Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been dominating its home turf for the past couple of years, sitting atop the monthly sales charts for the U.S. video-game console market, but the Redmond company has just taken the title of top-selling home console worldwide, as well.

Sony’s earnings report, issued yesterday, puts the PlayStation 3 at 6.5 million units sold worldwide for the holiday quarter, topping the 5.6 million units registered by Nintendo’s Wii for the same period — but falling short of the 8.2 million Xbox 360 sales reported by Microsoft.

According to data compiled by GeekWire, it’s the first time that the Xbox 360 has led worldwide holiday sales since 2006, when the PlayStation 3 and Wii were just being launched, posting a partial quarter and not yet ramping up their manufacturing to meet demand.

Here’s the bigger news: The Xbox 360’s strong holiday quarter also put the Microsoft console ahead in worldwide sales globally for the full year of 2011, with 14.9 million units sold, compared with 14.1 million for the PS3 and 10.33 million for the Wii.

According to our data, compiled from historical earnings reports, it’s first time the Xbox 360 has topped the worldwide console market for a full year of head-to-head competition with the PS3 and Wii.

Microsoft’s surge reflects the strong reception for the Kinect motion sensor and the expansion of the console as a home entertainment device, enabled by regular software updates.

Don Mattrick, the Microsoft video-game chief, had predicted last year at the E3 conference that Xbox 360 would become the No. 1 console globally.

On a cumulative basis, Nintendo is still the king of the current console generation, with 95 million Wiis sold worldwide, compared with 66 million Xbox 360 for Microsoft and 62 million Ps3s for Sony.

Follow-up: Xbox 360 leads the pack, again, in another down month for games

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft for reaching #1 overall! I’m very impressed by the staying power of their over six-year-old game console.

    • Anonymous

      With renewed focus to reach out to families and kids and not just core gamers, XBOX will continue to grow for some time, at least.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Considering Sony still manufactures and sold 2.4 million PS2’s in 2011 while Microsoft discontinued the XBOX in 2007, and the fact that the PS3 was released a full year after the 360 at $600. I’d say being only 800,000 units behind MSFTs year sales and only 4 million units under console lifetime sales is more impressive.

      • Redrumsuicide

        The PS2 is a $12 flimsy piece of shit, only thing it was good for is Kingdom Hearts.

        • NiggaShankJailRapGangsta

          Totally PS2 is like a flimsy worn out dildo, while the newer one is a small erected japanese penis, and the Xbox is a HUGE ERECTED BLACK PENIS

          • Chuanli95


        • Rusty Shackleford

          It was good enough to sell 154 MILLION units and 1.52 BILLION games while being fully supported over a 12 year (and running) lifespan. But don’t let facts get in the way of your fanboyism.

          I really like playing games on both systems, but I know the blu-ray player and free online gaming (for 90% of titles) are the better value over a longer lifespan. I feel secure in knowing the system I buy today won’t need to be replaced in 2 years due to discontinuation of hardware and/or software support.

          • RamirezMichael

            You got to admit. The Xbox 360 is much better than PS3. With the new Kinect and its much better exclusives like Halo and Gears Of War make the the Xbox 360 the current best console. I must admit the orginal 360 was bad but the new one is much improved. Also the New 360 had been fixed for the red ring of death. Also paying for online has its benefits like no glitching, no lagging, and defitnely no hacking. Plus I’ve had both consoles and I perfered the Xbox 360 over the PS3.

          • Swampthing

            No hacking you say have you pplayed any of the COD games before because there seems to be nothing but glitchers hackers modded controllers on them games not to mention pretty much every game on 360 as well as ps3 has its modderd and glitchers…

          • Zban18

            Meh, the only two exclusives I ever hear of for the 360 are just those: Halo and Gears of War. Both shooters. I don’t like shooters. And I wouldn’t say those two game series alone make the 360 superior. I’m more into Uncharted, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Demon’s Souls, Twisted Metal, stuff like that. The PS3 has a wide variety of the stuff I prefer. And RPG games, which I adore. Shooters are just all the same. I’ve even read some articles on fans complaining of the repetition in the COD series.

