Microsoft has now officially released those crazy videos that we told you about yesterday. Check them out above and below.

So what’s the back story? Microsoft gave this statement: “We created these online-only social videos for the Asian market, where they were well-received. As with most of our global work, we are now sharing them on the Windows YouTube channel.”

They’ve been getting lots of laughs around GeekWire HQ today. What do you think?

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  • rojo

    A little odd. But then again I realize that there is more than one way to advertise a product. It looks like Microsoft is going for the pure emotional connection (laugh) with these videos.

  • Extended Results Inc


  • GG002

    I lol’d so hard at the Beautiful and fast video!

    • Dan Savage

      I saw the faceplant coming…but it still shocked me to see how hard she slammed her face into the makeup

  • JJD

    Is that a joke? I thought April fools day was last month. How low can this company go?

    • Nathan

      Are you kidding? These are brilliant! Too bad they apparently don’t have the same marketing department for the N.American market.

  • Ruben Alanis

    Microsoft continues to put out these moronic commercials that don’t actually show any product. I would say that the Surface commercials of people dancing around and snapping their keyboards are slightly less awful than these. Overall, there’s a lot of room for improvement. None of these, including the Surface commercial, do anything to spark my interest in using Windows 8 or a touchscreen computer. They mainly make me think “Microsoft is doing all they can to distract me from their actual product”. That can’t be a good approach in the end in my opinion. (Also, I love Windows 8 and the Surface, so I’m hoping these guys get their act together).

    • IJ

      These ads are fantastic! Makes an emotional connect with people. Well done Microsoft!

    • Dennis Beatty

      So… Apples 1984 ad was a way for them to distract you from their actual product?

      • jafu

        If you have to reach back to an ad that’s close to 30 years old I guess that speaks well of Apple.

      • Carlos Osuna-Roffe

        Actually the 1984 Macintosh was a flop, unable to steal any market share from the IBM PC.

        Involuntarily you made a point.

        Apple had to reinvent itself several times before actually competing with what they called the “inferior” PC and “lame” Windows (their words, not mine).

        In the end they had to listen to the customers (something Steve Jobs hated), create the Macintosh II (which color and a full keyboard copied from the IBM PC AT), then had switch to PowerPC to keep up with Intel’s Pentium, switch the OS (to the Unix like Mac OS X) to have Multitasking and then switch the CPU again, to Intel to get economies of scale, just to grab a little piece of the PC market.

        Until they realized they had to switch roads and created the iPhone and the iPad.

        Long story short. Windows 8 has a long road ahead.

  • jdurocher1973

    We all like to slam Microsoft when try they draw outside the lines, me included, but you have to admit these are engaging ads that convey the message. Whether they have a viable product is another matter altogether.

  • Dan Savage

    Sign those ping pong guys up for next year’s GeekWire ping-pong bash!

  • Carlos Osuna-Roffe

    OMG…. These ads have made me lost the last faith I had on them…

    I guess Microsoft just turned into Homer Simpson and they got themselves a pig which first they thought it was Spider Pig (with all those Surface ads) and now they think its Harry Ploppers…

    All these makes for funny ads, but does not bode well with MS target audience (serious professionals).

    This will go down in history worse than Vista, maybe even worse than New Coke and G-d forbid… maybe it will replace Ford Edsel as the worst mistake of all time.

  • James Wong

    I love the personality Microsoft is portraying in these ads. Watch out! Microsoft can be cool too!

  • Bob Bigellow

    So, the tag-lines of these commercials should essentially be:

    Windows 8: Really only good for playing Fruit Ninja.

    Windows 8: Makes you want to slam your face on your desk.

    Windows 8: Feels like having a paddle shoved up your ***.

  • Muhiiga Katashaya

    To all those who didn’t get these ads, or who are yapping about how low can they sink or whatever, remember, you are NOT the target audience. At least not for these ads. But they’re creative.

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