ps4xboxpaxWhoever laid out the show floor at the Penny Arcade Expo has a sense of humor, or at least a taste for competition.

The Microsoft and Sony booths are practically on top of each other, which means that attendees will be able to sample both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with just a short walk in between. Games for both upcoming consoles are being shown here.

Actually, the PS4 itself isn’t technically being played. The console is under glass at each station, but the actual games are powered by a dev machine hidden in the case. Microsoft, in contrast, is letting gamers play actual Xbox Ones.

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  • guest

    the xboxen are technically dev kits as well.

    • M$ $ony

      Yes, every Xbox One is a dev kit! It’s actually kind of cool. However, it does worry me that the PS4 games were not playing on an actual PS4.

      • guest

        Well, Battlefield 4 and Titanfall weren’t running on xbox, but rather on PC’s in a cabinet underneath. I know this b/c when BF4 crashed and burned during a match (looks pretty unstable, since this was happening repeatedly), a tech had to pop open the case and reboot it.

        • M$ $ony

          I have no idea if they were or not. However, it still worries me that an actually PS4 wasn’t used especially since a PS4 was used for E3 with assassins creed and ended up freezing.

      • Matthew Bryant

        You don’t get it. Developers obviously don’t have discs that work on an actual XBox One yet, and that functionality that you’re alluding to will not be present in the XBox One at launch according to Microsoft. So nice try, but you’re wrong. They’re both running on devkits. Whoever wrote this article is just too ignorant to know better.

        • M$ $ony

          So, your saying there is no way possible for a developer to use the actual Xbox One hardware? Really? Who are you to say what a developer can or cannot do? Yes, you are right that the Dev Kit functionality won’t be present at launch, but it’s new and Microsoft needs to come up with a system and test it before it’s officially released to the public. It’s kind of like Sony’s Gaikai cloud on PS4. It’s not going to be a feature at launch. Just sometime down the road. I’m personally not interested in the dev kit feature as I have no interest in it.

  • Guest

    Every Xbox one is a dev kit! Zing!

    • Matthew Tripoli

      There are different levels of dev kits. Tue consumer versions will not be the sake ones used by the pros

    • Matthew Bryant

      Not at launch, and definitely not before launch. Nice try though. Besides, true devkits have extra RAM to run the debugging software. If you want to make Indie games using your XBox One, go for it, but actual developers won’t use the XBox One as a devkit. I wouldn’t recommend trying to get into the XBox One indie scene anyway. They’re apparently going to severely limit which developers can self publish and which can’t.

  • Kurt Biz

    Xbox fanboys lol

  • Sir Louie

    Guys don’t be butt hurt!!

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    though its a small hunch but i thinkIthey are doing it so we dont see what that cool light on the console does!, remember at the end of the teaser trailer!! that line of light looked like it was sleeping! Cant wait to see for my self

    • QwietStorm

      I’m not understanding what you mean. We already know the divider lights up blue, if that’s what you’re talking about.

  • Tim

    I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, want a PS4 to play all the next gen games like Killzone, BF4, Destiny, Watch_Dogs, etc.. this Holiday! Never been more excited for a new piece of hardware, the next gen games look so good.

    • Dan

      Yes, same feelings here in the UK, pre-orders of the PS4 have actually run out due to demand! Can you Americans send some PS4s over here :-) Frustrated i missed out on the pre-order in the UK, but I will still be there launch day to pick up a PS4, both consoles are going to get crazy sales around the world. There are 160 million PS3/Xbox360 gamers out there in the world who would love to get their hands on PS4/X1, the demand for next gen is just immense. Both Sony and Microsoft waited too long before building the next generation of consoles.

      • guest

        PS4s are already selling for $1000 on ebay, one buyitnow price is at $3000, the machine has not even been launched – this is getting a bit silly now.

        • Kelvin Roy Leek

          stupid people

      • Matthew Bryant

        We’re out here in the US too.

  • devwalar

    ” Microsoft, in contrast, is letting gamers play actual Xbox Ones.” <– BF4 begs to differ.

    • Guest

      What do you mean?

      • guest

        See comment I posted above, BF4 and Titanfall were not running on xboxes, but rather PCs.

  • faysal

    ps4 devkits are the same thing as the retail ps4… different case makes no difference. that IGN editor made a fool out of him self the other day, you are on the way of being the next fool of internet!

  • Matthew Tripoli

    I think Sony needa every consumer ps4 they can make be put into boxes and wait to.bbe.shipped as they have over a million pre orders.

    • guest


  • b4lmung

    BF4 (Xbox One version) is actually running on PC.

  • Brian Evans

    They can’t even play the piece of shit 4 the have to use pc’s?….sony is TRASH!

    • guest

      dude, have you looked at what’s inside a PS4? it’s a pc.

      So’s an xboxone.

      Get over it.

      • Brian Evans


    • Matthew Bryant

      All devkits are PCs with similar parts. The XBox One games aren’t really running on true XBox Ones. This journalist is just an idiot. Nothing runs on a console 2+ months before launch. Reality exists.

      • M$ $ony

        PS4’s and Xbox One’s are being mass produced as we speak. Troll much?

      • Landsharkk

        I personally played Ryse on an Xbox One. I also saw people playing Forza 5 and Project Spart on an actual Xbox One console back at the end of August, just 1 day before PAX.

        “Oh, but Landsharkk, where’s the proof?”

        Right here:

        I attended the Seattle Xbox One Meet Up event hosted by Major Nelson and I got hands on with the Xbox One, the actual hardware/console.

  • Calum Sutherland

    Uh, actually they are running on PCs…

    • roozbeh, again

      how does it feel to be wrong?

  • gamefm

    As a MSFT fans, I am happy that gamers get to play games powered by a Xbox one, as compare to the other box, with sharp edges. However this is Seattle, MSFT home ground. We can really celebrate if we can out perform them at TGS. The love does not flow the other way. MSFT needs more 1st party games with Titan Fall quality. Post from a WP7.8. Cheers.

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