          • D

            You are so full of shit funboy :) Kinect is a piece of shit and the Halo and Gears of War are the only x-box exclusives you can name cause there are no more… PS3 on the other hand has tons of them. And paying for something that should be free has benefits of course LOL. You know that x-box live is pier to pier program??? There are no servers, you pay for nothing dufty.

          • Joe

            Yeah, it’s too bad that Sony is going down a shithole. The console is good yes – the exclusive games for it are great. Too bad everything else about it sucks. Their stupid interface that Sony refuses to abandon because it permeates all their crappy products, their lack of innovation, the crappy controller, no wireless-n (brilliant), difficulty coding the stupid thing, all make for a console that sucks. I use to praise the PS3 as a better bang for your dollar but slowly but surely that has proven to be incorrect. MS has clearly made a better prodcut, with all its shortcomings.

      • Argondjdjdh

        The PS3 however was built much better than its predecessor

        • SweatyBallzonFire

          yeah the PS2 was pretty bad

          • Jackixabaddon

            umm… the original xbox was… how shall I say… combustible, though. I knew too people when I was in high school, whose xbox’s became fire hazards. just saying.

          • Jackixabaddon

            too many*

  • Tim Tsai

    That’s weird. On VGChartz, the PS3 sold 14 million and the 360 sold 13.4 million in 2011. Of course, one shouldn’t put 100% trust into VGChartz’s accuracy, but it’s not grossly inaccurate. Just where did Geekwire find the extra 1.5 million?

    • Jonathan Angwin

      these figures are shipped to retailers, not sold.

      And don’t trust VGChartz for anything, their numbers mean nothing

    • Todd Bishop

      Tim, I can’t speak for the source of the VGChartz data, but the numbers I’m using come directly from the earnings reports for each company.

      Here’s a link to the video game summary from Sony’s results for its December quarter, posted yesterday, showing 14.1M units for 2011 if you add up the past four quarters. 

      Also see this summary chart from Sony, which is a little easier to read:

      And here is the quarter-by-quarter breakdown of Xbox 360 units sold over the past year, with links to the data source for each on the Microsoft site.

      Jan.-March 2011: 2.7 million
      April-June 2011: 1.7 million 
      July-September 2011: 2.3 million
      August-December: 8.2 million

      That’s a total of 14.9 million unit for 2011. 

      I’m linking you to the summary data on Microsoft’s investor relations site, but I’ve also checked the numbers against the data reported in Microsoft’s SEC filings and the KPI spreadsheets that the company makes available through its IR site. I also double-checked it before posting with contacts inside the company.

      Thanks for asking, and hope that helps.

      • BadManDuke

        Todd, thanks for the breakdown. Excellent work on the research.

      • Dan

        shipped to retailers numbnuts. not actually sold to consumers

        • Mark

          not as bad a guide as you’d think – retailers hate holding excessive stock on their inventories, sell through is pretty efficient.

      • Parapraxis

        You got your info wrong.
        Q1 2011 – 2.8  
        Q2 2011 – 6.3 
        Q3 2011 – 2.7
        Q4 2011 – 1.7

        = 13.5 for 2011

        you are somehow getting an 8.2 million figure mixed in there. It says that for Q2 2012 (which is unless you have a DeLorean isn’t good data)

        • Parapraxis

          My bad, I mixed my info up, yours is right.

          • Todd Bishop

            Thanks. Yep, Microsoft’s fiscal year ends June 30, so FYQ2 = CYQ4. It’s easy to get confused, which is why I translated it into the months above.

      • Minion13

        Um just adding here but you got Jan-March=3 months, april-june=3 months, july to september=3months than august-dec=5 months.  unless something has changed there are not 14 months in a year.  so some sales from the 3rd quarter and some from the 4th seem crossed over

        • Todd Bishop

          Thanks — good catch, that should have been October-December above (Q4). I’ve fixed it and noted the edit. The numbers are correct. Appreciate the help.

