Nokia released a new ad today touting the camera on the Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone by comparing it to the iPhone 5. The ad plays off Apple’s “Every Day” advertising campaign, with Nokia’s version showing off the signature feature of the Lumia devices.

lumiaiphone5Watch Nokia’s video above, and the Apple video that inspired it below.

It’s hard to argue with those side-by-side comparisons … assuming they haven’t been faked.

But the ultimate effectiveness of this ad will depend on whether people actually care this much about the quality of the camera in a phone. If you’re an iPhone 5 user, does this make you want to switch? If you’re a Lumia user already, does this give you a sense of satisfaction?

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  • niico100

    This is pretty desperate – better low light performance perhaps. But to say the iPhone 5 has a bad camera is just wrong.

    Also that skater pic looking towards Broadgate tower – one is sunny and the other overcast – totally unfair comparison.

    • Todd Bishop

      Agreed on the skater pic.

    • Martin Walsh

      Dude, you cannot be serious!!!! I’ve owned the last three generations of iPhone and it does not compare to photo, video and audio quality of my Nokia Lumia 920.

      • niico100

        None of the reviews bear this out.

        How long have you worked for Nokia?

        • Martin Walsh

          I’m looking at the quality of 6 years and more than 8GB of photo, video and audio captured from my previous 3 x iPhone’s compared to the last 12 months of Nokia Lumia 920 snapped photos, video and audio.

          My Lumia beats almost all of the media and noticeably.

          What comparison photo, video and audio have you personally made on a Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 (or earlier models)?

          P.S. Takes 2 minutes to look up who I work for. All you’ve done is simply prove the point once again that people like you are brainwashed, can’t think for themselves and simply criticize and make accusations against anyone who has an opinion which differs from your own. Grow up…..

          • niico100

            Says here you work for Nokia… strange, must be another guy with the same name.

            The iPhone 5 has an amazing camera. Read any reviews and you’ll learn this.

            Any improvements in the Nokia are in specific cases (low light), or not by a huge amount. Certainly not worth changing phones for.

            6 years – the iPhone 5 wasn’t out 6 years ago, this is not relevant. You’re comparing phones 1/2/3 generations older to the current Nokia. You’ve totally undermined any argument you might have had right there.

            I would try one – but Nokia are basically bankrupt so they’re really hard to find so I have to rely on extensive online comparisons and reviews which support what I’ve said above….

          • Martin Walsh

            Dude, did you read what you wrote before you posted it?

            One click on my Disqus profile brings up my twitter profile which is connected to my profile which is connected to my LinkedIn profile. Or, typing my name into Google search brings up ME who has NEVER worked for Nokia and does not bring up anyone with my name who works for Nokia – page 1 SERP.

            Why would I want to read review comparisons about the quality of a phone I used to own (iPhone 5) and the Nokia Lumia 920 which I now own when I can compare the photos, video and audio quality in my own library?

            I clearly said in my post I used to own an iPhone 5 as well as previously iPhone 4 and earlier, what’s your problem?

            Yep, Nokia are basically bankrupt! ROFL……

          • niico100

            So you agree – to compare previous generations of iPhone to a current Nokia is a totally invalid comparison?

          • saminsomniac

            And how long have you been working for Apple ?

          • niico100

            Here’s a blog post I wrote recently about Apple “11 ongoing Apple UX Fails”:


          • Guest

            Starting with “Apple’s perfect right? Well, not quite….”

            Yeah, you’re Mr. Objective. LOL.

          • Guest

            “I would try one – but Nokia are basically bankrupt so they’re really hard to find so I have to rely on extensive online comparisons and reviews which support what I’ve said above….

            Complete drivel. If you were interested in doing an actual comparison, instead of just running your mouth, you could find one quite easily. Instead you criticize the feedback from someone who has used both extensively, and childishly accuse him of working for Nokia.

    • Guest

      What’s desperate about pointing out an important area you feel you’re superior in versus a popular competitor? That’s marketing 001. At least they didn’t say something as arrogant as “we’ve changed everything, again”.

