Charlie Rose and Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes.

Follow-up: Amazon’s big surprise: Flying drones will deliver packages to customer doorsteps

Now this is a teaser.

60 Minutes is profiling Amazon on Sunday’s show, with a behind-the-scenes look at the online retailer, pegged to the start of the holiday shopping season and next week’s now-traditional “Cyber Monday” shopping day.

But the online preview of the segment really caught our attention by promising a “big surprise” from Jeff Bezos. Charlie Rose, who interviewed the Amazon CEO in Seattle for the segment, says in the preview that Bezos kept telling them he had “something he wanted to unveil for the first time.”

Bringing Rose into a room on the Amazon campus, Bezos says, “Let me show you something.”

“Oh man,” says Rose as he walks in, then adds, “Oh my God!” as he apparently sees the surprise.

OK, so what is it? We’ve asked Amazon representatives if they can provide any additional information, and we’ll let you know what we hear back. It’s entirely possible that this is much ado about not very much. It would be particularly disappointing if, for example, Bezos just gave them the first look at something like the Kindle Fire HDX, which has since been unveiled and released.

Bezos does have a flair for dramatic unveilings during briefings with reporters. The timing of the segment is opportunistic for Amazon, with the company making Bezos available for a segment that’s airing at a time when it wants to make sure it’s on the minds of holiday shoppers.

The segment also could provide a counterpoint to a recent undercover BBC report criticizing the working conditions at Amazon warehouses, which the company has refuted denied.

At any rate, they’ve gotten our attention — we’ll be tuning in Sunday night.

Follow-up: Amazon’s big surprise: Flying drones will deliver packages to customer doorsteps

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  • Rami

    Pet peeve… To refute is to prove something is wrong, beyond argument. To simply say something is wrong is to deny it.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks, good one. Fixing now.

  • Guessinate

    Amazon builds bitcoin payment app to save 100mm’s/yr in transaction fees??

    • Will Cate

      I would be surprised if Charlie Rose even knew what bitcoin was.

  • Guestimate

    Even better:

    How about a Kindle-powered smart phone with finger-print reader for one-click powered digital wallet activities (and in app and amazon purchases, of course) with nearly cost-free financial transactions achieved through bridging my existing bank accounts with open transaction protocols (ala ripple, bitcoin). Amazon could *actually* pay me to use it. Forget rewards. Gimme crypto currency.

    (Please, I’d love to git rid of my fat wallet).

    • Solstice1319

      Just walk down a dark alley at night, you won’t have to worry about your fat wallet anymore. :)

  • RamseyDK

    300 items/sec that is around 26mio items ordered that day. Impressive!

  • JHbjhbjhb


  • Christian

    I’m guessing either an amazon smartphone,tv set top box or an amazon retail superstore.

    • Former Amazon Grunt

      Amazon would avoid a retail superstore. It’s adamantly against paying sales tax; in states where they consider ‘affiliates’ part of the whole and try to collect state sales tax, Amazon cancels affiliate programs to squash that from happening.

  • Mangap

    New Kindle, which change Kindle paper white. I hope it is Kindle color ebook reader. Other might Kindle hdx and other discounts

  • livingreen

    Impressive is the word amazon but what about security on this new delivery.. why not get paid on both ends…I would love to talk to these guys about that…

  • ANID

    Ha you didnt see that one coming right! Amazon surprises everyone every once in a while

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