Thieves who targeted Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus over the holiday break walked away with five iPads but apparently didn’t consider any Microsoft products worth stealing.

Ouch! That’s the report from the Palo Alto Daily Post, or at least from a scan of an apparent article from the paper making the rounds online. (The paper doesn’t offer a full online version.)

There’s some speculation that it’s a spoof, but the details including the name of the officer, the reporter and the address of the Microsoft campus in Mountain View all appear legitimate, and we also found an online reference to the police report.

The story reads, “Microsoft’s campus in Mountain View is presumably loaded with Microsoft’s latest and greatet products, but a thief decided to steal five Apple iPads from the company’s offices instead.” They were reported to be two iPad 2s, two iPad 3s, and one iPad 4.

The paper notes erroneously that the iPad 4 hasn’t yet been released. That’s the common (though not official) name for the current, fourth-generation iPad.

The story concludes, “No Microsoft products were reported stolen.”

Yes, it reads like it could come from the Onion, but it appears real. We’ve left messages with the Daily Post reporter and the Mountain View PD to confirm the story and the details.

Update, Monday morning: In case anyone was wondering, Daily Post reporter Angela Ruggiero confirmed via email that the story is real.

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  • Really?

    Wow, how does crap like this making it past the cutting floor (metaphorically speaking)

  • jaywinter

    desparate for content to post? this is f**ing pathetic

  • James

    ^^ Windows fanboys :)

    • anon

      The correct term is Microsoft employee

  • Paul

    The thieves merely picked iPads because they have guaranteed resale value and quick resellability. It’s not about what kind of devices are better.

    • GG002

      If you can even sell cardboard iPads in parking lots to stupid Apple fans, then of course iPads are worth stealing.

      • guest

        So true, stupid people don’t buy MS stuffs, only smart ones do.

        Stupid thieves who know and appreciate real value and none of the fanboyism.

  • Guest

    True or not, this story is a reflection of the current zeitgeist. A story like this is only possible, because it is cool to hate on Microsoft these days. Because nerds and hipsters laugh when they read this. Ultimately Microsoft ought to ask itself where it went wrong to solicit so much hate in the geek world.

  • GG002

    I don’t like adding to pathetic posts like this, but just to slant it a little: Who says it has to be an “ouch”? I’d totally steal only the iPads from MS campus if I were malevolent. I’d do MS a favour by getting rid of that shit, followed by running them over with a steamroller. I consider the thief to have done a good deed.

    • Goober

      Angry nerd is angry. LOL

      • GG002

        Speak for yourself.

    • bnlf

      if i were a thief i would steal apple stuff just because they sell higher and the demand is better not that i care if i think they are worse as a product ;p

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft! I’m glad to see them going “iPad-free.”

  • Nick A

    Yeah, look at all these fanboys hating on poor ol Microsoft. It’s not as if the Surface is a steaming pile of poorly built sh*t or anything.

    • Josh Korth

      I currently own an iPad i got for a scholarship. I would love to trade it in for a surface, then i might actually be able to use it for actual work. Surface so much better =/

      • Goober

        The Goob hath thusly loled @ your sillyness


      I guess the real question is what “Actual” Microsoft equipment was left behind. Were there surfaces in the office? For all we know there was nothing to steal in those offices but ipads. Just say, the how story is FUD through out there to do exactly what it’s doing.

      • Guest

        No, the real question is, what was Microsoft doing with iPads in the first place? Were they spying on Apple or do Microsoft employees prefer them over their own tablets?

        • IPAD2

          They create pretty good s/w like Bing, OneNote and Lync. Duh…

      • Guest

        The actual Microsoft equipment is likely desktop PCs and laptops.

        Which is probably why they were left: too big and heavy to steal quickly.

  • Jim

    Easily explained. iPads were purchased to reproduce. Nothing else was taken because MS has no product now or slated for future release worth a 4uc.

  • QuHarrison Terry

    Cold World…

  • Goober

    The thieves were smart not to take any Microsoft products, thus lessening the chance they would crash during their getaway.

    The Goob hath thusly ruled on this issue.

    • arcana112

      The Goob is a moron for referring to himself in third person…

  • orthorim

    Story too good to be true, I call fake.

  • Guest

    My mom had to wear eye-pads after her ‘Lasic’ surgery.

  • Josh Mady Fernandez

    why ipads only i wonder

  • Tevita Tamanikaiwaimaro

    pick on Microsoft all you want, but a good company always studies their competition. Don’t tell me Apple products don’t run Microsoft Apps! They probably were testing Microsoft Apps on those pads!

    By the way the thieves were probably saw the iPads as easy money as it is far more expensive has less security!….. ;p

  • bonnieatwork

    How dense can people be. Do they think there are boxes of MS software sitting on shelves that the thieves passed up? NO. Inside of Microsoft, all software is available over the network. There are no packaged products laying around so a thief would be hard pressed to steal MS product. And all desktops are secured with Bit Locker rendering useless without the recovery key.

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