Google caused a stir in the tech world last week with the concept video above for its augmented reality glasses, being developed under the name Project Glass.

GeekWire readers are decidedly mixed on whether they’d actually wear the things. Also, as reported by Wired, augmented reality experts say Google’s video might promise more than the technology can actually deliver.

In the meantime, the project is spawning a cottage industry of videos poking fun at the concept, as collected by tech news site Neowin and others. Our favorite is the spoof below envisioning what would happen if Microsoft made the glasses.

No, it’s not entirely fair to Microsoft, or reflective of the current Windows experience, but it is funny.

Then there’s this alternative version, poking fun at Google, which has also been making the rounds …

Now somebody just needs to make an Apple version, where your barista has to fork over 30 percent of the price of your latte.

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  • Guest

    It’s funny. And as you said, really not indicative of the MS experience today. But it shows what they’re up against. Perception = reality.

  • missambear

    Very funny! I liked the one with the Google Ads more though :P Google Glasses needs an adblocker.

  • Christopher Budd

    Of course, this makes me think of that other classic: If Microsoft designed the iPod:

  • Nuno Pinto

    Really cool :)

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