        • Jim Noord

          Minion, Hold on….he’s on a roll! …HAH Seriously the “sales numbers” here are frankly irrelavant….the Wii Achieved market saturation long before Mcirosoft fixed the “Big red wire” that turned a XBox into a smoking pile of crud…..literally! What a hack job on engineering. Anything you HAVE to puirchase a fan for after you buy it to keep it from self imolating is really a POS!!! ANY other company would have gone broke long ago. Only the pilfered billions of Microsoft could prop up such a POS. If a car came out that caught fire 100% of the time, It’s makers would be sued to obscurity and then jailed, tarred and feathered. why does “Macro dump” get a buy??? Well most people are guilable and ignorant (not stupid), that is why!

      • Saigon1914

        But Sony has yet to report their 4Q numbers…Am I the only one that sees this? Each site has been saying the same thing…but again…Sony has yet to report their 4Q numbers.

        • Saigon1914

          Also…if your adding the previous 4Q numbers…that is incorrect…you shouldn’t be doing that…that is not what gets reported to the stock holders. So far Sony has sold 11 million this   year. They will have to sell 3-5 million the last quarter to get to 25 million for the year.

          • Todd Bishop

            Thanks — see my explanation above.

          • Anonymous

            Just shut up. You’re wrong. Hell, even Sony themselves say you’re wrong. And you’re playing for Sony, obviously.

        • Todd Bishop

          You guys are relentless! I love it. Sorry, that’s not correct.

          Sony’s fiscal year ends in March, so when the company refers to Q3 in its financial results, it’s the quarter ending in December, the same thing as Q4 of the calendar year. 

          Sony reported its numbers for the December quarter (its fiscal Q3) this past week.

          Those are the numbers we’re using for this comparison — the quarter ending in December 2011, and the full calendar year of 2011. See the chart linked below and add FY Q4 10 through FY Q3 11 (don’t include the annual sum in the right-hand column). That’s the same as calendar Q1 11 through calendar Q4 11 — in other words, the 2011 calendar year. 

          Bottom line, Sony reported worldwide sales of 14.1 million PS3s for the 2011 calendar year, and Microsoft reported worldwide sales of 14.9 million Xbox 360s for the same period.

          • Chris Schroeder

            Don’t you love people endlessly questioning your facts & math!?  Their 30 seconds of addition and wrong assumptions create more work for you.  Thanks for the info!

        • Ahoiden

          How about who cares. Are you offended that Xbox is outselling playstation?

          • Jim Noord

            Wait til Nintendo WiiU releases……Microsoft will be back to 2nd or thirs (behind Valve’s Steam box)

      • Jesus Olivares

        facts always shut up the most ignorant, nice job 

    • Alex Acosta

      Not grossly inaccurate? They claimed Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 sold 30,000 units worldwide, Capcom recently confirmed it was more than 600,000. VGChartz is not to be trusted.

    • guest

      i have properties to sell you if you believe in VGChartz…

  • Richard Dixon

    This is the only chart ive seen showing this… The PS3 is said to be outselling the Xbox 360 worldwide. Is this an american chart?

    • Clay Johnson

      Well in the article, it says according to data compiled by Geekwire, and anyone and can PS3 is outselling Xbox world wide but where are those charts and do those charts correlate to today? 

      • Brian Kvalheim

        The Xbox is outselling the PS3 worldwide. Geekwire didn’t make up the figures, they got the figures direct from Microsoft and Sony’s fiscal reports.

        • Richard Dixon

          Cool along as they all keep making great games that’s all that matters right? :)

        • Richard Dixon

          Cool along as they all keep making great games that’s all that matters right? :)

    • Y2jbarret

      not realy its world wide,as it stance 360 66 million units and ps3 62 million

  • Todd Bishop

    Richard, thanks for asking. I tried to make this clear in the story, but these are worldwide numbers, and they come directly from the earnings reports for each company. See my explanation and breakdown for Tim above. 

    The PS3 has sold the Xbox 360 worldwide in some quarters in the past, as the chart shows, but the Xbox 360 was ahead of both the PS3 and Wii in unit sales worldwide in Q4 2011 and worldwide for the full year of 2011.

    • Richard Dixon

      Thanks bud. In all honesty sales mean nothing to me as a gamer. All I care about is good games. 

