Apple TVAs the Major League Soccer season enters its home stretch, you can now watch Sounders highlights at home without a cable subscription.

Major League Soccer now has a channel on the Apple TV, complete with free highlight videos from every team, as well as episodes of MLS 36 and MLS Insider. If you’re paying $14.99 a month for a MLS Live subscription, you can also get access to live streaming of MLS games on your Apple TV. Sadly, you’ll only be able to watch the Sounders if you’ve left the Seattle area, since MLS Live blacks out games from a local team.

[Updated to clarify MLS Live’s restriction on watching local games.]

In addition, Disney Junior, Disney’s channel targeted at kids between 3 and 9 years old, now has a home in the Apple TV lineup. You’ll need an existing cable subscription in order to get access to Disney’s offerings, though.

If you’re planning on picking up a new Apple TV, you can now set it up with a single tap from an iOS 7 device. Apple’s set-top box will grab the wi-fi SSID and password from your iPhone or iPad and automatically set itself up on your home network.

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  • Nick White

    Word of warning – MLS live only offers games that aren’t in your local area. As a Seattlite, I bought a subscription hoping to watch Sounders away games, but those were the only games that they did not offer. Also, my request for a refund received no response. It’s great to see Apple TV offer viewing options for more and more video sources, but I’ve had a pretty bad experience with this particular provider.

    • Blair Hanley Frank

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve updated the post to clarify that.

    • MLS Digital

      Nick, how did you request a refund? We can’t find any record of the request, but are happy to process it now if you write to

  • Harkonnen

    At $14.99 a month it is criminal to black out local games.

  • Chris

    My wife and I relocated from Seattle to Hawaii. So with a monthly subscription to MLS live we can keep up with ALL (or just some?) of our Sounders games? Also, has the policy about broadcasting away games to the local markets changed? So when we move back to Washington in three years, will we be able to watch Sounders away games on MLS live? If that policy hasn’t changed, is there talk about changing it? I know when we lived in Seattle we could watch most every home game on JoeTV, ESPN or NBCsn; but I’d hate to think we couldn’t watch the Sounders away games if they’re not broadcast on one of the above channels.

    • johnhcook

      All of the Sounders games, home and away, are broadcast on TV. Go Sounders!

      • Chris

        According to their schedule, 12 of 35 games will be nationally televised. I’m trying to assess how my wife and I will watch the other two dozen now that we’re living in Hawaii. There’s no JoeTV here and that’s where you can watch the other two dozen games if you’re lucky enough to live in the Puget Sound area.

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