Skype knows best.

Skype today launched a new beta video message feature, letting users record videos as long as three minutes and send them to Skype contacts to view whenever it’s convenient. It’s not the most groundbreaking technology in the world, but it is a nice new feature for Skype users.

Here’s the odd part: It’s not yet available for Skype on Windows, despite the fact that Skype has been part of Microsoft for two years. iOS, Android and Mac users can use the feature, which offers 20 free video messages and then requires Skype Premium ($4.99/month) to continue.

If you’re a Windows or Windows Phone user and receive a video message, a message will be sent to you with a link for the video.

Given that Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, this all seems a bit odd.

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  • Patrick Husting

    That is totally funny. Someone didn’t get the memo is my guess. But hey, look at and look at the top shortcuts. It references HOTMAIL when it should reference OUTLOOK.COM. Someone missed the memo in BING too!


  • wtmf

    it’s probably because it is exceedingly difficult as a programmer to use video on windows. The Microsoft video API is called media foundation, which is an undocumented confusing mess.

  • Anon

    All Windows-related commands were busy with p2p-unfriendly Windows 8.

  • guest

    Pretty ridiculous not to at least announce a timeframe for Windows and WP availability at the same time. But then that’s MS these days: totally dysfunctional.

  • mpouxesas

    I just purchased a new galaxy s4 and transfered everything on it from my old phone, including skype. Now, when I attempt a skype video call, it does not show me the camera/video option (only voice call and msg) and it says on a little window that I have 25 free video calls remaining….what is that?

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