seahawksspace2Not only are fans of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks the loudest in the league and most passionate in all of sports, but they are also, quite simply, badass.

You see, Chris Peterson, Brent Savell and Ryan Schutt were bored one day. So naturally, they decided to get a little geeky and show some Seahawks pride in the process.

In an attempt to fly the famous Seahawks 12th Man flag in space, the three football fans took a weather balloon full of helium and attached it to a parachute.

seahawksspace1Then, they hooked up a GoPro camera and the 12th Man flag to a styrofoam cooler in case the whole thing landed in the water. Finally, they strapped on a Pocketfinder GPS locator so they could track the flag and find it when it came back to earth.

After everything was put together, they let go as the flag quickly flew up into the stratosphere. Eventually it reached 90,000 feet before the balloon popped. Peterson told that it took four hours to drive from the launch location to where it finally landed.

The guys captured the whole process on video, which you can see above.

The Seahawks won their season-opener last week and will host the rival San Francisco 49ers this weekend at home in a much-anticipated Sunday night showdown. If happen to find yourself in an argument about the two fan bases, just know that Seahawks fans fly their flag into space, and 49ers supporters do not. 

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  • Patrick Husting

    OK, you guys win. That is the coolest! GO HAWKS!

  • Ray Feighery

    This is pretty Awesome! To quote Russell Wilson “GO HAWKS!”

  • Kevin Lisota

    Even a Packer fan (& owner) like myself gives this a thumbs up! Last line of this article is the best line I’ve seen in a sports article in a long time.

  • jettcity

    Pretty cool, but is there anything even just mildly interesting that this blogger writes about that is not “bad-ass”? I think my teenage son is more discriminating about how he uses the term. Don’t worry, I’ll let the Navy SEALs know they’ll need to come up with a new term to describe themselves.

  • Paul Uhlir

    Can we talk about the ponchos these guys are wearing?

  • beer22

    Cool. BUT. You cannot reach space with a balloon. 90,000 feet is within the earth’s atmosphere.

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