The photo above, submitted by a GeekWire reader, shows the scene at the Microsoft Store in Seattle’s University Village about an hour ago, as people waited in the rain for the new Surface Pro tablet.

Yes, this is Microsoft Country, but even considering that, this is a positive early sign for the Microsoft tablet, combined with the fact that the 128 GB version is selling out online. We’re hearing that the wait is upwards of 45 minutes to get inside, so if you head down there, prepare accordingly.

[Update. 1 p.m.: This was the estimate from a clerk at the store a couple hours ago, but see the comment below from a reader in line who says the wait is now actually at least 2 hours.]

It looks like a large number of people have been waiting for the Intel-based Surface Pro, which is an actual Windows 8 PC, unlike the ARM-based Surface RT, which doesn’t run legacy Windows apps.

Anyone else in other parts of the country seeing similar lines for the Surface Pro?

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  • guest

    I’m really happy to see this. I love my Surface RT, and am hoping to see more app developers jump in after the Pro launch.

  • Robert Wampler

    im in this line and the time is way wrong i have been in this line for 2 hours now

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks, Robert. 45 minutes was the estimate I got from a store clerk a couple hours ago. I just updated the post with a reference to your comment. Good luck out there! Keep us posted.

  • D34D M34T

    Sold out all over LA by 11:00 am, MS Store sold out by noon. Was in line at Costa Mesa for 25 minutes and it didn’t move. Not sure what all those folks in the store are doing but they weren’t buying anything. Someone at MS needs a new job. Story won’t be sold out, but poor availability.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks for this — I’ve got a message in to Microsoft to see if they’re saying anything about the shortages.

  • Thomas R.

    Just an observation, but isn’t this the second time Microsoft has done a launch that coincided with a major weather related event on the East Coast? I believe that Windows 8 Phone launched around Hurricane Sandy, and now Surface Pro is launched during Superstorm Nemo…

  • rlintw

    I waited 50 minutes in line at the Bellevue store, beginning at noon. Some had waited much longer. The store staff counted the lone twice while I waited to make sure the had enough stock. I got my 128 version, though some keyboards were sold out.

  • App Store Ops

    I got mine today in Mission Viejo, CA. I took some video for my blog and will be posted soon. The line up started before 9am and the 128GB model was close to being sold out by 11am. The wait was not that bad, this particular location really handled the crowd well. I am not sure if all locations were doing “bundles”, but I got a real nice deal!

  • h4x0rs 4phun

    I wonder how many of these folks are Microsoft employees? It’s not really much of a story if 90% of the Surface Pros bought in the Puget Sound area are going to people with a blue badge.

    • guest

      You Apple shills need some new talking points.

    • Barnacle Bill

      Not as many as you would think,

    • msguest

      probably not many since if we wanted a pro we would have ordered it through the company wide windows 8 pc refresh…which is all done online. Plus, we all got surface rts…so whats the point of having both? much better to do a ultrabook/surface rt combo.

    • RedmondGal

      yes there are yellow umbrellas at Uvillage but they kept the doors closed and restricted access to the store to create an illusion of demand and yes they did . HInt have more employees to serve the customers

  • Vroo (Bruce Leban)

    I think you’re missing the big news story here — these are either plants or Microsoft was handing out free umbrellas. How else to explain so many people with identical yellow umbrellas? Because we all know Seattleites don’t normally carry umbrellas.

    • Jeremy Schroder

      I take it you’ve never been to University Village. They have identical yellow umbrellas available to mall patrons. Easy explanation.

      • guest

        He’s a MS hater. He doesn’t let small things like knowledge or facts get in the way.

        • Vroo (Bruce Leban)

          Wow. Can’t take a joke? I notice you don’t argue with the fact that real Seattleites don’t use umbrellas.

    • Rick

      Lol… Ignorant always seem to amaze me. U-village shopping mall have those yellow umbrella every corner for shopper.

  • Jeremy Schroder

    Would love to hear from the folks who withstood the lines and picked one up. What are your initial thoughts?

  • Fred Ahrens

    Looks like the casting for How I Met Your Mother :D

  • Barnacle Bill

    yeah, sorry about the misjudgement of time. Manning the phonesinventoryeverything didn’t allow me to see sunlight for a while.

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