New numbers from comScore Networks show Microsoft’s mobile market share falling to 3.9 percent of total smartphone subscribers in the U.S. in the three months ending in March — another significant decline at a time when Microsoft is hoping for a rebound instead.

But here’s the big catch: The numbers don’t reflect the U.S. launch of the Nokia Lumia 900, the new flagship Windows Phone, which hit the market in early April.

Google saw its Android market share rise by 3.7 percentage points over the same three-month period, to 51 percent, while Apple rose 1.1 percentage points to 30.7 percent. RIM’s BlackBerry market share fell 3.7 points to 12.3 percent.

Here’s the chart from comScore, and see this news release for more details.

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  • Eric

    The Microsoft decline isn’t due to Windows Phone, but due to the erosion of its legacy Windows Mobile base. There are apparently some smartphone users out there who still haven’t upgraded their Palm Treos and HTC Touch Pros.

    • stonetip

      Good point. I believe comScore is still not breaking out the two.

  • Guest

    With the success of Lumia 900, which is literally flying off store shelves, I expect that figure to improve.

    • Guest

      The only thing flying off store shelves are iPhone and Androids. Don’t kid yourself…

      I love the Windows Phone but it’s albeit a bit too late.  

      • WebUser

        Lumia 900 is selling better than any of android devices on ATT, and I am not kidding.

      • vistarox

        AT&T is projected so sell well over 1 million Lumia 900s this quarter. To  put that in perspective AT&T sold about 5 million iPhones this quarter and 70% of all their smartphones sold were iPhones. The Lumia is certainly selling far better then any Android AT&T phone.

    • Charles Wille

      I got the Lumina 900 to replace my phone and my wife went from LG to an iPhone.  She likes the iPhone4 but says my Lumina is better and spends more time on mine.  They will pickup market share … Mostly at RIMs expense but some from others.  Don’t expect a major jump… Next quarter… Apple small plus, android flat or minor decline, RIM and symbian declines and WinPhone a percent to almost two increase.. My thoughts….

  • Guest

    “I love our strategy. The board loves our strategy”

    – Steve Ballmer

  • ArrowSmith

    Most of that is still Windows Mobile 6.5. Windows Phone global installed base is .49%.

  • Lehighforever

    That’s cos most people were waiting for the Lumia 900 to arrive

  • Nandan A

    Out of Microsoft’s share of 3.9% Windows Phone share is 1.9%

    This is true even when there are 3-4 Nokia Lumia handsets in the market.

  • Nandan A

    Lumia 900 are selling somewhat OK because they are free. AT&T is expected to sell 1 million units in a quarter even if it is offered free. For how many days, can Nokia+MS give away Lumia for free? Once they start pricing it, sales will drop sharply.

    Still, 1 million units in a quarter by AT&T (sole distributor) implies hardly 1% market share as more than 115 million smartphones are being sold every quarter in US.

    • Robert Mann

       AT&T isn’t the sole distributor. I just got one from T-Mobile.

    • santosh

      Since these are single core phones wiht better OS they are cheaper which is a plus and they can give away any no of phones for free as long as people ready to take them. 
      They are looking for a point to introduce win 8 phones which will be multicore and head to head for android and all cell phone companies will make win 8 phones making its market bigger.

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