GeekWire’s John Cook sends his last email before trying to unplug

I’ve got to say, this makes me very nervous.  But you’ve got to address your fears, right?

It is the National Day of Unplugging, starting today at sundown. And after speaking with the founder of the movement, Dan Rollman, on the GeekWire podcast today, I spontaneously decided to give it a try.

It’s a scary proposition for someone like me. After all, I recently admitted on air that I am so connected that I routinely Tweet from the toilet. I was writing a story at 3 a.m. earlier today. I don’t think my iPhone has been further than five feet from me since I bought it.

Obviously, I’ve got a problem, like millions of other people in our hyperconnected world.

How will I do this? I’m still not sure, and I’m actually scared as hell about it, which speaks to my addiction.

But here are my rules.

I am going to try to leave my phone at home in a secure place from 6 p.m. Friday to 6 p.m. Saturday, or perhaps ask my wife to hide it. I am going to turn off the power to my laptop, and try not to reboot.  I will watch some TV, though Todd Bishop thinks this is cheating. (Too bad for Todd, but he’ll be watching for any news that breaks during my self-inflicted Sabbath and monitoring the comments on GeekWire).

I am not convinced I’ll actually be able to do this. Just trying to plan for the coming hiatus is making my brain hurt.

But I got some good advice from Rollman who suggested that I make plans in advance to occupy my time, and keep my mind off of my missing electronic appendage.

I’ve already reached out to friends to get together before the Sounders match on Saturday night. And I’ve planned a hike with my family.

Think I can pull this off? Could you?

I just got some extra motivation from my 3-year-old son who saw me writing this post and said: “I don’t like you working, daddy.” After telling my wife of my 24-hour detox, she commented: “That’s all.”

Wish me luck. For now, goodbye world.

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  • Kevin Lisota

    Hmm.. Strange that this would coincide with a Sounders season opener game. Makes it a bit easier for you to have something to tie up a big chunk of the day tomorrow!

  • Brian

    Good luck John. See you at the Sounders match.

  • Viet Q. Nguyen

    I’m going to leave a comment here just to see if you’re secretly monitoring posts. If you don’t respond, we’ll assume the worst and send out the rescue teams.

  • ChetCrunch

    Good luck John, we’ll see you on the other side. I wish I could say a challenge like this would be a piece of cake, but I think it’d be a bit scary for me as well! Looking forward to hearing about your epiphanies that can only come from an unplugged world.

  • Guest

    Best of luck to you, John! A great man once said that to know triumph, one must know struggle. I wish you the best of constitution in the face of this adversity.

  • Dave Parker

    John, are you there??? John? You’re making me very nervous!

  • Matt Lerner

    Good luck, John. You can (and should) try it! :-)

  • Get Real

    Really? This is a news story? Looks like another out of touch-er thinking he’s relevant.

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