iPhone5-34Flat-iOS7_PRINT copy-smallWhen it comes to the arrival of a new iPhone, everyone knows one is around the corner. How far around the corner is hard to say, though. If a new report is to be believed, we may be getting a glimpse at Apple’s next smartphone in a little less than a month.

According to AllThingsD citing unnamed sources, Apple is planning on announcing the next version (or versions, if some rumors are to be believed) of its popular smartphone on September 10.

As per usual, Apple has not yet released any information about a new iPhone launch, and has not even acknowledged that it will be releasing any new hardware.

That said, ATD has been fairly reliable when it comes to launch dates in the past, having accurately predicted Apple’s launch announcement of the iPad mini last year. It’s around the right time of year for a new iPhone, with the iPhone 5 announced on September 12 of last year.

If patterns hold, we should see the next iPhone released to the public on September 20, the second Friday after the announcement.

So, with six weeks (potentially) to go until we see what Apple’s cooking, what do you want to see in the next iPhone?

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  • Martini

    The biometric boom is in it’s early explosive stage, and enterprise is soon to follow. DOD (Department Of Defense) is most likely in adopting iOS 7 and fingerprint biometrics as an additional feauture för enhanced security. For CAC, and PIV cards they (Apple) have teamed up with the swedish firm Precise Biometrics, and the card reader ‘Tactivo’.

    Great for shareholders!


    • Guest

      I can it see it now, Apple will claim to have invented biometrics.

    • javqui

      When everybody is replacing fingerprints for face recognition and other amazing technologies, Apple wants to use the very old tech?. They will need all the marketing money to push opinion modifiers like they did before to get some success. Fingerprints has many problems (including the perfect media to spread viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. between users). Finger readers are relatively easy to cheat in controlled environments (like personal devices means smartphones/tablets/laptops).

  • BlackBerry

    Longer battery. Better auto correct. Fewer crashes. Side load. More iCloud less price. A scratch resistant screen. Phone that doesn’t crack as easy. Dual boot windows phone :). The only way windows phone will sell.

    • Guest

      Windows phone is already outselling BB. Try and keep up.

  • http://www.lacksokning.com/ Energiläckage

    Seriously, a new iPhone? Who cares! Oh, it does what the previous did? great. wow. I can…. do the same tasks I did before. Apple is clutching at straws, and is losing its once well-known creativity. How long until a new phone every six months?

    LäcksökningLäckageTermograferingavloppsluktHitta läckaDålig lukt

  • Guest

    Yawn. Wake me up when iTV, iWatch, and the other products that will justify Tim Cook’s pay package finally launch. iPhone 5c (the “c” for “cut-down”) won’t be enough.

  • Guest

    Lower price, unsubsidized
    Better resiliency
    Larger screen
    Siri that actually works

    And no annoyingly pretentious ads about how “magical” it is, or how Apple has “changed everything, again”.

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