Mark Cuban is never one to shy away from his beliefs. Now, to show his disdain for patents, he’s created a newly-endowed chair at digital rights organization The Electronic Frontier Foundation called “The Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents.”

Cuban donated $250,000 to the EFF so it could hire Julie Samuels, EFF’s new Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents.

TechCrunch caught up with Cuban, one of the more well-known American entrepreneurs and Dallas Mavericks owner, to get his thoughts on why “dumbass patents are crushing small businesses.”

Cuban says that he wants to see software patents completely eliminated or at the very least have a five-year shelf life. He also wants design patents eliminated. Read the full interview here.

Bellevue-based Intellectual Ventures has become a lightening rod for criticism of technology patents, coming under fire for wielding its large patent portfolio.

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  • Hypocrite

    And what’s the first question out of Mark and other investor’s mouths on Shark Tank? Ans: Do you have a patent on this?

    • skunky pete

      methinks someone’s missing teh point

  • motorcitymadman

    Amen! I wonder if I had five hundred thousand Maverick shirts for sale, if I would not be contacted by his lawyers!? He’s never been through the process and cost of creating IP solely. Furthermore, it has to be proven in action after only one year! So his idea of wiping out not only Tech protection for five years , and ALL design patents, is what makes him a great candidate for the new leader of China. Which is where the majority of his current patented products are produced… F him! Mark ! Thanks for crudding up the system even more!

  • motorcitymadman

    Sorry again, just find it so irresponsible to make a remark, yet fund a dead end gesture as this. Well hats off to your douchiness Mark! I’m sure it burns your ass that many with little are given a small chance to live their dreams, with their rights intact..Again, FU

  • Jon Poland

    Thank you Mark Cuban! Software should be copyrighted at best, not patented. It’s a set of instructions that includes algorithms. By trying to solidify software, you ossify the industry.

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