Everything is going mobile these days, and some of our region’s most promising services now can be operated in the palm of the hand.

Today’s featured category in the Seattle 2.0 Startup Awards is Mobile App of the Year, recognizing some of the top mobile developers in the region.

This is one of more than a dozen categories in this year’s Awards program, presented by GeekWire. We’ll be featuring one category a day leading up to the big awards bash May 3 at the Experience Music Project. Public voting began last week after finalists were chosen by our judges from hundreds of nominations received from the community.

We’ve got a solid group of finalists in this category, which is sponsored by the AT&T Developer Program. If you haven’t yet registered your vote, here’s your chance. If you need help deciding, see more background on each finalist below the poll.

BattleNations: This app from Seattle’s Z2Live is a combat strategy game that lets gamers command troops and compete with other gamers around the world — a prime example of the booming field of mobile and social games. A follow-up to Z2Live’s first big game, TradeNations, BattleNations is available as a free app for iPhone and iPod touch, with options to purchase in-app add-ons.

Glympse: This app allows users to quickly share their locations with friends, family or co-workers in real time on a map. The app puts the people sharing their locations in control of the experience by letting them determine the amount of time that a “glympse” they’ve sent remains in effect. It’s available for iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android.

One Bus Away: This service is a big favorite of Seattle area bus riders who constantly check the app to make sure they’ll catch the next bus. The app’s original creator, Brian Ferris, was hired away by Google, but King County Metro, Pierce Transit and Sound Transit provided funding to keep the app maintained. The app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, in addition to mobile web.

PaperKarma: Who doesn’t hate junk mail? Developed by Seattle software developers Brendan Ribera and Sean Mortazavi, this mobile app allows smartphone users to snap a photo of physical piece of junk mail and immediately be unsubscribed from the distributor’s list. It’s motto is quite simple: “Kill junk mail, save trees.” Released on Android, iOS and Windows Phone in February, the free app proved so popular that the developers couldn’t quite keep up with the initial demand.

Swype: This popular text input technology lets mobile phone users input text by tracing their fingers across the keyboard to connect letters, rather than tapping. The app then recognizes the patterns to figure out the words with uncanny accuracy. The technology is available on a variety of mobile phones (although not yet the iPhone) and as an Android app. The Seattle startup Swype was acquired last year by Nuance Communications.

Tickets are still available for the awards show on May 3rd, one party you won’t want to miss.

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  • Guest

    These apps aren’t even comparable to Battle Nations. Battle Nations is the clear winner, head and shoulders above the rest!

    • Levani Lek

      Battle nation is game don’t need fixing or updates it is fully made game with no problems other apps have no chanes

  • Anonymous

    I have been gaming for over 15 years. Battle Nations is one of the most innovative and refreshing games to date. 

  • Bigboss1316@hotmail.com

    افضل لعبه في العالم battel nations بالتوفيق

  • Guest

    Not gonna lie, onebusaway is pretty useful… But Battle Nations takes the cake for me. Such a refreshing innovative game!

  • Conroy Leung

    Battle Nations is the obvious winner. It is one of my favorite games. BATTLE NATIONS PWNS ALL!!!!

  • Videojony

    BattleNations winner of course !!

  • Brandonc2727


  • MaFiAbob

    Battle nations is the top app hooaahh

  • BattleNations=Cool

    BattleNations rules.  Long live the Heavy Tanks!

  • AngelVc67

    Clearly battle nation is a winner and is awseome

  • Nighthawk32

    Battle nations all the way.

  • Cool

    Battle nations!!

  • Brandon

    Battle nations is by far my favorite app.What I most love about it is that you actually get to experience the battle,and not just a random you won or lost.

  • Clm01


  • Bcoleplumber

    Battle nations by far the best app in years! Always interesting and challenging

  • Shawnhoang

    Battle Nations is good game. Play every day, can’t stop!

  • WilliamRussell

    Battle Nations is by far the best app for me that I have played by far I rate this game as the winner of all apps available. I’ve only had my iPhone for a month and randomly selected this game and never was able to put it down. I’d rather play this game than my own Playstation 3. Winner!

