hopstop3Transit navigation service HopStop, newly acquired by Apple, has been pulled from Microsoft’s Windows Phone without explanation.

Is it a coincidence? HopStop’s well-reviewed app remains available for Android and, of course, for iPhone. But its listing in the Windows Phone app store now says, “This app is no longer published.”

Richard Hay of Windows Observer posted about the disappearance this evening after one of his Twitter followers, Roman David DeSilva, received a message in the app (at right) saying that HopStop “no longer supports the Windows platform.”

HopStop was available for download in the Windows Phone Marketplace as recently as yesterday, according to Bing’s search cache. The Windows Phone app has also disappeared from this mobile app page on HopStop’s site. It was there as recently as July 11, according to Google’s search cache.

Windows Phone needs more apps these days, not less, and this is a notable loss. HopStop had been on Microsoft’s mobile platform since Windows Phone 7.

Let the conspiracy theories begin. But it’s hard to imagine Apple being all that concerned about Windows Phone at this point. There must be more to the story here. I’ve sent messages to a few people, including HopStop representatives, to see if I can get more info.

Bloomberg News and AllThingsD have more on the HopStop acquisition.

Apple also just acquired Canadian startup Locationary, apparently part of a strategy to improve Maps for iOS — the app that resulted in an apology from Tim Cook last year.

Update, Saturday afternoon: HopStop CEO Joe Meyer referred me to an Apple spokesperson, from whom I’m now waiting to hear back.

Thanks to Richard Burte for the tip.

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  • lubba

    we can safely say we know why alot of apps don’t make it to WP.

  • Patrick Husting

    That is awesome. Goes back to my statement on Geekwire a few days ago. Microsoft needs to take those BILLIONS and spend it on purchasing innovative companies fast or they are going to lose out on opportunities. Those companies might be $5 million or a $100 million. Doesn’t matter.

    Buy up the innovation or lose.


    • Guest

      Yeah, that worked so well with aQuantive.

      • Patrick Husting

        I didn’t say go buy a bunch of billion dollar companies… That is a mistake.

      • panacheart

        In past it has done well for MS. They bought Dos, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Hotmail….

  • whatup12

    conspiracy theories? Why would we have these when an app is pulled the same day as company us purchased by a competing platform that is inordinately bigger and more powerful. Not a conspiracy…just dirty business practices. Ie par for the course for apple post 1998.

    • http://www.windowsobserver.com/ Richard Hay

      Why not also drop the Android version which is their number 2 competitor? Or at least give users a 30 day warning that the service was going to be shut down or moved off the apps?

      • whatup12

        What apple is trying to prevent here is a legitimate and sustained third option for OS (too late for them to do this with android though they tried with lawsuits, etc). by getting rid of existing apps for wp, both google and apple are conspiring to prevent the emergence of this third option. There is no doubt that MSFT has to do a lot of work here themselves and make significant investments, but these kinds of business practices are dirty by nature. It would have been the equivalent of MSFT not licensing office to apple back in the day. Moreover, IBM could have sued both MSFT and apple for the use of the concept of a desktop. And palm might have been able to sue for the concept of icons on portable devices. but indeed, those were different days when companies were trying to compete by advancing their own agenda rather than trying to trounce the agenda of competing platforms. As millions of said before me, the idea that apple still gives the perspective of being a “hip” company is a farce–it runs business practices that would rival that of Royal Dutch Shell in Nigeria…

        • Charlie

          You’re all making the assumption that it was Apple that pulled the app. Might be correct, but at this point it doesn’t sound like we know the reason for the app being pulled. Clearly pointing the blame at Apple prematurely only points to your strong bias.

          • whatup12

            I love stats. I believe in them. indeed, there may have been two independent processes ongoing–ie the decision to drop all support for windows phones and all mention of them on the site, apps, etc and the decision to sell to apple. And then both of these decisions would go live on the same day. And both decisions likely made, in large part, by the same group of people. I don’t think this is premature as it would assume that more information would be forthcoming facilitating a more thoughtful decision. Indeed, we know as much as we will ever about this and at some point we will all forget that this went down the way it went down (ie same time for both these decisions). In no way, did I hide my bias–in fact, I spent both of my posts speaking to the reasons for my bias. Is evidence-driven, or at least informed, bias a bad thing? I don’t think so. I am making these decisions based on a pattern of how apple has acted for the last 10 years–and this is coming from someone who loved the Apple IIC. I also feel not-to-loving towards google practices these days of giving a product for free as a means to generate profit through the use of that product by buying and selling the data of its users. And this is coming from someone who was one of the first of non-google employees to be on gmail. So yes, I am biased…thanks for the insight!

        • panacheart

          In fact MS did cripple the Office suite for Mac. It’s awful compared to the Windows version.

          • whatup12

            Is this a joke? MS has developed office for Mac for 15 years when Mac represents about 11% of the US computer market, about 5% globally. Of the 11% in the US, likely a small proportion are actually running office on their computer. If office for Mac made up 3% of total office sales–I would be shocked. Ie, MSFT has continued to update office for 3% of the market. Yes, there are some kinks as Apple updates their OS, but “crippled”? For example, I heard that there is an issue on outlook 2011 (Which by the way mac got 2011 when we were still on 2010), but overall the programs share functionality with their PS brethren. Crippled? maybe a little much, n’est-ce pas? MSFT does this based on some old verbal agreement between a man who is now passed away and another who spends his time fighting malaria, hiv, and TB and diarrheal diseases. When has apple ever done anything of the sort for PC/windows/anything not directly benefiting apple?

          • panacheart

            I’m sorry. I stand by my statement. Crippled. Outlook for MAC (entourage) is so horrible I moved reluctantly to gmail because it had better features. It couldn’t even handle html email in 2010. Horrible.

            And I’m not devending Apple. They’re pretty bad too about playing games. I’m just sayin’, Office for MAC is crippled. it’s horrid. Excel macros are broken, Entourage email is broken. Sorry. It wasn’t meant as a trollish bash on Microsoft, just a statement based on using both the PC and MAC versions a lot.

  • foxmental

    So let me get this straight: Microsoft bought Skype a few years. EVERYONE with an internet connection said Microsoft was going to kill it off for iOs, osx & android. That it was going to “start sucking” and that we should all hunt down alternatives. Instead Microsoft improved it. Gave Skype features that cam to OSX, ios & android first. But Microsoft is still a bad guy? Apple buys hopstop. Kills off windows phone support before the ink can dry on the check. And that’s ok with everyone? This is why I’ll NEVER own anything with an Apple logo on it EVER. Its a gateway drug to becoming a self-righteous, hypocritical douchebag. I’ll be staying firmly out of the iSheep camp. Oh & FanDroids, you do know your next right? I’m assuming you’re not that stupid.

  • Guest

    Shame on Apple for throwing its cash around just to hurt consumers. Have they learned nothing from their recent judicial spanking over electribooks?

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