KindlePaperwhitexUpdate, 10 a.m. Sept. 3: Amazon has put up a product page for the new Kindle Paperwhite online here. The WiFi version with ads goes for $119, and $139 without ads. The 3G Paperwhite will sell for $189.

More details here.

Original story: 

Over the years, one of the best indications of an impending Amazon launch is the sudden disappearance of an existing product. And it looks like we’ve got ourselves one of those situations right now.

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi has gone out of stock. It’s available only used, and not from Amazon.

GeekWire columnist Frank Catalano spotted this over the weekend when he went shopping for a new Kindle to replace his second-generation Kindle e-reader, which is no longer holding a charge for very long. Frank also notes that the older Kindle Keyboard models are not available directly from Amazon anymore, either.

It looks like the Paperwhite went out of stock last week. The device, launched by Amazon last year, features a front-lit display that illuminates the screen for easier reading.

The end result, for now, is that you can get a Kindle e-reader at the low end (the basic Kindle, starting at $69 with ads); or the high end (the Kindle Paperwhite 3G, starting at $179 with ads). However, the mid-range Kindle e-readers (in the range of $119 to $159) are no longer available directly from Amazon.

That leaves a big gap to fill with new products.

On the tablet side, the “limited time” $40 discount for the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD remains in effect nearly a month after it started, leaving the price at $159, the same as the regular Kindle Fire.

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  • Paul Taylor

    He may have “spotted this” over the weekend, but the rest of the world noticed a good week ago.

    • FrankCatalano

      Ah, Paul, if you knew, you should have shared with the rest of us. But it’s not just the missing Paperwhite WiFi only model (which has been the focus of another report). Most interesting, to me, is that there is no mid-price range Kindle option other than the discounted Kindle Fire 7″, and none for e-Ink. I was in the market for an e-Ink WiFi only Paperwhite. Purchase deferred.

      • Paul Taylor

        I’m having to defer purchase too, very frustrating! And I got it from Laura Hazard Owen at :-)

        • FrankCatalano

          Yes, and I noticed John Cook also linked to that report from mid-week in his story (I was unaware of it until he did). I’m just hoping I can keep my old Kindle limping along until Amazon deigns to release new inventory or models.

    • ToniKroos

      Im out of the US and I saw them available on saturday

  • ToniKroos

    Whew! almost bought one last week. ! Now Ill wait for a new one… hoping for color but anything with better features for the same price will be great

  • MongooseMan

    Keen for a new e-ink version with colour – liquivista was bought by Amazon a while ago now….

  • SvolvaerJoe

    They are back in stock. So much for silly speculation.

    • FrankCatalano

      Kindle Paperwhite WiFi still is not available, nor are any keyboard models, directly from Amazon as of Tuesday morning, 9/3.

      • SvolvaerJoe

        Maybe we are looking at different Amazons. The Paperwhite WiFi is in stock on my Amazon as of Tuesday at 10:00 Eastern Time.The Keyboard model has been in and out of stock for many months now.

        • FrankCatalano

          The only Kindle Paperwhite model in stock and sold by Amazon, looking at Amazon here from Seattle, is the one with both 3G and WiFi (the Kindle Paperwhite 3G), not the less expensive WiFi-only model.

          • SvolvaerJoe

            You are right. It is out of stock again. I have no doubt that Amazon is planning on a model refresh. They have been doing it every Fall since the Kindle’s introduction. But I am not sure that the in stock status is the best indicator of when a new model will be released. If the past is any indication, new models will be available anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months after an announcement. I suspect they are selling whatever they have in the supply pipeline and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Paperwhite in stock again for a short time. Obviously, they had a shipment arrive and sold it in a couple of hours.

          • FrankCatalano

            Needless to say, this is suddenly moot: Amazon has confirmed it will ship the new Kindle Paperwhite starting 9/30 and it’s now available for pre-order, $119/139 for WiFi, $189 for 3G. Story here:

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