amazoninstantAs app developers everywhere rush to update their code in advance of tomorrow’s iOS 7 launch, Amazon has added two new features for users of its Instant Video streaming app.

According to Amazon’s release notes, it’s now possible for Instant Video users to use AirPlay streaming to stream content from one Apple device to another, including the Apple TV, which does not support Amazon’s Instant Video product. In addition, the Instant Video app now integrates reviews and information from IMDB on top of all the information that Amazon already has.

Given the hostility of the current competitive environment between Apple and Amazon, streaming via AirPlay may be Amazon’s only way to make it on to Apple’s set-top box, where it will now be competing with Netflix, Hulu and Apple for viewer dollars.

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  • BrentR

    Wake me when AMZN finally decides to release an AIV app for Android. Mystified as to why they haven’t.

    • Amazon employee

      Because they own and produce the Kindle Fire – which is an Android tab.

      • BrentR

        Vastly more Android devices than (Android-based) Kindle Fires. Many more current AMZN customers with Android devices than Kindle Fires. None of them get the opportunity to view AIV content on those devices. Aside from the market opportunity, how about starting with those customers “and working backwards”?

  • Guest

    Nice! Congrats on the launch.

  • Jim Riddle

    IMDb, lower case b. Just saying..

  • Larry

    Right now I only get video and no audio. Any body else experiencing this?

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