Bing Maps update lets you see ocean floor topography

Bing Maps just released an update that includes “bathymetric imagery,” which provides a better look at ocean floor topography, as well as 13 million square kilometers of new satellite imagery.

The bathymetric imagery gives users an improved view of the geographic undulations beneath the waves. The photo to the right shows the before-and-after shots of Fiji, where the different shades of blue represent varying topographies.

Bing also added a substantial amount of updated satellite imagery, which can help you better see rivers running through the Brazilian Highlands or an active stratovolcano on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The updates come to both the Windows 8 Maps App, as well as Bing Maps.

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  • hannahhickey

    Good to hear! Will it be any different from the ocean topography in Google Maps?

  • guest

    What’s the value of ocean imagery to a “decision engine”? If the sum total creativity coming out of Bing is to continue aping features that already exist in Google, why not copy the time-limited cross-site query capability? That’s something that I, and likely many others users, rely on much more frequently than looking for ocean floor topography.

  • Guest

    Congrats to Bing Maps on the launch!

  • priorities

    Cool, I can’t wait to check it out on my iphone, ipad, or macbook.

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