      • Joe

        The number of consoles sold is a direct reflection of which system plays the best games, easiest to use, etc. Otherwise people would be buying a different system to play those games. You may disagree with the games most people are playing but that doesn’t change the reasons.

        • jeson

          Well, then according to your logic, Wii is the console which is the easiest to use and plays the best games, not your beloved xbox unfortunately. There are a lot of other factors apart from those “best games” which decide which console sells better, like marketing, getting a head start and having a lot of your buddies own a particular console so that you can play multiplayer games with them or trade games. The so called best games argument exists only in an ideal world. Halo and gears of war are not the “best games” as xbox fanboys would try to make everyone believe, they are just two of the many great games and apart from the multiplatform games, PS3 has many more of those great games.

        • disqus_1BqU8x0FSM

          Only thing MS does better than Sony is marketing (they are way WAY better in selling stuff) They sell us crappy hardware RROD then they sell us Kinect that doesn’t work after they sell games for kinect that are impossible to play, make us pay for the online which is free by default on every other system and you continue to praise their product… What can I say – BRAVO MS :)

  • BadManDuke

    Indeed. IIRC they were also a bit behind on tracking on how successful Kinect was during 2011 as well.

  • guest

    “The Xbox 360′s strong holiday quarter also put the Microsoft console ahead in worldwide sales globally for the full year of 2011, with 14.9 million units sold, compared with 14.1 million for the PS3 and 10.33 million for Sony.”Wait..what? Is one of these numbers meant to represent the Wii?

    • Todd Bishop

      The 10.33 number is the Wii … apologies, it looks like you’re seeing an earlier version of the story; I fixed that a couple seconds after publishing, and it’s showing correctly for me now. Hopefully for everyone else, as well. 

  • Usrev2

    Personally surpised. i figured the people in the US with 360’s would jump to PS3 with the lack of exclusives.
    it looked like this indeed happened, but i guess new casual players bought the kinect + 360.

    • Chico Edge

      I have never seen anything to suggest that most gamers really care if a game is exclusive or not. Hell, even PS3 owners are opting for multiplats over exclusives.

    • Ahoiden

      I won’t play ps3. The network sucks, I have a job I can pay for good service. “You get what you pay for.” I hate the ps3 controller. After playing with the 360 controller there’s no going back to that crap. The blu ray is useless to me. Who gives a living crap about blu ray? It’s the age if digital media. To date I have not watched a single blu ray on my ps3.

      • jaykay

        I’m really tired of all these people who keep claiming how the PS3 controller sucks. Its not as bad as these xbox fanboys proclaim. And about that blu ray player being useless, thats just your opinion and not a fact. It;s just you convincing yourself that you don’t need just because you didn’t buy a PS3

  • Gal5473

    and it has no games! doesnt make sense really

  • Eddie Mircea Felson

    When I think sales I think in terms of retailers to customers. So who sold more to customers? (not who sold more to retailers) 

  • Minion13 using the link I see xbox selling 13.5.  I just subtracted Q410 from Q411 and that tells you how many they sold in a year which equals 13.5.

  • No 1 my arse

    Wow that’s a lot of X-Boxes on shop shelves…stuff those channels Microsoft

  • No 1 my arse

    Wow that’s a lot of X-Boxes on shop shelves…stuff those channels Microsoft

  • jas arc

    Well VGchartz Data says that they didnt win. But EVERY OFFICIAL financial REPORTS SAY THAT THEY WON. Even Sony’s one did. 

  • Suitcase Reviews

    Might have something to do with the price drop ??? Or maybe gears 3 coming out ?

    • Laner

      What price drop?  The 360 hasn’t seen a MSRP drop since the S model was introduced nearly two years ago.

      Kinect has been the driving force behind the growing sales of the 360.

  • RoadShow

    Xbox is the biggest rip off ever and should not be where it is. I blame kids for not caring about pooring out hard earned money and parents for not doing any research.

    Xbox is the only gaming platform pay to play. The only streaming platform you gotta “pay” for the “right” to “pay” for a subscription. You can’t even do anything but play single player games unless you first “pay” M$ for the right to access any online content.

    Then we got RROD, expensive limited proprietary hardware (320gb HDD for $120 VS any SATA for PS3 or PC – I upgraded to 500GB for only $54 – newegg and amazon have those prices all the time.

