping boxes, You can’t logically blame this problems on shipping damage.

    • Jack Davidson

      uhhh you wouldn’t have box damage, the box can look fine but the shit inside can still be fucked.

      • Matthew Bryant

        Not to mention that enough violent shaking can kill the hard drive if it isn’t insulated well enough.

    • Matthew Bryant

      Yeah! What about the fictional reports of missing screws, bent internal parts, and the lack of damage to the shipping boxes! Look, I agree that few failures are probably Amazon’s fault, but you need to stop spouting rumors as fact. I’ve yet to read anything about missing screws. The only bent internal part (it’s actually an external part, but whatever) was from the Kotaku review as far as I know. I’ve even read quite a bit on the forums from random people. What’s there to let Sony off the hook for anyway? Day one failure rate was lower than the Xbox 360 and only marginally higher than the PS3. Just stop talking.

    • tysandsnyc

      If this was Microsoft, all the blogs and outlets would have their heads on a stick.

      But I called this ages ago. Sony was rushing tooooo many features they didn’t have to compete with Microsoft after the Reveal. And E3, fahgetaboutit!

      I was always Team XBox One since the very beginning, but I was also going to buy either the PS4 or Nintendo along with my new system, in order to have another outlet to play along with my original console… I am glad to say I cancelled both of those orders since it was clear as day that the PS4 were rushing all of their features and the Nintendo WiiU just failed miserably in trying to impress me on buying a last gen system for this generation. Might as well use that extra money as part of my savings for a brand new gaming computer system since the Oculus Rift is coming out soon.

      • Haha

        How are you feeling now since the Xbox one has a higher failure rate?

        • HahaHA!


        • tysandsnyc

          The XBox did fail to fail. Check your sources, boo.

          • overlord

            Xbox one is ONE piece of junk! Wont load games, shuts down after 5 minutes of playing.

  • Guest

    I just read through a dozen of the [low] Amazon scores. Not a single one blamed their issues on Amazon packaging.

    • Taylor Soper
      • Guest

        My point wasn’t that they don’t exist, but rather that suggesting that’s the main cause doesn’t seem warranted based on my random sampling.

        • Chad Millard

          Too late to backtrack. You already made the claim, now take your spanking like a good little X-Box fanboy.

          • Guest

            Learn how to read..

          • Jacob Diaz

            “not a single one blamed ….”. Learn to make accurate claims.

        • Matthew Bryant

          Quite a few of the 5 star reviews even complained about the packaging. Apparently all they had were a few air packets on top. Granted there was no styrofoam in the case with the PS4 (which is a little strange), but you’d think Amazon would be a little more careful. I’m not pretending that’s the cause for the failures, but a good 1/3 of the 1 star reviews are either fake (yes, some of them are ridiculously obviously fake) or purchase outside of Amazon, and given that Amazon likely sold over 100,000 PS4s I wouldn’t assume that the failure rate is over 1% for the Amazon consoles. It could be of course, but there’s no evidence to suggest it is. Until that changes, people should stop assuming.

  • Guest

    The Sony boxes should be able to be shipped as is (without an outer box and padding added) . That should be part of the box design. If the boxes were not damaged, then how could someone blame it on Amazon. On the other hand, Amazon probably is shipping a specific couple of lots of units and depending on when they were built they could have a higher incidence of quality issues.

    • mavro

      when you shake a box in you hands does the box get damaged ? no that’s what i tought

      • kish1975

        this and if they mailed it in the ps4 box do you know how many would get lost in mail if people knew what they were. stolen

        • Brad

          I think your missing the point. The above Guest poster did not imply that they should have shipped just the PS4 box but that the packaging in the PS4 box should be adequate enough to avoid damage, which if people are going to blame shipping damage then they are also implying that Sony can’t package a $400 piece of equipment well enough to protect it.

          • JoHnEyAp

            If I drop the ps4 in the original box, will it be protected? Answer is NO!! Shipping in mail vs to retail stores are 2 completely different things, idiot.

          • Brian

            So you think these PS4’s are flown to the US on a giant marshmallow cloud to protect them? Get real – the pallets get pushed, pulled, shaken, banged around, etc. Consoles can take punishment in their retail boxes. I got a PS4 from Sam’s Club and one from Dell that were shipped in their original retail boxes! Worked fine. Amazon packaging is not the issue for the consoles. The consoles in their retail boxes can take some punishment.

          • Matthew Bryant

            No you didn’t. You might think you did, but you didn’t.

          • EricSun

            You sir made me laugh kudos

          • Matthew Bryant

            And that’s 100% nonsense. They aren’t shipped individually from the manufacturing plant, but in huge flat that are taped together which provides considerably more protection than if they were single units. Beyond that, PS4 boxes are meant to withstand being carried without damage. They aren’t meant to withstand shipping. They aren’t shipped in their default boxes to retailers. Stores like Gamestop receive huge boxes with more than one console inside and a ton of packing peanuts and/or air packets.