  • carlos

    Truth is: I just returned from a week long cycling trip. The big camera died soon so we relied on our phones for pictures. I had an Iphone, my partner a new Lumia. After the first day, we just stopped using the Iphone and relied completely on the Lumia. Not that the iphone has a bad camera, but Pics with lumia were much better, including HD video.

    • niico100

      got any comparisons online? Are we talking 20% better or 200% better?

      • carlos

        I do not know a number, I just know that in my cycling holiday the differences were noticeable enough to leave iphone in the pocket and just take pics with the Nokia. By the way, I suggest not trusting online comparisons and reviews too much, check how easily Ryan Holiday lied his way into credible blogs in the PR stunt for his book “Believe me I’m lying”.

        • niico100

          haha – I love that book ‘Trust me, I’m lying’ – just recommended it to someone today.

          That doesn’t mean you can’t trust any sources of news though – This Week in Tech, The Verge – seem fairly legit to me. Plus just through using iPhone 5 I know the images I get from it are very good.

          Nokia may be somewhat better but I’m not going Windows Phone any time soon (and I’m a Microsoft developer). Maybe one day. iOS 7 is extremely good however.

          Also new iPhone out soon – lets see what the camera is like on that…

      • trollolo

        Takes less time to Google it yourself than troll people’s comments.

  • rt

    Oh Nokia is still in business? Good luck to them.

  • Guest

    Honestly, making fun of iPhone is completely cliche at this point. We know why men bought them, we’ve created newer and better devices, and Apple has been utterly uninterested in releasing iPhone 5s or 6. They’re clearly moving on to TV, to Watch, and to other novelty projects.

    Nokia’s running these ads to late. You don’t see Obama attacking Mike Romney anymore; there’s no need, as most people have already forgotten the punching bag that the President literally slaughtered on Election Day last year. Same goes for Nokia.

    • debo jenkins

      lol his name is Mitt Romney

  • skunky pete

    9 megapixels of pure crap all forced through a microscopic sensor. Neat. Headline: Nokia’s new terrible camera is better than Apple’s awful camera!

    • Guest

      Numerous online reviews disprove your bs.

  • SilverSee

    Todd, looks like your cheap headline had exactly the desired effect, judging by the knee-jerk comments. Well done.

    • Guest

      Yeah, GW is starting down the path popularized by SAI, a site founded by someone whose profound ethical lapses caused him to be banned from the markets for life. Great role model. But hey, it worked. So I guess that’s justification enough these day. At least we haven’t been subjected yet to huge slide decks packed with useless information…

  • Christopher Budd

    Maybe I’m a Luddite and don’t realize it but this campaign is totally lost on me.

    I don’t use my phone as a camera for anything other than very occasional quick shots that can be crappy anyway.

    If I want real pictures I use a real camera.

    All the people I know who are professional/good photographers use real cameras too.

    I’ve never had a phone picture look anywhere near as good as a real camera picture. In part they’re always blurry because it’s hard to hold a thin phone still enough.

    So putting a mega-quality camera in a phone seems a lot like putting a Ferrari engine in a Yugo. You can do it but it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    • Chris Lee

      “In part they’re always blurry because it’s hard to hold a thin phone still enough”… This is why Nokia put in Optical Image Stabilization to help you not take blurry pics.

      No one is saying that you’d replace your DSLR with a camera phone. However that point an shoot you purchased a few years back may not be needed anymore.

    • Guest

      Taking pictures is one of the most frequent things phone users do. Which is why Apple, in particular, has made a big deal about every camera advance they’ve had so far. I understand what you’re saying from a photo enthusiasts perspective, but that’s a subset of the overall market and not where the volume is for Nokia (or Apple). If users can take better quality pictures, most couldn’t care less what the pixel count is or the technology behind it. They only care that their phone takes better shots. So no, the Ferrari engine in a Yugo analogy doesn’t really hold up. This is just a continuation of a long standing trend for phones.

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