  • Devangshurath

    Battle nations

  • Shanonj

    its prety fun but it could us higher levels

  • Sedatyildiz232

    Battle nations; how many tanks you have? It is not enough! :)

  • Edgardo-marley

    Pa q Vacilenn bregaa a fuego

  • henruchi

    Battle nation basically doesn’t have any other game to rival it,Best game ever !

  • Adam_petrenko

    Battle Nation has kept me engaged with the game. The continuous updates and development that is offered has been phenomenal. I am looking forward to great changes still to come

  • Jerrymtzz

    Battle nations the best!! ;)

  • Jabroni42799

    Battle nations is the most Epic game on the iPod I have ever played hands down

  • Marshallbob86

    battle nations for sure

  • Omarchedli

    The best game

  • Nevereat7

    None of these apps can come close to compare with battle nations (battle nations is the bomb)

  • Joalsimpson2002

    Battle nations!!!!!

  • Chriscoolkidmcsas

    Battle nations is the most obvious winner out of the other choices. It provides days of endless fun with other people and it includes an amazing fictional storyline that gives the player different experiances throughout the game rather than doing the same thing all the time.

  • Devin Wesloskie

    You should get it

  • Bladebash5

    Battle nations is fun to play

  • Alexandre Desprets

    Sorry for the other app (that I tested myself) but BattleNation is the grettest one of all of them because its quality, it’s quite perfect

    • Sousa676

      Battle nation beat app I have played to date by far

  • Superarmani

    Battle nations is fun

  • Joriskoelemeijer

    Battle nations is the nr 1 app

  • The-kid Man

    Good games

  • cassfree

    battle nations

  • Arnofutur

    Best game of the year

  • Ulviaslan

    Battle nation ftw real winner

  • VinterCain

    Battle nation crushes the competition

  • Cjrziggy

    Battle Nations should win app of the year. Just fix the nano pod problem.

  • Jake Fuller1

    This game is amazing, I would normaly stay clear of any “real time” based game in which you have to wait for stuff to happen or grow but in this case I could happily play all day long, actually I have for about three days and I’ve not even unlocked a car yet. This app/game or what ever you want to call it is probably the best “thing” I’ve ever seen on a phone, it may not be super helpful with work or anything but it’s superbly entertaining. :)

  • Shakirasowner

    Battle Nations FTW!

  • Hi

    This game is epic

  • Emilio12

    Battle nations is clearly the best app
    to have

  • Ppcrestana

    Battle nations!!!

  • Odm

    Battle Nation is the most app of the year

  • Cybers33

    Battle nation is a winner

  • Basher28

    I’m a heavy gamer.. Through my experience.. Battle nation is my favorite app game.. First choice for cell game lovers..

  • Romain Savelli

    C le top

  • B 0501

    لعبه والا كل اللعب

  • Asdasd123


  • Hulahoop

    BattleNations is top shelf

  • Gffghjjn

    Epic app

  • Mclovin Jacob

    If battle nations doesn’t win, then the voters are smoking crack !

  • Pengull

    Battle Nations by a LONG shot!!!

  • Cmeycj

    I vote battlenations app

  • Groffmar

    Battle Nations is awesome

  • Psylonico

    Battlenations the best

  • Questman500

    Battle Nations. That is all.

  • Hij

    Good one

  • Ravenoz

    Battle nations it’s the winner

  • Robin-huisman

    Great game the best ever play this game many

  • Joe Knapper

    Battle Nations is the best game ever it got be the winner of the year

  • Peter_grund

    Battle nations must win.

  • Amidou

    Battle nations win or send you some raptors…enderstood?

  • James27886688

    Good game

  • Juho Rytoniemi

    Battle nations is the best

  • Awadv8

    BattleNations is the best ;)

  • Babsje-_


  • Dbarton Harper

    Battle Nations, hands down

  • Bendrobins

    Battle nations…..winner!

  • Shawn X115

    Battle nations is the best

  • Shawn X115

    You people should put. Names on here for Battle nations. Shawn115, add me there.

  • Brain_selman

    Battle nations ftw

  • Chaser

    Battle nations hands down

  • Ban Faolchu

    Battle nations

  • Nadcml

    Battle nations is the shit and a half

  • Paul_Owen

    Gotta vote One Bus Away. I wonder if Battle Nations appeals to young men in the geos?

  • Jimmy400

    Battle nations will always be #1

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