          • Brian

            I’ve worked in Amazon warehouses – stores aren’t receiving huge boxes with peanuts inside. They are boxed in fours, in regular boxes, and received that way. I saw them being delivered. Don’t spout off stuff that you have no knowledge on whatsoever, because it’s obvious you do not – you are only saying what you think. And yes, I did receive the PS4’s from Sam’s and Dell in their original retail boxes – shipped just like that. They were the only two retailers (I had orders from 13 different retailers) that shipped them that way, but they did. And I never said they were shipped in their retail boxes to retailers – I don’t know where you got that from. Again, they are shipped four to a box. No packing peanuts or air packets. If you’ve ever received electronics or products directly from manufacturing, they never get shipped with air or peanuts, ever. They get shipped packed into regular boxes. Have you ever seen TV’s shipped? Again, no peanuts or air. You think PS4’s are more fragile than televisions?

          • Brian

            P.S. Here’s a pic for you – FYI – there are no peanuts or air inside those boxes. 4 PS4’s packed tight in each one.


      • Ktownmatt

        There should be enough padding in the boxes that Sony puts the PS4 in. How did they get to the Amazon warehouses? did they put the PS4s into the boxes there? No, so at some point between leaving the sony warehouse to arriving at the Amazon warehouse they could’ve been damaged as well. Love the fanboys here that don’t think Sony can do any wrong. Give it a break, Blue Ring of Death is real and to blame Amazon who shipped more devices than any other retailer is lame.

        • Matthew Bryant

          On huge pallets strapped together with protective material around the sides. It’s not the same thing. Try again.

          • Brian

            Plastic wrap around the boxes so they don’t fall is not “protective material”. It’s there so the boxes don’t fall. See my pic to learn.

  • Brad

    If it’s a problem with damages received during shipping then it still goes back to Sony. The PS4 box alone should be adequate enough to protect a $400 piece of equipment from damage. The packaging done by Amazon is just extra protection. At some point those PS4 boxes in stores are going to be shuffled around and stacked just like they would be at UPS or Fed EX. It’s Sony’s obligation to ensure that there is sufficient protection for the device whether it’s on a truck in a shipping box or in it’s own packaging in a store warehouse.

    • Matthew Bryant

      100% nonsense, but believe what you want. UPS won’t even ship it if they know there isn’t adequate protection. It’s on both of them, not just one or the other. Amazon obviously isn’t at fault for most of the failures anyway.

      • Brian

        LOL – “UPS won’t even ship” … You are clueless my friend.

      • Guest

        I agree both are to blame, but UPS? They put them in their own boxes padded like crazy so they can practically drive by and launch the package to your door like a football. Same with fedex. You hear the loudest thud and when you open the door you only see the truck driving away. Either way people need to calm down and hope for everyone’s sake neither consoles have issues down the road. Gamers united, fanboys can stop commenting and just enjoy their consoles and take out anyway frustration/anger on the AI.

  • Javier Torres

    Wow a console launch with consoles that don’t work what a shocker, xbox one releases Friday how much you wanna bet they’ll have consoles that won’t work either. This is nothing new, yeah it sucks believe me I know I remember getting a broke 360 when that launched but what can you do.

  • eharris560

    WOW!!! People are actually trying to blame Amazon. We all know the manufacturers pack these systems good enough, that they can be shipped in its original boxes. So quick to let their beloved Sony off the hook.

    • Chris

      There’s a world of difference between retail shipping and UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping. Retail boxes are designed to protect being packed in a retail trailer, not tossed through the ringer that is door to door shipments.

      I’ve worked in both environments… the way boxes are treated in package sorting facilities is scary.

      That said, not saying it IS Amazon’s fault, they could well be faulty off the line due to some Sony manufacturing error, but stuff gets the crap beat out of it if it’s poorly packaged for commercial mailing.

      • eharris560

        I’ll reply with a buyers review
        Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
        This review is from: PlayStation 4: Launch Edition (Video Game)
        My PS4 was working fine out of the box but once I put in NBA2k14, it started displaying pixelated graphis and crazy lights like I was at a rave concert. Very disappointed. I tried multiple HDMI cables and it still had the same issue. I returned the unit to the Sony Store around my area (highly recommended over shipping), they tested it and confirmed the GPU was messed up and was told to wait a day for a replacement unit. They were true to their word and called me to pick up the ps4 the next day. You won’t believe what happend next. They took out the replacement unit, tested it on their Sony Tv and NOTHING powered on. The REPLACEMENT unit was DEAD on Arrival as well! HAHA. The rep. then told me he would replace the REPLACEMENT unit and had to tell some unfortunate customer who reserved his unit that his new ps4 would be delayed a couple days (since they gave me his). Very disappointed in the way SONY allowed all these defective units pass through their quality control department. I am pretty sure that the .4% defective rate that Sony claims is completed false. Either I am the unluckiest guy in the world (with 2 broken units) or Sony is lying through their teeth. Hopefully, the current unit i have doesn’t break or else I will demand a refund and go with the Xbone

