radiologoWe’re gearing up for our GeekWire Meetup & Radio Show, the evening of April 11 in Seattle — the first time we’ve recorded our longstanding show in front of an audience. (Have you gotten your tickets yet?). As part of our planning, we’re on the hunt for a great App of the Week to feature, and today we’re asking for your input and nominations.

The ideal App of the Week has a special twist that makes a difference in people’s lives, solves a problem in a unique way, or is just so much fun that you can’t put it down. It’s the type of app that you can’t help but tell other people about. It can be a smartphone app, a tablet app or even a web app — we’re pretty forgiving in our definition of “app.”

For this episode, we will give preference to apps developed in the Seattle region or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest, because we’ll be inviting the developer to join us to present the app to the crowd — ultimately reaching an even larger audience via KIRO Radio,, and our loyal podcast following.

Normally we find and select the App of the Week ourselves, but audience participation will be a big part of this special version of the show, and we wanted to start the process in advance by asking for your ideas.

(Of course, we’ll also be including other regular features of the show, including special guests and a live version of our Name that Tech Tune contest, with prizes for the audience.)

Yep, app developers themselves are welcome to nominate their own app. Leave your pitch in the comments below, or send an email to with your nominations.

The show will be recorded the evening of April 11 at the HUB Seattle in Pioneer Square. (The event runs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and admission includes food and drink. More details here.) Grab your tickets below (early bird rates are still in effect) and look for additional details in the coming days on guests and other features of the live show.

Thanks to our meetup sponsor, and to our partners at KIRO Radio for their support. Looking forward to seeing everyone there on April 11!

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  • Dave Hanagan

    Todd, thanks for the opportunity. I’ll humbly suggest my own creation: Kitsch Player. A music player for iOS with the appearance and behavior of a transistor radio.

    The app began as a practical joke. Intending to gut and replace the insides of an actual radio with my iPod, I wanted an app that convincingly behaved and sounded like a radio (but subjected by co-workers to my offbeat taste in music). With a little design and polish, I released the app on the App store.

    The project is a labor of love that comes from an appreciation for the aesthetics of classic transistor radio designs. I’m the designer and developer.

    More at:


  • ChetCrunch

    I have a couple of votes for ya! I’ll stick to local startups. First, Keller & Curtis at Appetas are certainly solving a problem for restaurant owners. As you guys reported recently, they just launched to the US a little over a week ago and their product is looking mighty fine. Second, these guys are a little further along, but Mike and his team at Decide are tearing it up. Their “price guarantee” feature is pretty slick, and of course they just announced another $8 million in funding so that might be worthy of an “app of the week” feature. There’s my votes!

  • Marina Diamondez

    the print n share app by eurosmartz is def worth a mention, i use it to print from my iphone and ipad, as i yet have got to purchase an airprint capable printer. they also do a really nifty pdf annotation app called writepdf which lets me edit docs directly and convert to pdfs

  • Steinhebel

    Seattle’s own Big Idea Games recently published a new word game that is not a Scrabble or Boggle (or hangman) remake. It’s titled Clamor and takes competitive word play to new levels. Check it out on the App Store for iOS ( Available for Android fans on April 1.

  • voleheart

    My History Digest.

    Currently a Windows 8 only app it has the best app design you have ever seen on a magazine called (2.5d). It has articles and little “nuggets” section where you can read about little historical events you may or may not have known. the articles come from respected writers and the developing team did an AMAZING job on it.

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