    Controllers are $50 without gyroscope, blue tooth or built in batteries. You gotta pay $20 more for a battery pack or it eats AA batteries.

    No wifi for 5 years gotta add $100 for that. Plus it’s only come down $100 in 6 years – greedy.

    Also if you want to watch blu ray you gotta pay $90-$150 more depending if you want 3D or not.

    Xbox also made Halo 2 for PC vista only – a scam to force their customers to upgrade; same as how they don’t support orig. xbox, no service or support. There’s more

    • Frank Falcon Svendsen

      Yes, you have to pay to use the network for X-Box and it is stupid.
      But Battelfield 3 for PS3 also demanded money to play online, and on PS3 you have to buy with real money on many things that follows in the X-box monthly fee.
      Microsoft has deals with several producers that make you get more stuff, this offcourse if you are one of the users that spend real money on the PS3.
      But there are many games that let you play up to four players at home with friends, but not online.

      The really stupid thing Microsoft did last was to release the X-box Slim without an HDD, so you had to buy that seperatly.
      Now, I don’t have any consoles anymore, soon getting a new 360 but I’ll buy a used one for the HDD I got here.
      I’m also going to buy a PS3, but if they continue to let the gaming-producers to charge for online gaming, then it is never going online…

      About the Halo 2, I totally agree with you. They made a big mistake on the PC-edition by demanding Vista. And also no service/support for the orig. Xbox.

      • Ahoiden

        You can use your old hard drive on the 360 slim. You just have to crack that nut out of its shell than it just plugs into the SATA port inside. Easy peasy. It’s a lot better than buying a new hdd or an old console

    • Krazykatladykrys

      I am a loyalist first and foremost to the Xbox, I have a PS3 but prefer my Xbox. Its true you have to pay for those items, and you shouldn’t have to, but I think what your forgetting is that the Xbox is first and foremost a business, and businesses have to make money! 
      This is not directed solely at your comments,[begin rant] but how is it you people have so much time on your hands that you can pick apart something that that man has now repeated um-teen times? How many times should he post the quarterly and fiscal earnings/sales totals of these companies? Who cares really? He stated that Xbox out-sold the PS and the Wii, why is it we cannot just take his word for it?
      I’ve read this chain from the top and I’m absolutely stunned at how many  people have all this time to pick apart a mans findings. If you honestly found an inaccuracy, than hell yes, go for it, but no one technically found one! And so he has generously come onto this site and responded to the same question, with the same answer, a million times (that small exaggeration just let the cat out of the bag that I’m a woman LOL).
      What upsets me when I see these kind of nit-picking-too-much-free-time-on-your-hands comments is that the world is in crisis right now, and the closer we come to December, the worse it will be, and yet here is a collection of ( “geeks” ) minds that are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exit, by creating a problem.  
      It resembles the rural area live in, in that METH is a problem here. Now think about it……..what “idiot” concocted METH? This is a compound of the weirdest collection of items that makes a drug that gets people high I guess. So how did this “idiot” concoct it without blowing himself up? Dumb luck? NO, I think not. In this case, this “idiot” was probably some person who had unbelievable brain power and “made” a synthetic drug that could make him filthy rich, but probably got him dead from overdosing! 
      My point is that the massive brain power that takes and that THIS forum takes is unbelievably awesome and could be put to use in such amazing ways……..[end rant lol].
      I prefer my Xbox over the PS, and Im not sure I could put in words why but I do, and I think that a lot of people have a similar outlook on Xbox which is what is going to keep it ahead of the game! Either way, Xbox rocks! :)

    • Joe

      It’s not a “rip-off”, dip stick, unless MS sold it to you unaware that you would need these things. How dare a company make you pay for something they’re offering, huh? Don’t buy it, child! Playing video games is not some right you think you have. You might make the same stupid argument for cable – first I had to buy a tv, then I had to buy a subscription to cable if I wanted to watch anything good!!! And it’s not even supplied by the tv company – unbelievable. You cry-baby, entitlement pricks are unreal! Here’s a clue on how the free market works: people obviously think Xbox Live is worth the investment otherwise people would not bother with it and/or move to Sony. MS would lose money, and have to revamp their business model. But that’s not what’s happening. Apparently people consider Xbox Live to be worthwhile, especially when faced with the alternative.

