Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh
Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh

There’s been quite a bit of movement happening among the ranks at Seattle-based humor site Cheezburger and now we know some of the people who will try to lead the company to new heights.

Cheezburger has added six new high-level employees, including chief revenue officer Amber Dunn, who came from in September and took over for Todd Sawicki.

These additions come four months after CTO Scott Porad announced that he was stepping down.

Here are the other five that have joined team Cheez:

Cliff Sharples, Head of Product

“Lauded by those with whom he has worked for his exceptional clarity of purpose and ability to inspire and lead a team through uncharted territory. He brings an incredible alchemy of experience, energy and a proficient green thumb to Cheezburger. His portfolio of experience includes a 360 mastery of new technologies, and senior leadership roles with trend-setting companies including Duxter, Dig the Dirt, and Home Away. He’s one of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management’s best examples of the new digital pioneers.”

Cheezburger_LogoCari Johnson, VP of Marketing

“Has an exceptional track record building audiences across multiple traditional and digital platforms.She has more than 15 years experience leading teams for #1 market news, entertainment, and content destinations such as Yahoo!, Disney, Mattel, Microsoft, and Warner Brothers . She is another Northwestern University grad. The South Dakota native spends her spare time buying cowboy boots and Memeing her colleagues.”

Kenny Stocker, Executive Director of Account Management and Advertising Operations

“Was formerly a sales guru for Seattle Weekly/Village Voice Media and other online and print publications. The father of twins, a true outdoor enthusiast and reader is a whiz at product development, building relationships, and identifying talent. His team can attest that he’s the first to create a Mona Lisa out of a spreadsheet, and can find business under every rock.”

Mary Lewis, Director of Acquisition Marketing

“Comes to the land of Cheez from a position as Product Innovation Manager at Hallmark. She’s an integrated marketing expert who is especially proud of her ability build new audiences and increase discoverability across multiple platforms. Her acumen at establishing communities through the noise is remarkable. When she’s not working, Mary gets crafty through her interest in knitting, weaving, beading and all similar artsy endeavors.”

Heather Gray, VP of Sales

“Has an impressive executive career history with brands such as Nike, Starbucks, YUM Brands, Edward Jones and Boeing. She’s known professionally for her unfailing integrity and exceptional track record leading the entire revenue product strategy from concept through end-of-life. Heather utilizes a market-focused and team-oriented approach to achieve go-to-market goals and her emphasis, both professionally and personally, is building meaningful, team-oriented working environments where its possible to achieve big hairy audacious goals. Most importantly, Heather does everything with a whimsical smile.”

Cheezburger, which was featured in a new reality TV show on Bravo called LOLWork, raised a whopping $30 million in 2011 from Madrona Venture Group, Foundry Group and others.

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  • Adam Lieb

    Cliff and Amber are amazing. I know they are going to do big things.

  • Fred Galstrom

    Good luck with that. Lolcats has hit traffic lows not seen since 2009. Bringing in a bunch of outsider corporate types is such an embarrassingly wrong move. Mr. Huh clearly has no idea who his audience is or what he is doing. Complete Hail Mary desperation move. He bought the cat site. He bought FAIL. He has done nothing but run them into the ground and hasn’t created a single successful enterprise on his own. This should be fun to watch. Hopefully we can watch it all while he and his wife are out trying to be reality television stars. What a success that was.

    • Peter Robertson

      Couldn’t agree more, Cheezburger has jumped the shark so to speak. Reddit is where people go now for lulz.

      • Eric LeVine

        Ouch, such hatred. It’s one thing to criticize. It’s another thing to root for failure. In a word, nasty.

        • Fred Galstrom

          I am glad the point wasn’t lost on you.

          • Eric LeVine

            Did Ben take a piss in your Wheaties or something? Why do you hate him so much?

  • Guest

    did Ben Huh reinvent news as we know yet with his start-up Circa? If so, I missed it :(

  • GlennKelman

    I’m rooting for you Cheez!

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