xboxEarlier this afternoon, Microsoft surprised the tech world by reversing its stance on some Xbox One policies that had angered many gamers for the past few weeks and gave Sony firepower to poke fun at its rival.

Now, you won’t need to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours like Microsoft originally planned. Nor will there be any restrictions on sharing, trading or renting games.

People are sounding off left and right with their opinions, so we thought we’d fire up a poll to see if the new changes are enough to want an Xbox One. Or, on the flipside, maybe you liked the original policies are are pissed with today’s news.

If you have an opinion that doesn’t quite resonate with the poll answers, feel free to sound off in the comments.

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  • buddynugget

    I loved the old policies it was looking like a bright future. I think the brushfire of angry gamers was started by media being untrithful or wording their articles in a way that only brought half the truth to the table. Fact is before we were able to trade in buy lend and rent used games/games whilr also being able to gift/share/trade in digital media. That is gone now. Now were left with what we had but less. Sure its unlimited and unrestricted but we lose the better part of the benefits of such a policy being in place. We couldve seen steam lile prices for digital content mayne not for day one release but over a games lifetime that’s also gone. I’m going all digital so I can reap at least some benefits they left in place. Now with a level playing field I don’t think Sony stands a chance to win. Xbox has better games and more games and on top of it all the same features plus a lot more. Saw the ps4 ui today and its hideous xb1s is sleek and organized. Going to be an interesting war :D. Now Sonys going to have to rely on their strengths and not rely on MSs weaknesses that’s what I’d most like to see.

  • Guest

    The DRM relaxation is good, but the price is too high. $499 is obscene. Get me something I can buy for $99 or so, even with a service commitment, and I’ll slap down a Benjamin at my local electretailer.

  • uberlaff

    I like the old policies better but I’m still going to buy one. I was looking forward to never having to get off my couch to put a stupid disc in the system again.

    MS only fault here is that they didn’t sell the public on their forward leaning ideas. I hope they come back in a system update.

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