  • Chris Schroeder

    This makes a lot of sense.  3rd party titles tend to be most popular on the Xbox Live service, and when your friends are playing Call of Duty on the 360, you’re going to get one too so you can play together.  The Wii might have the most cumulative sales for straight hardware, but it’s also cost significantly less over the lifespan of the current-gen consoles.  And who actually still plays their Wii?  I don’t have a single friend that uses theirs anymore.  It’s all Kinect these days.  High five for MS with sustained success and reinventing the wheel in the console market.

    But it is time for new consoles.  Here’s to hoping a new console is being announced @ E3 this year!

  • Michaelandrewoakes

    I Wont and cant deny the stats but i can only speak what i know for a fact yes xbox 360s have sold more then the ps3 only because the people buying them have to buy 2 or 3 because of the problems and issues xbox has and its way more then the ps ever had trust me i know and seen it more xboxs fails then any of the ps ever did thats fact i work for a store who sells all of them and fixes them we see more problems and issues with the xbox all the time im not saying some of the ps3s dont have some problems or issues but not as near as many as the xboxs like the ring of death and etc

    • Krazykatladykrys

      My house is a gaming household. We have 4 Xboxs in this house, and we have had our share of problems over the years, 2 times replacements being the case but Xbox did the replacing in each case free of charge. There has only been one time when I have been sorely disappointed in them and an Xbox had issues and they refused to abide to the warranty due to “tampering” yet they had been the only ones to touch the Xbox……Anyone who buys high end electronics though KNOWS, even for a PS, that you buy the extended warranty! How stupid can you be not to? 3 yr warranty, past the 1 year warranty on the Xbox, and the cost? $19.99! If Im spending $200+ on a gaming system, why would I NOT take that sweet deal? 
      If you bought an Xbox Kinnect set up for $299.99 at Target, and then bought the warranty for $19.99, then the Xbox has to be “fixed” 3 times for the same thing, for instance the drawer sticks, Target after the 3rd “fix” sends you a gift card for  $299.99 to go buy a new one under their “lemon law”. They in turn get reimbursed by Xbox themselves. So…..yes it has problems, but how is that relevant? Out of the last 6 Xboxs Ive had, 1 an Elite (which I still have and is HELLA old), 1 is a limited edition MW, how have I bought replacements shooting up sales? 1 time does not make for this sales spike! The ring of death I understand, but that was a huge problem “back in the day” and does not occur as often. I can call Xbox right now and get a hold of a live person and get my console fixed free of charge with them paying shipping AND sending me a box!!! The PS I started having issues with, and not only was getting a hold of someone a farce and a half, but I got no answers to my questions and NO ONE offered to fix the problem. Instead they gave me a website to go to for help on selfhelp! So I may pay for my web service/online play with Xbox, but if it equals out in the end to better customer service then its worth the money to me! Sony doesnt stand behind its product as well as Xbox does and to me that says ALOT!!! 
      I continue to stand by XBOX, no matter what. I have a PS3 as well. I have the original backwards compatible, but getting answers for common probs is not always the easiest with them, and I just all in all PREFER Xbox! :)

    • Stara2677

      I hate ps3 fan boys the come out at every oppertunity to defend there console funny thing is about 60 to 70 percent of Xbox owners own ps3 too like me some exclusives are good but psn is crap but free sorry Xbox is better except it peoples console of choice god

  • th3h4ck1ngpr0

    microsoft to get the profets hire end paying for xbox live and make it free for wifi and internet

  • Delockzepeda

    wats up with the four gb i bought one and about 6 months later it broke down
     same think to a friend of mine i should gat a refunn

  • Jump132006

  • Guest

    The Wii is a piece of crap. Terrible resolution, games, and the motion controls are mediocre.
    About time a real console took top spot. Everyone knows the Wii isn’t any good. At my local Gamestop, PS2s cost more. Wii only sold because of the hype of motion controls.     

