How do you become a billionaire? Start by asking for a $15,000 salary.

That, at least, was the path for Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, whose resumes from 1974 surfaced this week as part of a display at Allen’s Living Computer Museum in Seattle. Here’s a pair of images from the museum’s Twitter account.

One other thing: Height and weight on a resume? Wow, times have changed.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the picture that Gates and Allen took during a gathering of computer pioneers, reprising a classic Microsoft photo at the museum.


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  • ruchitgarg

    If you factor in inflation since then, it would be somewhere around $70K of today, a decent salary for entry level developer..

  • 509

    Wow, good guess.

    Would you pay $70,638.74 for a college drop-out without a degree and LITTLE work experience??

    Good thing he started his own company…..nobody would pay him that sort of money today with his poor qualifications. Besides which he approved some godawful code, but he was the best cutthroat business executive since the original John Rockefeller.

  • jdurocher1973

    That Seattle address on Gates’ resume doesn’t say, ‘modest beginning’ to me!

    • Eddie H.

      Agreed! That is a $1.5M house, today (peaked at almost $2.0M in 2007). Public records only go back to 1982 online, but the taxable value for the property was $257k on that year. Quite a lot for 1982.

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