cubtab2Trying to figure out how to send an email using a service like Gmail or Yahoo is a little troublesome for kids without computer skills. A new Portland startup wants to fix that problem and allow children to send emails effortlessly.

Cubtab is raising money on Kickstarter for its app that strips the popular email services of everything but simple functionality that kids can understand. Using Cubtab, children can also include drawings, stickers and audio messages into their emails.

Cubtab, which is built for the iPad and web, also gives parents the ability to reject or approve messages before they are sent. They can assign contacts colors, depending on how they want to moderate emails sent to and from individual people.

Vin Thomas, John Critz, Tim Sears and Quinn Burke are behind the Portland startup. Find out more at Cubtab’s Kickstarter page.

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  • Guest

    Sorry, but kids don’t really email anymore. Great idea about 15 years ago.

    • Vin Thomas

      Kids have never really emailed…because there’s no good way to do it. We’re building Cubtab for kids 4-12 to be able to send messages in a way that feels nothing like Gmail or Yahoo. It’s more like a game for them.

      And for us parents, we get to keep tabs on what our kids are up to with the Cubtab moderation app.

      Technology is only going to get more a part of our young ones lives. We’re trying to make it fun and safe for them.

      • Bo Lane

        That’s true. My kids, 6 & 7, are required in school to learn how to use computers, how to use word processors, and how to access the internet – supervised – to find information about projects they are working on. I think this is a very needed project that will help us as parents keep tabs on what are kids are doing online.

  • sergiiy

    no no

  • Justin Sainton

    I think the idea is brilliant. My kids are just a smidge too young for this, but it’s filling such an obvious need that no one else has done a remotely decent job on. Really looking forward to my kids using CubTab in the coming years.

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