    • Thelastconfederate

      All I know is I love my xbox. It is better than the PS3 and the Wii combined. So thanks Microsoft for the awesome console that keeps kicking butt and taking names. Thanks Geekwire for giving us the facts and doing your homework. You helped prove that Xbox is number one. I apolojize for the retards that doubt you and Microsoft.

      • jaykay

        If you love a console, enjoy it. No need to put other consoles down due to your insecurity. Btw, Microsoft (or any other company) is just a company and not your child to be proud of. You speak like a father proud of his child’s achievement. lol

  • Waking_The_Life_Inside

    Good to see that a good console is doing well. Can’t believe how much people hate. I own both systems and enjoy games on both. PS3 and 360 have had their down falls, between hardware failures for the 360 and PS3 with hacking. (Yes, I know both have been hacked, but Sony did not handle it well.) Hardcore gamers are a minority anymore. Even the Wii shows that and 360 doing better with the Kinect. Casual gaming is over coming the hardcore. Just Dance sells almost as well here as Call of Duty does. Just surprised that people are mad gaming is now mainstream and how terrible it is for people to like what they do. I am glad I’m no longer seen as some person who lives in a parent’s basement anymore and can have enjoyable moments with my family or those who can’t play games like Halo or Resistance because of disabilities or just can’t handle that many controls. Those derogatory statements (which lack intelligence and heart) are why gamers are seen still with a negative light. Why be so downcast about gaming in general with it doing well? To each their own.

  • Jrahil_98

    xbox 360 deseves this 
    xbox u rock

  • NEOAS357

    yeah !

  • Pickle_35-35


  • Ronaldo_spelaren

    they alrety have millions of money and they still cant make the LIVE for free shit

  • Woodsonsounequa

    i love my x box and it is fun but please make it free internet we would love it even more 

    • Playahub

      Then go to PS3. its way better. i have both, but i gotta say the network PS# uses isnt that good. It lags alot but i love my PS3. I have the first PS3 that came out and never had a problem with it. I bought a new x-box and i had to send it back 5 times. I would get it and it would work for a week then go out. They finally sent me a new one and it worked perfectly. I still have that one today and still works. I would have to say i like the PS3 more.

  • Laner

    Lots of whining about the cost of XBL Gold.  I know there’s plenty of geeks who think they deserve everything for free.  But what possible incentive does Microsoft have to make it free? They have 10+ million subscribers who see the value of plonking down $3-4/month on the Gold service.  And Microsoft should just give that up?  Not likely.

  • Cesar Ossa

    They don’t deserve it after
    that horrible spam ridden dash update made to cater Kinect users. I’m
    insulted as a gamer to have to have my functionality limited to cater to
    “family” users who are too lazy to pick up a control. If Microsoft worried
    less about making bigger ad space on the dash they would do the right
    thing and let non-kinect users roll back to the more controller friendly
    dash (also let us roll back netflix, the previous version was

  • Rome13

    xbox360 is waaaaaay better ps3 piece of  crap and iit show it and the number 

  • Anonymous

    If Xbox sales are going up, it just means Xboxes are breaking faster than ever.

    • Cptkrunch

         Really? So after 6-7 years people are still putting up with a console that fails?
      Are people still too stupid to realise there is a thing called WARRANTY and they don’t have to pay for a new system?
         News flash: only a very small and stupid group of people would have paid for another Xbox360 if theirs died from RROD, or Sony fanboys who claim to have purchased “18 replacements and they still keep failing” but of course have never purchased a 360 at all.
         You are aware that if a console is faulty from manufacture and the
      warranty process is followed, Microsoft has to wear the cost of
      replacing the unit? How in heavens name do any of you idiots claiming
      broken units somehow CONTRIBUTE to sales not drown in the shower?

      • Tiberian_Fiend

        u mad?

        • mteagle

          I was thinking the same thing.

