Nathan Myhrvold
Nathan Myhrvold

Online Q&As with public figures are all the rage these days, but one coming up next week is definitely worth watching.

Nathan Myhrvold, the former Microsoft technology chief who now runs patent and technology company Intellectual Ventures, will take part in a Live Q&A on Slashdot next week.

If this were baseball, it would be like Yankees manager Joe Girardi sitting down for an interview with Red Sox fans. Take, for example, the question for Myhrvold currently at the top of the Slashdot list.

“Is the money made in patent trolling worth being that kind of scumbag?”

Gotta hand it to Myhrvold for his bravery, at least. Some of the other questions in the queue should elicit more constructive responses, such as this one …

“Many readers of Slashdot (myself included) feel that the patent system is broken. I haven’t heard any criticisms from you or Intellectual Ventures so I’m interested in hearing what you have to say about the patent system. Is it fundamentally broken? Only a little broken? Working flawlessly and exactly as it was intended to work?”

I’d actually like to hear Myhrvold’s answer to that one.

The Live Q&A takes place next Wednesday, April 3 from 12 to 12:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Thanks to Keith Curtis for pointing this out.


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  • Mike Christensen

    I think this is more likely a scientific research effort by Myhrvold to find out once and for all how many trolls there actually *are* on the Internet.

  • Bill Harding

    Bah, it’s a pity that he’s going to take on a Q&A with a community that’s foaming with hostility — will be hard to extract much value by yelling at him. I’m sure he’s been yelled at plenty already. What I’d really love would be to see the Hacker News community (most even-handed commenters on the Internet) go to work on him.

    Oh well, I threw in my Q there anyway, doubt it is angry enough to get voted up tho: It’s clear from your past interviews that you honestly believe that IV
    is working toward the greater good of the business community. But what
    about the Lodysyses of the world? They too make the case that they are
    serving the business community by “reducing costs” and such. Do you buy
    it? If not, how do you contrast the behavior of the “bad actor” NPEs
    to IV?

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