        • Matthew Bryant

          Wall of text. That could easily be a damaged GPU. You obviously don’t know much about hardware. I don’t actually believe that this is Amazon’s fault, though some of the PS4 failures could definitely be caused by faulty shipping, but your argument is nonsense. This isn’t RROD status yet. Sony fanboys are pretending the problem is caused by something else (which is mostly ridiculous) and Microsoft fanboys are pretending the failure rate is already 50% (which is beyond stupid). Just shut up and see what happens.

    • Matthew Bryant

      1% failure rate really isn’t that big of a deal yet. Maybe it’ll get worse, but you shouldn’t assume things before you have any proof of your claims.

  • Rage Button

    Idiots. All of you that waste your money, all at the cost of entertainment. why bitch and complain because of a mass-produced product doesn’t work. What do you expect? Surely, this has never happened with any “other” console producing monarchy, right? Then factor in what they are throwing into these “I need this to fit in a small space” form factor plastic crap cases—sure no problem there, right? The list never ends, and doesn’t matter anyway, because 6 months the hardware will be outdated anyway and you all will still be waiting for your RMA’s. I could go on, but surely the rage buttons are going to get pressed.

    Solution: Valve’s Steam Machine.

    Rage on.

    • your daddy

      yeah, so rage right now…. loser

  • LoveGaming

    I had this exact same issue with my PS4 from Amazon. Very poor packing. The PS4 was in the box on the bottom and they just threw some bubbles on top of it. So during shipping if it was dropped on the side with no bubbles there was nothing to absorb the impact. Luckily both of my PS4s worked fine, but I was sure worried when I saw the packing.

    • ryaoni

      Isn’t the PS4 enclosed in Styrofoam inside of the box?

      • HenryT

        The console itself is held in place by some folded cardboard. No styrofoam.

      • Jack Davidson

        Styrofoam doesnt protect the console from being dropped. Only a 2nd box will do that.

    • Flipvan

      Mine was shipped exactly the same way. You can google amazon poorly packaged ps4 and find an exact picture of what it looked like. A few “air pillows” thrown on top.

  • Chris

    Amazon never even sent my PS4. Took my money, guaranteed it on Friday. When it did not show up, they guaranteed if for Tuesday. It never even left their facility. Somehow I doubt they even had one to begin with. Now they are ordering a ‘replacement’ that will take weeks, if not longer, to receive.

  • WHO?

    Got mine today from Amazon. Havent turned it on yet Packaging was pretty bad. There was bubble plastic on top for protection but the shipping box was more then half open! First time receiving a package not fully tapped. Anyhow will be plugging it up in a few to see if it works.

  • Jeremy James Wojciechowski

    “99% of customers are having a good experience with their new console” …is that so? Out of 3,000 reviews there’s 750 1 star reviews. This doesn’t even account for other retailers like Best Buy, Target etc.. Sony is definitely misrepresenting the number of consoles actually affected.

    • deejdave

      Because everyone who has a good Ps4 is really going to come on and go “yay thanks MY ps4 works”, people are far more likely to review a bad experience than a good one…

      • Jeremy James Wojciechowski

        If I recall Microsoft said the exact same thing when their consoles failed back then. They said it only affected a small number of people when clearly it didn’t.

        • Lawl

          looks like microsoft is gonna start saying that again now, huh?

  • BunniiChan

    As an Xbox fan, I’m disappointed in you guys for saying Amazon is blameless. They obviously got lazy with their packaging— which is only understandable knowing how many they had to do. Understandable but NOT acceptable. It’s your JOB to do it right. Sure, it might also be that the systems were already broken, as there were cases prior to launch with the Taco Bell advanced ones, but Amazon’s packaging method is a good distraction if that’s the case. Don’t completely toss to the side Amazon’s mistake. They messed up— they are NOT blameless.

  • Matthew Bryant

    So, that’s what it looks like. That’s terribad.

  • billy

    this is the reason why you do not purchase release day consoles. Idiots

  • Noneya Binniss

    My son’s was DOA and it was packaged very well. SONY needs to do something to make it up to the people who were affected. My son’s Christmas was ruined and I spent over $700 on Sony products this Christmas alone. All they offered me was something I told them I already bought him for Christmas, a year of Playstation Plus. I’ve spent thousands on their products and this is what we get. Next launch we are going with Microsoft for sure.

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