  • Jamal Jones

    4 words –  RED RING OF DEATH

  • Americacsr

    Why do some people make these things into such a big deal, if your a hardcore gamer and have the money then you have both consoles and you wouldn’t take side for any console because both have their ups and downs. Not to forget they both have their share of great exclusives, and to tell all of you the truth , they’re both starting to get boring, kinetic is awesome but some games just don’t feel right without a controller , and ps3 eye is great but some games shouldn’t require a controller, they really need to set their differences apart and just have some kind of talk together and just come out with a console together, the 360 controller and the ps3 controller would be amazing if they had some type of hybrid,, a ps3 with the 360 design and have blu ray and the 360’s dashboard, and the free online with some type of play station plus , just think of it they could make something out of this world together

  • Bmartins13

    Finally some justice!!! Xbox 360 rules!

  • Rafael 0

    video games are for kids… PC is the best entertainment system ever, including games.

    • Todd

      not really, there are more 18-35 year olds that play video games than kids.

  • ANON

    How much did MS pay you guys to post ship-to-retail numbers and title it “Sales”? lolololol. This isn’t “Sales”. MS doesnt’ get profit from anything unless the retailer sells it. Hell, they actually lose money from RMA most of the time. Don’t care about sales personally but this is a flawed article and really takes away from any integrity the site has.

  • nasforatuzodd

    Wait …. Is everybody forgetting that the red ring situation forced people to keep buying that system and these numbers are a reflection of that .

  • scaR

    A pretty good showing by the Xbox team.

  • Jay Singh

    Well the real reports are out and PS3 is number one selling console for 2011/2012, if you don’t believe just google and MS claims are on shippedc units not sold, ps3 on sold units.

  • Jim Noord

    “Dominating” vs “also ran” is really more the story here.

    If you add up total sales, unfortunately “the dominator” was really an also ran in that it’s sales have continuously lagged Nintendo’s. And that considerign th efact that I?Nintendo has not realeased a “new platform” in 5 years. Basically Wii was a “modded Gameboy” and the controllers were what made it a wild success.

    Trouble with Microsoft is that they were taking HUGE losses on sales, and everyone knew it. Nintendo “recycled” much of it’s technology and really gave the “big boys” a thumping.

    Much can be learned from this (most of which is lost on Microsoft), namely that intuitive user interfaces and ease of use are key to market penetration and dominnce. Mind you Nintendo “won” without the compliance and support of Major and Local news coverage for all their product launches as “news events”…..really “News-omercials” with coverage and marketing you just can’t buy (unless you are microsoft)

    Also the distain and contempt that Developers have for Microsoft contribute to the “mutiny that is occurring. Combine this with the companies overall arrogance and lack of innovative concepts (microsofts “innovation” is stolen copies of other peoples technological developments)…..”POS retread crap”, Wii wannabe lacking in both substance and design. Very 90’s techology……poached software and hardware dominate microsofts world. If it isn’t nailed down, buy it and try to market as our own.

    This “survey / sponsored study” is flawed in many respects, most significant is that no major console has been release during the “GREAT DEPRESSION 2.0″ starte in 2008. This year a new generation will launch. Microsoft shilling its “Surface RT” POS “kindle clone” against Nintendo’s well thought out solution.

    New players are in the mix now including Valve (“Steam box”) as wella smany other set top products still in R&D.

    Until Microsoft removes the MBA’s from technical design process will the bleeding in Redmond stop.

    Microsoft is on a one way trip to “nowhere’s ville” with their “shotgun” approach to marketing. Windows 8 will cement the loss of the desktop market to Apple. Windows RT will poison the tablet market with consumers (unreal expectations) for windows 8 to run leagcy apps and will fizzle and die off. Windows Tablet with windows 8 will perhap survive for a while, but long term, prety bleak prospects.

    Microsofts cash cow, OFFICE has been so Butchered as of late that only the bones survive, instead of a viable growing platform, it most resembles a stuffed animal….all looks and no moves.

    Had Mcirosoft used it’s head, Lost “EM” Ballmer, and got a clue, they’d be on top. As it goes, they will soon need a very large tombstone to place at the grave of the once mighty giant.

    didn’t intend to be such a rant, but the chart above is very very misleading and does not reflect reality.

  • LatteLovely

    Xbox’s along my group of friends have been going out! The xbox live cuts off for days at a time! Its 12/01/2014, 9:29pm and our xbox live has gone out.

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